Why VitaJuwel supports Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.

We are a young enterprise with high ideals and a challenging vision. We want to sensitize humans and stimulate them to use the resources of mother Earth. Rocks and Minerals fascinate humans as long as we can remember.
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Even in ancient times the healing powers of rocks was known. By now it has been proven through numerous studies. The quality of gemstones remains constant for millions of years contrary to the quality of our drinking water which degrades with unnatural practices.

Rocks inspire us in our daily work. Therefore, we are very happy that our vision for healthy and vital water can be realized through precious rocks, causing gemstone water to become more popular.

The non-profit association “Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.” which was initiated and co-founded by the most famous author and expert of crystal healing, Michael Gienger, aims for high goals of fair trade and the advancement of social and ecological projects. This is redefining the coexistence of all humans that are working with the rocks and minerals.

It is a pleasure for us to return part of our earnings to the source(s) of the rocks to support this coexistence.

Fair Trade Minerals & Gems is the only assurance that our donations are utilized according to our ideas towards an appreciative coexistence.

If you want to find out more, you may locate additional information at: www.fairtrademinerals.de


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