Why VitaJuwel is the Highest Quality Gem Water

VitaJuwel is a family owned and run business based on high standards and a mission to help people rediscover one of nature’s most valuable secrets – gem water. You are probably aware of the work of Masaru Emoto showing that water responds to vibrations and intentions. VitaJuwel gem water was tested at the same HadoLife lab that Dr. Emoto used. Images of water taken from VitaJuwel gem water crystals showed beautiful snowflake-like structures in the water.

The VitaJuwel Gem Water Experience

If you’re an aware, conscious person, you know that intention plays a major role in the outcome of the decisions that you make. Each and every VitaJuwel product is hand-made with a high level of care and consideration. Creating beautiful glass vessels and combining them with gems for gem water, is the inspired life work of everyone at VitaJuwel.

Fair Trade

VitaJuwel gets their stones from one distributor that is a close family friend. She takes care of the mines, the ordering process, and certificates of authenticity. VitaJuwel is also a proud member of The Fair Trade Minerals and Gems (FTMG) a non-profit organization that protects the environment and the people working in communities around gem stone mines. VitaJuwel semi-precious tumbled crystals come from all over the world, but a large majority are from Brazil. VitaJuwel conflict free diamonds are from India, gold is from Switzerland and shungite is from Russia.


Why VitaJuwel Supports Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.

Healing Water

The quality of gemstones has remained constant for millions of years. Unfortunately, the quality of our water has deteriorated. Water is life. Nothing supports humans as much as water. Fresh water that flows over rocks in streams maintains a high energetic quality. VitaJuwel created an innovative patented process to emulate the energizing benefits found between water and rocks. VitaJuwel is committed to providing the highest quality, ethically sourced products to help people reconnect with nature and healing water.