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How Long Does Structured Water Stay Structured?

A question many people ask when they begin drinking structured water is: how long does structured water stay structured? Here, we break down this question by exploring the many different environments water can be exposed to that affect the molecular structure of it.
How long does structured water stay structured

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When entering into the world of better hydration and energy through structured water, also known as H3O2 and hexagonal water, people often wonder: how long does structured water stays structured? Can you put hexagonal water in a pitcher and leave it on the kitchen counter for a few days? Can you take it on vacation in a glass jar and still have the same hexagonal water in a week? Well, the answer depends entirely on the environment the water is exposed to.

Structured Water Stays Structured Until Something Messes it Up

“Structured water stays structured until something destructures it. It is stable until it touches more pollutants or chemicals that are strong enough to disorganize the molecules. The molecules in the water were disorganized from the way they were in nature because of all the things we do to it.”

- Gina Bria, anthropologist and founder of The Hydration Foundation

To better understand this we need to dive a little deeper into what the structure of energized water, H3O2, is. The term “structured water” refers to the type of structure energized water has in order to hydrate our cells. Water molecules bond together in different ways. When they bond in a hexagonal pattern it creates H3O2, which allows fast energy movement and more efficient hydration. However, when they bond together in an unorganized pattern, it forms angles that do not allow energy to flow easily. This makes the water harder for living cells to absorb. 

Sunlight, rain, tumbling streams, or exposure to balanced minerals are all natural energy phenomenons that influence the energy in water and create the hexagonal structure that living cells need to be hydrated. When water is exposed to unnatural energies, chemicals, or toxins in its environment, it loses its organized, hexagonal state and loses the energized bonds that were created when it formed H3O2. You could think of this as processed water, just like processed foods, it doesn’t have the mineral, oxygen, or energy content that plants and animals need.

What Structures and Reinforces H3O2

What Breaks Down H3O2

What Happens to Structured Water When You Boil It?

But what if you want to cook with structured water, or drink tea? Cooking with H3O2 or boiling it for tea or coffee does not affect the bonds of the molecular structure according to water scientist Dr. Gerald Pollack. Many cultures drink room temperature, warm, or even hot water. This is a very natural way of heating it. 

What Happens If You Microwave Structured Water?

Microwaving water is unnatural compared to heating on a stove. Microwaves vibrate water very rapidly and cause it to heat unevenly.

Although structured water has not been tested to see if it is still structured after being microwaved, given the unnatural waves and vibrations that it is exposed to inside the microwave, it is clear the microwave moves water toward chaos and from optimum structure and harmony.

Microwave ovens operate on gigahertz frequencies very similar to most 4G cellular networks. So, every time you turn on your microwave oven, you are exposing yourself to microwave radiation densities which are thousands of times higher than your cell phone. We already know that we do not want to be exposed to EMFs, so it is probably best not to expose your drinking water to it also. 

If You Ask Us, Drink Your Water ASAP After Flowing Through a Structuring Device

It is important to understand hexagonal water is most vibrant, energized, and hydrating coming right from your structuring device. Our preference is to structure water as close as possible to when we consume it.

Consider treating yourself to freshly structured water every time you drink and utilizing older water that has flown through your device for other uses such as hydrating plants and pets.

Testing has not been done extensively to answer the question: how long does structured water stay structured? We are working towards doing more testing to understand just how strong the molecular bonds that form in H3O2 are. Soon, we will be sharing with you our test results from some great experiments we are working on. Stay tuned. 

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