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How to Protect Yourself from EMFs

Proper hydration could be the key to protect your body from EMFs. Learn how to hydrate with Nature's water – structured water.
How to protect from cellphone EMF

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The question of how to protect yourself from EMFs is a never ending question. We are completely surrounded by electromagnetic radiation everyday in some form. Our wifi, cellphones, computers, and other wireless devices emit strong electromagnetic waves that can take a toll on our physical, emotional and mental health. Given that it’s not practical most of the time to remove cell phones from our lifestyle, we need to be informed and to find ways to more safely co-exist with the risks involved. 

Removing wireless devices from your home as much as possible can help prevent EMF sensitivity and exposure. This includes removing your wireless devices from where you sleep and prioritizing immunity and health. But, perhaps the most important and surprising source of protection from EMFs is adequate hydration.

The Best Way to Protect Yourself from EMFs: Hydration

“If you have enough water inside your cells, I think it would almost be impossible to have EMF sensitivity.”

The trick to being properly hydrated is more than just drinking water. Hydration has a lot to do with whether your cells can actually absorb the water that you drink. Before we dive into proper cellular hydration, we should first explore how dehydration plays such a large role in immune health and EMF sensitivity. 

What Contributes to Dehydration and EMF Sensitivity?

Some doctors believe it could be possible that 100% of us are dehydrated. How in the world could we all be dehydrated?

Our modern culture contributes to dehydration in many hidden ways. Most of us have daily habits that contribute to dehydration without our knowledge. We have office and indoor jobs that require us to sit at a desk all day, we don’t move our bodies, and we don’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content. Plus, we have also made coffee addictions a part of daily life. In addition to this, we expose ourselves to constant bombardments from technology and other stressors. 

What Does High EMF Exposure Do to Your Body When You Are Dehydrated?

According to Zach Bush, M.D., the cells inside the human body and other living bodies communicate through electromagnetic frequencies. These are subtle, cell-to-cell communication, but when a stronger electromagnetic frequency disrupts that communication, like a cell phone, cells can’t repair themselves because they can’t send signals to the body for repairs. So, they can’t perform their tasks and have openings where toxins and other things can get inside the cells. 

In addition, if we are not properly hydrated, our body can’t remove the toxins produced from EMF exposure. According to microbiologist and water scientist Joseph Johnson, when we are exposed to radiation that is not natural, such as 5G radiation, it breaks down our DNA and cell tissue. This in turn contributes to toxin build-up in our cells that our body can’t get rid of because it doesn’t have the resources to remove it because it is dehydrated.

You can learn more about EMFs and how our cells communicate in this interview with Nick Pinealt, EMF expert, and Dr. Zach Bush, M.D.

It’s Not About the Quantity of Water, it's About the Quality of Water That Can Protect You from EMFs

“Water is the first and foremost and primary way our body is going to deal with EMFs and the quality of our water is what we are talking about when we say water can help us; it is foundational.”

But what if you already drink the recommended amount of water a day, how could you still be dehydrated? Surprisingly, all water is not the same. Most water that we drink everyday is so highly processed, it’s equivalent to junk food. It is stripped of beneficial minerals with chemicals added, devoid of life. It washes through your body and doesn’t actually get into your cells because it isn’t in the correct form for your body to use. Your body has to expend energy to utilize it. That’s why tap or bottled water can run right through you in as little as ten minutes – your body can’t use it before it moves through your system. In addition, if you drink bottled water or city water, you are also adding more toxins and chemicals into your system. 

Don’t despair though, there is a form of water that is found in nature that is more hydrating than just H2O. It is in rivers, springs and rain, inside the living cells of plants like fruits and vegetables, and inside human cells. It’s called structured water

How to Be Hydrated: Structured Water

Structured water, also known as hexagonal water, vortexed water, EZ water, and gel water, is a form of water that is different from H2O with the molecular structure H3O2. Hexagonal water flows into your cells much faster because it is in the molecular form your body needs to allow it inside the cell. Your body doesn’t have to work and use energy to absorb it inside the cell, it just flows freely. Structured water vastly improves cell communication and all the electrical processes of your body. So, while EMFs might be breaking cell communication down, structured water is reconnecting those communications. 

You can achieve better hydration inside the cell through eating fruits and vegetables with high water content because the plants have already done the work for you by structuring the water themselves. You can also drink spring water or make structured water from your own tap water at home with a structuring device. The important thing to remember is to get water inside the cell to be hydrated.

How Do We Know Structured Water Improves Health and Resilience to EMFs?

“When we're well hydrated INSIDE our cells, which we accomplish with structured water, we boost the electromagnetic potential of every cell in the body. This magnifies the power and coherence of the electromagnetic field of the whole body (the “biofield”), which then can better resist disruption from external factors, such as dirty electricity and other EMFs that are not compatible with biological systems. Good hydration is a force field.” 

Dr. Michelle Veneziano, DO, an osteopathic family medical doctor, explains how structured water improves resilience to EMFs by acting as a force field using its energetic abilities. 

To carry along this point, in an interview with board-certified naturopathic physician Dr. Christine Schaffner, Gina Bria, Author of the book Quench and founder of the Hydration Foundation, mentions that by molecular count you are 99% water molecules. It is more likely that your water molecules are going to be affected by EMFs than your other molecules, she says. 

Joseph Johnson, water scientist and inventor of the AQUA ENERGIZER™ structuring device, further explains that if this radiation is absorbed by the water inside your cells, then the water breaks up and actually provides more oxygen and hydrogen inside your body. It also provides more oxygen to the blood instead of breaking up your cell tissues. On top of that, your body is hydrated enough to carry away toxic byproducts and waste caused by EMF radiation. 

Structured Water is the Key to Health, Wellbeing and Protecting Yourself from EMFs

In addition to what structured water does with EMF radiation inside the body, there are many health benefits associated with drinking water that is as nature intended it to be. It contributes to stress relief, relaxation, better digestion, better cognitive function, and many other functions of the body. 

Holland Franklin, EMF expert and Feng Shui Consultant shares some personal experiences with structured water, which has been a godsend for her health, she says. 

“Back in 2007 I was over-exposed to a wireless router and became allergic, or ‘electrohypersensitive’ to cellular signal technology,” she says. “Back then, there was very little information about this condition and the connection with exposure to wireless radiation from all sorts of devices – such as cell phones – that are all around us and unavoidable. My life became a long, steep learning curve to understand what happened, and how to recover and prevent further injury.

“Today, abundant information exists about how technology affects us, and the resources that are available for protecting oneself or avoiding harmful exposure. What is being revealed is that proper hydration from structured water is a key to recovering and maintaining wellbeing in a wireless world.” 

Hydration and Health in a World Full of Wireless Devices

If you are curious about more EMF research and how optimal hydration with structured water can change your life, there are many resources from doctors and scientists who are passionate about hydration and health in a world full of unhealthy radiation.

This free EMF summit beginning September 30th, 2021, is hosted by Nick Pineault to help you get “proven solutions to protect your health and family from the dangerous effects of 5G, EMFs and electropollution.” With knowledge from 26 experts on EMF, 5G, and electropollution, including Dr. Christine Schaffner and Dr. Joseph Mercola, you can affordably reduce your exposure to EMF pollution and finally stop living in fear of EMFs.

For more EMF information, Lloyd Burrel hosts EMF summits and has a large amount of information on his website about wireless devices and EMF exposure.  

For more information on hydration, Gina Bria’s free Hydration Summit with the Hydration Foundation has knowledge compiled from 30 experts including doctors and scientists revolving around the topic of hydration and Nature’s water.  

It is a wonderful thing that something as simple as structured water can be a key part of how to protect yourself from EMFs and all sorts of other pollutants in our daily life. Water, as Nature intended it to be, is one of the most beneficial things you could do for your health. 

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