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The Article Wikipedia Should Have Written About Dr. Zach Bush

Zachary Monroe Bush, better known as Zach Bush MD is a triple board-certified physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care. Dr. Zach Bush is also a researcher, scientist, entrepreneur, and internationally recognized educator, who is redefining health care and our relationship with nature.
The Article Wikipedia Should Have Written About Dr. Zach Bush

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Are you looking for the Wikipedia article about Dr. Zach Bush? Well, there isn’t one. That’s why we decided to write all you need to know about Dr. Bush.

Who Is Dr. Zach Bush?

Early Life

Dr. Zach Bush is an internationally recognized educator & thought leader, belonging to that rare breed of triple board-certified physicians in the USA. He tells how in his search for Truth he moved from Internal Medicine to Endocrinology and Metabolism and finally to Hospice/Palliative care. His informal medical training began when he was a little boy, and his mother had grand mal seizures. While others were nervous around her, he sat by his mother’s head and held her hand. This taught him the importance of just being present in a medical emergency.

When he was 19, an aunt who was a midwife called with an invitation to go to the Philippines to birth babies. There, in the most extreme poverty he’d ever experienced, he watched mothers who had absolutely nothing birth babies as little as four pounds–and they thrived. He says that in retrospect those six months were more valuable than twenty years of medical studies that left him $200,000 in college debt.

Shift Happens

After eight years of allopathic medical practice, Dr. Bush realized one day that “a pill for every ill” had failed. He was studying cancer as an endocrinologist and researching chemo while watching cancer cells under a microscope infiltrating healthy tissue. When a diabetic patient came in with an oozing ulcer in his leg, as Dr. Bush was scraping away the necrotic mess in the healthy tissue, it reminded him exactly of cancer he had seen under the microscope.

He asked himself: “I wonder if we’re just calling these things a bunch of different names and it’s all the same thing. What if there’s just a lack of healthy tissue…and then you develop the disease?” It sounded simplistic, but to a mind trained to believe that diseases kind of snuck up on you and that all these infections could infiltrate you, the realization that we could create vulnerabilities in our bodies for these things to come in and take up space flipped it all on its head. The allopathic MD world ceased to be his path and paradigm from that day onward.

Present Day

Today Dr. Zach Bush is one of the most revolutionary holistic practitioners in the world, a true pioneer in the science of well-being. His passion for education reaches across the intersection of human health and disease–the human organism and microbiome, to our food production systems, to the spiritual cosmos. His work has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, and his ongoing efforts are providing a path for consumers, farmers, and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and the planet. Disciplines include the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health.

How Zach Bush MD Is Restoring The Intelligence Of Nature

Like a modern Renaissance man or Leonardo da Vinci, like Wikipedia would say, Dr. Zach Bush devotes his time and energies to encompassing a stunning and variegated array of topics and projects, of which four are described below.

The M* Clinic: Team Healing by Patient and Physician

An integrative medicine center in Charlottesville, Virginia, the M*Clinic is unique in that it engages patients and practitioners as a collaborative team in order to uncover root causes. It was named after the letter “M” because as the central letter in the spoken and written alphabets, it represents the balance point of communication, and all disease is created by a lack of communication. The sound “Mmmm” is the sound of creation: Ohm. “M” is the only letter that represents both masculine and feminine.

“’M’ is about balance, and not a single pharmaceutical drug puts you into balance. We are creating imbalance by looking at human beings as a source of disease rather than a vessel for health—which means “fully connected to Nature and to your own nature, with unfettered access to information.”

Seraphic Group, Inc.

Seraphic Group is “a fast-growing, value-driven health company with a mission to restore our planet’s natural cycles of human health and ecology. We are committed to developing products and services that transform the world for the better. (…) We look for achievers, leaders, and visionaries who can grow, think, dream and create. Working with Seraphic provides a platform to explore potential and to expand beyond the barriers of what is thought possible today. Our culture thrives by embracing diversity, rewarding imagination and living our core values of love and gratitude each day.”

Farmer’s Footprint: Regenerative Agriculture

To develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health, Dr. Zach Bush started a nonprofit called Farmer’s Footprint that is working and training chemical farmers to learn how to farm without chemicals. “Our nonprofit is working to regenerate 5 million acres under this model over the next six years.” Farmer’s Footprint is a path to soil health & food independence through regenerative agriculture, with medical findings from Zach Bush to restore the biome.

Our mission isn't to inspire the farmers that are currently fighting the good fight; it's to inspire their children to do it differently…If we change our relationship to being co-creator with nature through the agricultural revolution, in the next 200 years the earth can become a Garden of Eden.

Ion: The War Against Glyphosate

There is an inflammation epidemic. Inflammation is a natural response of the body, but why so many people are experimenting with the same symptom? Dr. Bush began researching and understood it had to be related to the environment. The triple board-certified MD was also noticing a spike in Autism cases. In 1970 1 in 5000 children were diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder, today 1 in 36 children are. At the current rate, we’ll see 1 in 3 children being diagnosed in 2035. Like Autism, Alzheimer’s in women and Parkinson’s in men are also on the rise.

The common denominator according to Dr. Bush: is glyphosate. To combat the damage of Roundup in the human gut microbiome, Dr. Zach Bush participated in the development of ION*, a gut support supplement, founded on the principle of “letting intelligence of nature lead the way”. ION* uses redox signaling to reinforce cellular connections to repair the damage produced by environmental toxins. The extensive research and science behind ION* has proven that it’s effective in improving immune function, digestion, mental clarity, improves metabolism, and mood.

The Journey of Intrinsic Health

The Journey of Intrinsic Health is a 8-week personal health transformation journey online course that invites people to view health from Nature’s perspective.

We created the Journey of Intrinsic Health to be a cocoon for you to explore the wisdom within your own heart and mind while being supported by a community of other butterflies in transition, and with the most dedicated and present coaches, I know. You will learn the 8 points of intrinsic health — the foundational building blocks of wellbeing brought forth from a diverse understanding of integrative medicine....

This course is designed for people who:

The Journey of Intrinsic Health offers access to personalized coaching, videos, meditation, breathing exercise, workouts, one year of access to the global community, and more.

Dr. Zach Bush Hydration Series

One of the topics Dr. Zach Bush addresses as part of the Intrinsic Health Series is Hydration. In Dr. Bush’s view, the water in our bodies is the secret to our very existence, since it’s the key to accessing the energy the body needs to function.

Like an electrical adaptor for your computer, the human body has to plug in through the water molecule to access the energy that is available. When you are well hydrated you have access to all the energy of the universe, which is infinite…That’s probably enough of a reason to stay hydrated.

In his Hydration Series, Dr. Bush explains how hydration is not how much you drink but is about getting water inside the cells. A deeper understanding of hydration, its benefits, the relationship between inflammation and aging with hydration and how to hydrate, are key for winning the war against dehydration. According to Zach Bush, MD, 100% of us are dehydrated.

In another video from the Hydration sSummit, Dr. Zach Bush illuminates the connection between energy, genomic health, protein folding and chronic conditions.  For those who wish to truly understand the importance of hydration, this is a must watch.

Where to Find Zach Bush, MD

This is just a brief overview of Dr. Zach Bush and his work. However, this does not even represent the tip of the iceberg. Even if Wikipedia would have written an extensive article about him, it wouldn’t be enough. We encourage you to keep researching about him, and here are some of our favorite resources to find more information:

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