Structured Water in Gardening

Rain water for your plants, everyday

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There is beauty observing the effects structured water has in nature.  Much like us, plants have cells and consciousness and are made of minerals and water. However unlike humans plants and animals lack a mind that over thinks circumstances, this very basic fact allows for simple and powerful experiments. Through removing the subjective component (humans over thinking brain) and distilling down to the basic including just minerals and water we’re able to identify the real impact of structured water. Have you ever noticed your lawn or garden after it rains?  Or any other area of grass, plants and flowers? Have you noticed how for some reason they tend to be more vibrant, greener, and more full of life? Why is that, when these plants get watered often enough to grow (with water from man via long straight pipes) they survive… but don’t ever thrive? There is a distinct difference – that between the water from nature and water processed by man.Rain is a natural part of nature’s hydrological cycle and as such it is structured and packed with vital life force energy. In comparison, water that passes through our pipes and hoses has been impacted by man.Where’s the proof?

How about your own plants? Watch them next time it rains and see how they have a little bit of extra reach when they get natural water.

As mentioned above, plants are simple and never “over think” life… they just exist.  And in that existence, nature’s water serves as the best growth resource for them.  Period. And, sometimes their growth is better than others.

When they receive natural water that delivers extra life force energy they grow more.

Take a Look at Our Garden After Using Structured Water For a Year