The First Certified Structured Water Devices

AQUA ENERGIZERS are designed to promote optimal hydration by revitalizing water and raising its energetic frequency. They are made with quality materials of copper, crystals and minerals. 

Aqua Energizer Structured Water Devices


How the Aqua Energizer Works

AQUA ENERGIZERS are the first Structured Water devices certified to revitalize water and bring it back to its natural, highly energetic structured water state. You’ve probably never experienced water as crisp, clean and supercharged. Each copper AQUA ENERGIZER device is hand-assembled with specially selected quartz crystals. As water passes through the devices, it’s reshaped into geometric patterns. These patterns restore the water’s energetic state, as it was originally in nature. The device’s oxidized mineral coating provides the water with mineral information that is carried to your cells to support optimal hydration.  

Testing and Certification

The First Certified Structured Water Devices

Made in the USA, AQUA ENERGIZERS are the first structured water devices worldwide to be given the distinction Certified H3O2 by the HyFo Lab, LLC. The HyFo Lab testing protocol is based on training and inspiration from the Pollack Lab, University of Washington. Dr. Gerald Pollack identified H3O2 as the fourth phase of water. Beyond vapor, liquid and ice, the fourth phase of water is found in all living cells, including human cells, and fruits and vegetables.

Structured Water Devices Certified by Gerald Pollack method
Doctors say structured water is best for hydration

Removes (Inactivates) Toxins

AQUA ENERGIZERS enable water to transform toxic compounds into non-toxic states! New test results confirm the work of Dr. Jerry Pollack: that water in the structured or 4th phase controls contaminants. Water is indeed the universal solvent, meant to do the repair work of nature. You can see the test results on this link!

This data finally provides the evidence that the AQUA ENERGIZER structured water devices change the oxidation state of toxins making water safe. AQUA ENERGIZERS bring water’s natural molecular bonds back together, again allowing electrons to generate charge. This extra charge changes the oxidation states of toxins and this is the breakthrough documentation the structured water industry has been waiting for.

Bovis Biometer Readings

The Bovis Scale, or Bovis Biometer is a tool that measures the life-force energy of all living things and geographic areas. Bovis meter readings have been used in the structured water industry to understand the phenomena that are at play.

Bovis Scale measurements of 5000 are deemed healthy and those above 10,000 Holy. As shown in the accompanying chart, tap water was measured at approximately 6,000 while spring water was at 17,000 and the water in Lourdes France which is thought to be “miraculous” 27,000. The AQUA ENERGIZER tests between 35,000 and 95,227. 

You can learn more about the AQUA ENERGIZER Bovis readings

Aqua Energizer Bovis Scale

Handcrafted with Quality Materials

What separates the AQUA ENERGIZERS from all other water treatment systems is the way our scientist meticulously engages with quantum physics measurements and adjusts the construction based on what gives the water the highest frequency.

The result, structured water devices that are more powerful than even the scientist who made them could have imagined.   

Ormus Mineral Coating

The outside of AQUA ENERGIZERS are covered in a beautiful blue ormus. This ormus is made from seawater, morning dew and ash. It is then blended with plant resins and adhered to the outside of the devices. The result is an abundance of mineral information that is imprinted on the device and available to your water as it passes through the vortex. The ormus serves a dual function as it provides mineral information and beauty at the same time.

Mineralization is the scientific process of making minerals bioavailable. The AQUA ENERGIZER changes the oxidation state of minerals in water changing them from undissolved to dissolved thereby making them bioavailable. AQUA ENERGIZERS also imprint the frequency of a wide range of trace minerals onto water.

Harnessing the Healing Properties of Copper

Ayurveda medicine traditionally uses copper vessels to store water and practitioners believe that this metal plays an important role in balancing the doshas. Copper has been used for thousands of years to purify water because it can kill harmful microbes, fungi, and bacteria, which is called the oligodynamic effect. 

Additionally, the Ayurveda tradition witnessed healing properties in copper. Copper is one of the firsts examples of supplementing the human diet with trace minerals. Modern scientific research has supported many Ayurvedic techniques and has shown that copper can play an important role in cardiovascular health, neuron signaling, immune system boosting and collagen production.

Aqua Energizer Garden Unit


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