About Us

We envision a world where humans live in harmony with one another and the Earth, in right relationship with water. In this world, people will honor water and in so doing people will be supported with oneness and love.

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A world where people understand and experience all the benefits of being hydrated by water energized by nature.

A world where clean healthy water is the easiest drink to find and buy… for everyone.

A world where people have the strength to choose healthy behaviors over their unhealthy habits.

And it is a world where single use plastic water bottles are extinct as dinosaurs.

Meet the Team

We are a team of passionate structured water enthusiasts and we love engaging with people like you. We are here to support you with answers to all of your questions about structured water. 

Sacred commerce is one of our most important shared interests.  One of the things that means to us is that each of the people shown below is accessible. If you would like to have a dialogue with any of us, reach out and let us know. 

Patrick Durkin

Meet Patrick Durkin

The Founder of The Wellness Enterprise.

A calling to make plastic water bottles obsolete has turned into a life dedicated to creating a world of Love and Oneness. Fueled by unrelenting passion, Patrick Durkin is on a mission to uplift humanity.  He will support you to awaken your super powers through immersion in living water, quantum physics, and loving all that is. He is the founder of The Wellness Enterprise, Inc., the Structured Water Superstore,  Water Magic 101, and GodSelf University and the author of Flow: From Pure and Safe Water to Higher States of Consciousness.

Jen Solin

Meet Jennifer Solin

Our Operations Manager

Jen has been with us since the founding of The Wellness Enterprise. She lives in Colombia, South America and loves supporting our affiliates and customers around the globe in creating living water sanctuaries at home.  You can connect with her support@thewellnessenterprise.com

Chad Wall

Meet Chad Wall

Our in-house Agricultural specialist

Chad has been farming for over 40 years. His expertise in regenerative agriculture and passion for structured water inspired him to create Natural Eco Restoration. If you have any questions about how to apply structured water to agriculture, Chad is your man.


Meet Juliane Serhan

Our amazing partner based in Sydney Australia

Loving her adventure and journey with Structured Water since 2016, Jules is Impassioned to share the gift of structured water that Nature intended us to always have. “Let’s be part of the creation of the New Earth bringing Water back to life 💎” You can connect with Jules here. https://www.facebook.com/mywaterjewels

Holland Franklin

Meet Holland Franklin

Our in-house EMF, Feng Shui and Structured Water expert

Holland loves creating environments full of natural harmonies, which having structured water provides. Holland’s Feng Shui practice includes Structured Water Units, Pulsor® EMF Protection, and a variety of other tools and products to create harmony inside and out. To learn more about Feng Shui and how your environment can harmonize with you and your needs, you can reach me at 626 794-1817, holland@hollandfranklin.com, or go to my website www.hollandfranklin.com

Mafe Perdomo

Meet Mafe Perdomo

Our Graphic Designer

Mafe is the amazing designer behind our beautiful web pages. She pulls all of us and our creations together to communicate what we are doing through visual media you can enjoy.  You can find more of her work her “Mindful Design” on her website https://mafeperdomo.com/ 

James Durkin

Meet James Durkin

Our Shipping and Logistics Guru

James’s career as an entrepreneur began at the age of 11 when he built his first website. His mastery of technology has made him the perfect person to manage our global shipping and logistics. James is studying entrepreneurship and economics at Hobart & William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York.

Basak Pritini

Meet Basak Pirtini

Our Amazing Partner Based in Turkey

Basak is a pioneer in natural living based in Istanbul, Turkey. Thousands of moms have been following her ways through her blogs, books and seminars to raise naturally healthy children and have succeeded in that. She loves working with humans and animals for healing. You can contact Başak through her Instagram social media accounts @enerjiksu, @dogalanneyim, @duygusifresibasak, mail her at enerjiksu@gmail.com or check her websites https://healing.codes/ www.BasakPirtini.com and http://enerjiksu.blogspot.com.tr

Jentry Ham

Meet Jentry Ham

Our Powerful Content Creator

A recent graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in agricultural communications, Jentry has knowledge in writing, communications, and design. She has a special passion for helping others put their thoughts into words. Following a God-given vision she has for loving people, she believes she can do that through teaching others about life-giving water.