Meet the Team

We are a team of passionate structured water enthusiasts and we love engaging with people like you. We are here to support you with answers to all of your questions about structured water.

Take a look below to learn more about who we are and feel free to reach out to the one of us whose passion matches your interests.

Meet David Kujawa, passionate hydrater, orchid enthusiast and master of the clean and safe pool with minimal chemicals.

David Kujawa Passionate Hydrater Portrait

“I am passionate about helping my family hydrate. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to grow certain plants, like orchids, which is part of why I delight in the abundance of flowers my orchids produce year round. I also take pride in maintaining a structured water pool that is clean, balanced and uses the minimal amount of chemicals.” ~ David Kujawa

If you are interested in learning more about structured water and hydration, gardening, growing ornamentals or keeping a safe and clean pool for your family, you can reach me at +1 305 733 7216 or by email at

Feng Shui Water In PoolFeng Shui Water Indoor

Meet Holland Franklin, The Wellness Enterprises’ In-house EMF, Feng Shui and Structured Water expert.  Holland loves creating environments full of natural harmonies, which having structured water provides.

” I love watching people and nature thrive when they get what they really need; I love educating people about water and EMF safety so they have awareness and tools to be safe, be well, and share that with their communities;  I love working with individuals in all walks of life to create environments and a hydrated lifestyle to support their passions and dreams.” ~ Holland Franklin

Holland’s Feng Shui practice includes Structured Water Units, Pulsor® EMF Protection, and a variety of other tools and products to create harmony inside and out. To learn more about Feng Shui and how your environment can harmonize with you and your needs, you can reach me at 626 794-1817,, or go to my website

Meet Jen Solin, who has been with The Wellness Enterprise since the beginning. Jen has grown our customer service, sales, affiliate and global expansion programs. She lives in Colombia, South America, speaks fluent Spanish, and has a passion for spreading structured water healing into Latin America. She is also happily obsessed with therapy grade essential oils and regularly teaches classes online and in person on how to access nature’s essence for physical, emotional and spiritual support. You can find her essential oil website, Vida Energizada.

“Structured water and essential oils are the two most potent agents we need for healing today, water and plants are revered the world over since time immemorial.”

Jen seeks to accelerate their use through her education and therapeutic practices adapted for modern use. Her favorite activity is taking deep soaks in glacial rivers, waterfalls and hot springs. You can contact her at or via WhatsApp at +57 310 438 1184.

Meet Chad Wall! Chad is a farmer who practices and is passionate about Regenerative Agriculture. He grew up on a farm and has over 40 years experience in agriculture. Chad would be the first one to tell you it’s not so much experience but 40 years of wisdom and he knows what doesn’t work.

“You have to address the few big things that are not right. You have to pay attention to your water and the soil ecosystem,” said Chad.

“I am a lifelong student of agriculture. Being raised on a family farm instilled values and passions for making agriculture better, which I vigorously pursue. I know that future food producers must learn about the type of water they are using and to reconcile soils so that synergy can be brought back to the environment and consumers.”

If you have questions about how to increase crop yield and nutritional content and reduce costs on your farm or in your garden, Chad is the man to call. You can reach him at 806-592-1143.