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What is Structured Water?

Behind what meets the eye, water holds many mysteries that have yet to be discovered. The key to hydration and the hexagonal structure may be one of the biggest discoveries yet.
What is Structured Water

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The Definition of Structured Water

Structured water, also known as hexagonal water, vortexed water, EZ water, and gel water, is a form of water that is different from H2O with the molecular structure H3O2. Discovered by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington, H3O2 is referred to as the 4th phase of water, a form of water beyond liquid, solid, and vapor. It is 10% more dense than H2O and has more dissolved oxygen. Structured water is a hydrating, energized water found everywhere in nature, from waterfalls, rivers and oceans, to plants, animals, and humans. 

Wait, what did we say? Water isn’t just H2O?

No, it can actually form many other molecular shapes, but the one that is most beneficial is H3O2. Water forms H3O2 when it is exposed to energy–that energy being heat, movement, vortexes, sunlight, or minerals that have energy signatures like every other substance on the earth–that causes it to join with other water molecules in a hexagonal pattern.

H3O2 also forms on hydrophilic surfaces that are high surface energy, water loving surfaces. When water forms H3O2 on this surface, it is called exclusion zone, or EZ water. These hydrophilic surfaces can be found in humans, animals and plants, including fruits and vegetables, that allow them to absorb the water they need to live. 

In the past, very little has been studied about water, but it is single handedly one of the most weird and wonderful substances on the planet. Scientists are making leaps and bounds everyday in the world of water and the many molecular structures it forms, because it is pretty much the most important thing on Mother Earth, right? 

Does H3O2 Exist?

Experts and scientists have known there were different states of water for 200 years and maybe more, but no one had discovered the actual molecular structure of structured water until Dr. Gerald Pollack, a biomedical engineering research scientist at the University of Washington, discovered H3O2. Through his research in cell biology, he found how water reacts with hydrophilic surfaces inside cells and the actual chemical change of the molecules that make H2O into H3O2 inside the cell. 

Dr. Gerald Pollack coined the term EZ water because when water spreads out inside the cell to form structured water, it excludes anything that is not charged the same as the water around it. This prevents toxins and chemicals from entering cells. Amazingly, we have a built-in filtering system using structured water inside our body. 

What is structured water
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You can learn more about what Dr. Pollack says about EZ water in this video explaining how water affects cells inside the body.

EZ water is the very same chemical make-up of structured water in its natural, ordered form in waterfalls, springs, and rivers. Natural processes make H3O2 and unnatural processes, like forcing through straight pipes or exposing to strong electromagnetic fields, break it apart. In a world full of long pipes, wifi, and chemicals, it’s no wonder that our water isn’t the same as it is in mountain springs.

How Does Water Get Structured and Form H3O2?

So, we know that H3O2 is the natural, organized form of water that is found in Nature, but how does it actually get from H2O to H3O2? H2O, as we were taught in elementary science class, is two hydrogen atoms that have joined with one oxygen, but they aren’t stable. The atoms form different H2O molecules very fast, they never “hold hands” for more than a split second in time. It’s a chaotic relationship and is very disorganized. While H2O has some sort of structure, it’s important to note that the kind of structure that is most efficient and hydrating is the hexagonal structure formed when water is “structured.” 

H3O2 is formed when electromagnetic waves or energy causes the electrons surrounding the hydrogen in the water molecules to increase their energy and change how the hydrogen molecule is connected to other water molecules. This is called changing bond angles. Changing bond angles in a specific way forms structured or hexagonal water. Using an UV light laser, we are able to measure specific changes in the molecular bond angles to confirm the water is structured. 

Structured Hexagonal Water Molecules

Why It’s Important to Drink Structured Water

You are probably wondering why structured water is so important to drink if our cells already make it. Well, when water is structured, it holds electrical charge or energy. We know that H2O conducts electricity really well, but it doesn’t have the ability to store it and bring energy to the body like H3O2. 

H3O2 flows into your cells much faster because it is already charged and energized and your body doesn’t have to work to absorb it inside the cell, it just flows freely. Structured water vastly improves cell communication and all the electrical processes of your body. H3O2 charges your cells, therefore, also charges your body to aid in all body processes. 

Dr. Kathy Yeo is a board-certified chiropractor and an experienced holistic practitioner with fascinating insights about  Structured Water:

Another thing to consider is that most of the water that we drink is so highly processed, it’s equivalent to junk food — stripped of beneficial minerals with chemicals added, devoid of life and very unorganized. You could think of it this way: drinking water that isn’t structured is like driving a car with square tires, you spend a lot of fuel trying to get somewhere, but you don’t go very far. Structured water naturally flows, making it easy to go places without a whole lot of fuel. 

You Don’t Need 8 Glasses a Day to Be Hydrated

Let’s admit, drinking 8 glasses of water a day is HARD, especially if you don’t like water. In addition, drinking too much water will not only send you to the bathroom all day and night, but even more importantly it will flush out vital nutrients and mineral electrolytes, which are the very elements responsible for making electrical charge in water.

Thankfully, if you drink structured water, you probably won’t have to drink 8 glasses a day. According to Gina Bria, author of the book Quench and founder of the Hydration Foundation, being properly hydrated isn’t about the quantity of water that you drink but the quality of water. 

We already know drinking structured water enables intra-cellular hydration rather than a superficial extracellular hydration. So, 8 glasses a day is a health myth that has been dispelled by forward-thinking doctors and scientists.

General Health Benefits of Drinking Structured Water

Not only is structured water more energized, it has been proven that H3O2 has lower surface tension than unstructured water. What does this have to do with the health benefits of structured water? 

Well, when water has a lower surface tension, it is charged so that it attracts minerals and nutrients. When H3O2 is inside the body, it has the ability to both bring more nutrients to your cells because of the charge of the water and also “wash” your cells by bringing more toxins out. This is the same principle that laundry detergent and dish soap use, soap is able to clean your clothes and dishes because it lowers the surface tension of the water and is able to wash more than just water can. 

Since H3O2 can both bring energy and make more nutrients bioavailable to your cells, there are many benefits to drinking hexagonal water. The benefits vary based on each person’s environment and health, but it can always improve your hydration. 

Some benefits include:

How to Get Hydrating, Energized Structured Water In Your Home

The Wellness Enterprise offers many different types of structured water devices for the home, garden, commercial, and farm and ranch. We want everyone to be able to have water that is hydrating and as it was intended to be — in harmony with nature. 

The AQUA ENERGIZER™ Structured Water Devices

Structured Water Aqua Energizer Product Family

We have been studying structured water for over 8 years. It is our passion to take care of your health and well-being through hydrating water as nature intended it to be. We knew structured water products were needed that were durable, good for the environment and also affordable. So, we captured all of our knowledge to work to create the best structured water device to meet our requirements. 

The creator of our structured water device, the AQUA ENERGIZER™, formed a device that has surpassed our expectations. Using quartz crystals, trace minerals, hexagonal geometric vortexes, and copper, the AQUA ENERGIZER is designed to promote optimal hydration by revitalizing water for up to a lifetime. 

The AQUA ENERGIZER is the only structured water device in the world that is third party tested and certified to create H3O2 by the HyFo Lab, with testing based on training and inspiration from Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Pollack Lab at the University of Washington. It is the only device that can change pH levels, increase oxygen content, remove toxins and change oxidation states of minerals and elements to date. 

Structured water is the future of health. At The Wellness Enterprise, we want to create a world where people understand and experience all the benefits of being hydrated by water energized by nature. We want to create a world where clean, healthy water is the easiest drink to find and buy… for everyone. 

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