Choosing a Natural Action Water Structured Water Unit


The Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Unit manufactured by Clayton Nolte at Natural Action Technologies is available for Portable, Shower, Sink, Garden, Whole House and Commercial uses. When choosing the best device(s) for you consider your lifestyle, convenience and budget.

Portable Device

portable-unit-isolatedThe Natural Action Water Dynamically Enhanced Portable Device is adaptable to any situation making it the most versatile and popular structured water unit in the world. No matter where you are, the Portable will serve you well as it transforms any source of potable water into the optimal source of energy and vitality for your body.

Whether you hold it up to a faucet, swirl it around to structure the water in your tub, or do the “Pinkie Pour” to fill your reusable container from a water fountain the Portable is flexible enough to be used in every situation. The Portable also comes with the lowest price making it the easiest choice for everyone. Experience has shown if your first purchase is a Whole House, Shower, or Sink Device you’ll end up buying a Portable too because once you are accustomed to Structured Water at home you won’t want to be without it when you go out.

Key Strengths: Versatility, low price.
Most Popular Uses: For everything. Drinking water, structuring a bath, pool or hot tub, watering plants, washing produce, cooking, travelling etc.
Most Likely to Purchase: Everyone who drinks Structured Water.
Unlikely to Purchase: There is no good answer for this one. We can’t imagine living without it. 
Surprising Fact: We took a suitcase full of them through airport security once. They had no problem with the devices and even wanted a demonstration.

Would you like to see the Portable in action? Here’s a video demonstrating how simple it is.

Shower Device
shower-unit-isolatedThe Super Shower Structured Water Unit has a couple of other potential uses besides the obvious. For starters, when installing, consider showering without your shower head for a week to see if you prefer the heavy and direct stream of Water. You can always add the showerhead back anytime. Some like to fill their drinking containers directly from the shower. This is best done without a showerhead. The photos show a Shower Device installed with a shower head and one without.



Key Strengths: Provides bathing and drinking water for those focused on meeting both needs with one device.
Most Popular Uses: Showering. Some people also fill their drinking containers from it.
Most Likely to Purchase: Those renting or living in condos (not purchasing a Whole House Device) desiring the benefits of bathing in Structured Water.
Unlikely to Purchase: Those with a Whole House Device, those who only take baths, and those with shower head hoses that prevent access to the water pipe.
Surprising Fact: It feels so good to shower in Structured Water that many customers tell us they don’t get out until the hot water runs out.

Under Sink Device

sink-unit-isolatedIt is a wonderful feeling to turn on the faucet and have Structured Water come pouring out. Structured water units for the sink make it easy to soak all of your fruit and vegetables extending peak freshness and shelf life. Cooking with Structured Water adds flavour to soups and stews as well as enhancing your favourite beverage such as tea or coffee.

Key Strengths: Unlimited amounts of Structured Water pouring from any faucet. (Convenience.)
Most Popular Uses: Everything you use Water for in the kitchen, bathroom or office.
Most Likely to Purchase: Those who don’t buy a Whole House Device and want the convenience of Structured Water flowing from the device.
Unlikely to Purchase: Those with a Whole House Device or those who choose to save money by using the handheld Portable.
Surprising Fact: Patrick’s first “plumbing” project was installing one of these. If he can do it, you can do it.

Garden Device

Do you have an outdoor hose and want to see the magic of Structured Water in your produce? If yes, then the structured water unit for the garden is the one for you. These are unnecessary if you have a Whole House Device and for everyone else they are a dream come true. You’ll love your garden even more as it produces abundantly. The following photo is from Patrick’s  farm stand which he had to open after he started using Structured Water in the garden. There was just so much food that his family could eat.








Key Strengths: Nature doesn’t require convincing. When you give Structured Water to your plants they’ll thrive and you’ll be amazed.
Most Popular Uses: Gardens and outdoor watering.
Most Likely to Purchase:Those without a Whole House Device who use water outside.
Unlikely to Purchase: Those who have a Whole House Device or little outdoor water usage. 
Surprising Fact: Patrick’s corn was three feet taller than a local farm when he began gardening with Structured Water.

Whole House
Whole House Devices create an energy field in and around your home. They impact everything. The people, plants, land, animals and even appliances will all benefit from the harmonious energy emanating from your Whole House Device. When you have the Whole House you’ll be bathing in the Energy of Creation at all times. With a Whole House Device there is no need for a Shower, Sink or Garden Device. For homes larger than 4000 square feet a second device may be advisable.



Key Strengths: You’ll save money as you extend the life of your appliances, your produce and yourself by investing in a Whole House Device.

Most Popular Uses: All manner of Water usage for homeowners.
Most Likely to Purchase: Homeowners who care about health, vitality, longevity and spiritual fulfillment.
Unlikely to Purchase: Condo owners, those who plan on moving soon.
Surprising Fact: It is easy to take a Whole House Device with you if you move.

After purchasing your Whole House Device from The Wellness Enterprise you will receive instructions regarding the size of your pipe. Watch for the email  as it covers everything you need to know.

We recommend hiring a licensed plumber to install your Whole House Device. If you’d like to know more about the process, there are videos available on the Installations Page. (INSERT LINK)

Structured Water Unit Frequently Asked Questions

Would the structured water unit for the whole house be enough to water my garden and change water in my pond?

You can pour an unlimited amount of water through the Whole House Device so we recommend using it for every application you can conjure up.

What is the difference between the structured water unit for the whole house & the commercial one?

Size of pipe and cost. Commercial Devices are for pipes 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) or larger. Whole House Devices are for pipes 1 inch (25.4mm) and smaller. Commercial Devices cost $2199 compared with $1499 for the Whole House Devices.

Commercial Devices provide added benefits only when the diameter of the pipe is 1.25 inches or greater. There is no advantage to putting a Commercial Device on a pipe with a 1 inch diameter.

I’m interested in getting the Whole House Device. However, I’m not sure about the pipe connection. Is there a particular size you would recommend for Australian use?

Yes. This is very easy. ALL Whole House devices shipped outside of the U.S. have universally adaptable fittings. We recommend you hire a licensed plumber, hand them the device and they will know what to do.

I’m thinking of buying the Portable and also one for my tub that doesn’t have a shower attached to it. Which one would I buy?? Thanks so much!!

The Portable Device is versatile and can be used for any application including structuring the water in your tub. Simply fill the tub with water and then swish the device around in the tub. To understand this more deeply watch the videos about entrainment. (link coming soon) In your case, this is what I would choose.

There are two other ways to structure water in a tub. The first is to purchase a Whole House Device which will structure all of the water on your property and in your home. The second is with a Shower Device. You can pour some water from the tub faucet and some through your Shower Device to structure a tub full of water.

Does the Sink device have the same power as the Whole House Device?

The Sink, Shower, and Garden devices all have the same power which is half as much as a Whole House Device.

Ultimately, the Whole House device will have a greater impact because all of the Water in your home and on your property will be structured.