Water and Science

Schauberger, Pollack, Emoto, Montagnier, Benveniste and more...

What is Structured Water?

…a revolutionary discovery with life-changing potential

What the Scientis Say About Structured Water

Learn what scientists think

Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water Consciousness

New frontiers in mind-body wellness

Dr. Gerald Pollack

The most important scientist you’ve never heard about

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The Memory of Water

Water and Memory

Understanding that water has memory is more than knowing that water crystals are influenced by words or sounds. Water truly listens to us, even mirroring our thoughts and attitudes back to us.

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The New Water Paradigm: Structured Water

One of the greatest virtues we have as human beings is curiosity. The Universe, playing along with us gave us many mysteries to unravel. Water is one of them. Something so obvious, but so fundamental hides secrets that we are just beginning to discover.

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Structured Water Neutralized Harmful Toxines

Neutralise Toxins Including Fluoride and Chlorine

Einstein understood it. So did Tesla. And now, a legion of scientists are making additional discoveries supporting a deeper understanding that there is One unified field of energy. Quantum physics demonstrates we are energy and so is everything in our world.

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