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Neutralise Toxins Including Fluoride and Chlorine

Einstein understood it. So did Tesla. And now, a legion of scientists are making additional discoveries supporting a deeper understanding that there is One unified field of energy. Quantum physics demonstrates we are energy and so is everything in our world.
Structured Water Neutralized Harmful Toxines

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Does structuring water remove fluoride, chlorine, and other toxins?

From this perspective toxins are simply another energy or vibration. This includes everything you can think of including arsenic, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, insecticides, nitrates, pesticides, radon, radiation and on and on.

The science is readily available and conclusive and still our behaviors do not align with the truth. If people behaved with the understanding that there is only One Unified Field and that the universe is holographic they would stop pushing any part of life away.

Many of us have been educated to push certain energies away while pulling others close. This behaviour is incongruent with the Truth of who we are. Everything is all One energy. It all came from the same place and is made of the same basic building blocks. When we push an energy away, we push away a piece of ourselves.

Pushing away toxins (which again are simply a vibration or energy like everything else) is the same as pushing away a part of oneself. Every time we think we can push something away, we deny the truth about who we are. This misinterpretation of who we are is a central issue that causes widespread pain and suffering. 

All roads lead to the light and the question of toxins in water is no exception.So let’s illuminate how we can look at this issue differently. After all, solving a problem requires a different level of consciousness than the thinking that created it. 

When we recognise our Oneness with all that is and we remember to embrace the energies that we call discordant, we open up a future that is unknowable in more than glimpses from our current vantage point. Our power and capabilities extend way beyond the limitations that pose as our current boundaries. Humanity is poised for a quantum shift and manifestation of our GodSelves. As we manifest the reality of our GodSelf we no longer focus on any discordant vibration like toxins in water.

To be clear and succinct, every toxin is a part of yourself and it is impossible to push it away while standing in the truth of who you are.

The nature of the holographic universe is that the patterns in any fractal are present at any scale, large or small. This means that even if you filter a toxin out of one part of water, the vibration and energy of it are still in the others. Discordant and harmonious vibrations are everywhere, the real question is can we remember how to embrace that which we fear? We could simply view the toxins in water as an opportunity to remember our capability as Divine Beings capable of embracing and loving all vibrations.

Inconsistencies between the accepted view of water purification and science abound. By examining them more closely we can understand the above point more deeply.

Traditional Filtration

The implied promise of traditional water filtration is to make water safe. The reality will never meet the promise because traditional filtration technologies don’t address the unified field that supersedes matter. Looking past this deal stopper for a minute, let’s go further.

Curiosity about the effectiveness of traditional filters led us to request lab results from many different water filtration companies. We discovered that many companies don’t do any testing of their own because it is quite expensive and that discovery is insignificant compared to what we found out about filters we thought removed toxins from water.

Seychelle Environmental Technologies has one of the best traditional water filtration technologies and they do go through the effort and expense of paying for their own testing. Below is a page from their 2006 lab report from the County of Los Angeles Department of Agricultural Commissioner Weights and Measures.

To understand these types of reports it is important to define reduce and remove. Most customers who ask us about toxins and Structured Water ask if the technology removes the toxin they are concerned about. As you see in the above report, the word remove doesn’t appear anywhere. That is because even the most respected traditional filters don’t remove anything. They reduce. The most respected traditional filters merely reduce the contaminants they target, amounting to only a fraction of the contaminants actually in water.

Notice the percentages in the “%Reduction” column in the above spreadsheet. They range from 23% to 99.5%. None of those percentages qualifies as removal. None of the toxins tested was completely removed. Even Seychelle, one of the most respected traditional filters, still leaves portions of every toxin in water.

You may be wondering just how much these amounts matter. We suggest a better question is why would you spend your money on a filter that is fundamentally flawed leaving it with no chance of delivering the promise that is makes? After all, it is impossible for a traditional filter to make water safe because traditional filters don’t address the vibration or energy of toxins.

To see a demonstration of addressing a problem with a vibrational solution, watch this video about noise cancellation technology. The principle is simple. The presence of a harmonious vibration cancels out the impact of a discordant one.

Although vibrations are present simultaneously, that does not necessarily mean they are detectable. Everything is always present and that which we focus on is what expands. If we focus on “fighting” toxins, we expand the energy of toxins.

Do small amounts of toxins matter?

There is no escaping holographic reality so it doesn’t matter whether 2.5% or 100% of the chlorine residual is in your water. It doesn’t matter if you have 100% of the fluoride, less than 10% or even 0%. Even if a traditional filter could remove fluoride from water, the energy of it would still be there. Examining homeopathy reveals the proof of this concept.

Homeopathic remedies begin with a tiny amount of a physical substance which is then diluted and succussed repeatedly (meaning they are energized by shaking the dilution). When this process is repeated 26 times or  more, the physical substance is gone; yet science says that the homeopathic remedies used by over 4000  doctors in Germany, 100,000 Europeans, and countless people around the world, are only water! Homeopathy’s effectiveness demonstrates that even the energetic residual of a physical substance in water is still potent.

Revisiting where we started, energy and vibration are the determinants of physical reality. With this as the context, the following comments and lab reports will make more sense.

Our structuring devices are not filters (and thank goodness for that, as we don’t support needless repetitive spending and the resulting waste). Nor do our devices remove anything or reduce anything in water. What happens is that when water is structured, toxins are neutralised as the molecular structure is altered.

Inside each structuring device are specific Sacred Geometric patterns. These patterns are the universal code of Creation. When water passes these shapes, the resonance of Creation is activated in the water in the same way a tuning fork replicates the sound of another tuning fork.

Following the Universal Laws of Vibration and Resonance, water that has been depleted by long straight pipes or plastic bottles is instantly revitalised. This process is further enhanced by spinning the water in a double vortex as it leaves the device.

The physical changes that occur by structuring water are described in this lab report which concludes that changes in hydrogen bond angles cause toxins to be neutralised.

When water is structured, its properties change. 

The following images were produced by an Independent laboratory in Germany that analysed Structured Water.

Sample of Neutral Tap Water, Bottighofen, Switzerland.
The 90º angular structures represent toxic substances.

Structured Sample of Bottighofen tap water processed with Natural Action water structuring device. Note the absence of 90º structures, indicating the sample is free of toxins.

The above images show evidence of a change in hydrogen bonding angles.  The two water samples are as different as the diamond and coal seen below. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

These pictures show that  the chemical composition of diamonds and coal is carbon, and that the difference in the bonding angles of the carbon gives the two physical substances very different properties. All will agree that diamonds and coal are very different, largely because our eyes can perceive the differences. Unfortunately, the differences between Structured Water and bulk water are beyond the frequencies our eyes can perceive, so we are left with science to demonstrate the differences between waters.

This video is available for those who wish to study hydrogen bond angles in greater depth.

Another lab report that demonstrates changes in the physical world from passing water through our flow form structuring devices comes from Bio Chem Lab Inc. According to commonly believed scientific principles, the Bio Chem Lab results “shouldn’t” exist.

The results demonstrate is that water poured through a structuring device that is not expected to have an impact on chemistry showed a reduction of 25% of E.coli in the water and a redution of 40.2% of TDS or Total Dissolved Solids.

The anticipated results of passing through the device included changes in energetic properties, but not chemistry; nevertheless, a significant chemical change was observed. The explanation is the power and resonance of Creation manifested via the Sacred Geometry, and the double vortex which crushes and transforms solids. The implications of this are that the chemistry of water can change without adding or removing anything from water.

As the Age of Aquarius is firmly entrenched and we begin to understand the multidimensional function of Water, there will be many discoveries. Water is a mystery waiting patiently waiting for us to understand.

As humans have multiplied, toxic waste has reached every part of the earth. To solve this problem requires a different level of thinking than what got us into this mess to begin with.  Pushing toxins away is not the answer.

Fortunately, there is a compelling answer: to be our GodSelves in this illusionary physical world. When our primary identification of ourselves shifts to include the vibrational beings we are, an extraordinary future will unfold. How splendid that we have this opportunity to create a high vibrating relationship with Water! We can release the paradigm of toxins in favour of something much more magnificent.

The Exceptions to the Rule

As we have clearly demonstrated, traditional water filtration technology can’t make water safe because it doesn’t address the root of the issue. With that said, there are two scenarios where it does make sense to use traditional filters.

Unpleasant appearance such as heavy sediment or colored water is the first exception, and water that doesn’t taste good is the second.

Is your water filled with sediment or discoloration to the point where you can see it or feel it? If so, you may want a sediment block filter to reduce the majority of the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot of iron in my water supply and it is always brown in color. Will the device fix this?

Drinking discolored water is uncomfortable, and the structuring device won’t change the colour. It will in many cases hold the iron in solution and protect you. Simple filtration will complement your structuring quite well. Typically a traditional whole house sediment filter is best for this type of situation.

I smell chlorine in the water still – what does this mean?

Chlorine is a gas. When it is exposed to air, it releases from water. If your face is close to water flowing from a faucet you may smell chlorine releasing. And remember, the chlorine is neutralised by structuring so it is not harmful to you.

On a personal note, when I first started using my Structured Water Device I smelled chlorine and I inquired about it multiple times. I was unable to wrap my head around what I now know, which is that even when I smell toxins I am perfectly safe and protected.

The most unusual part of this journey with chlorine has been the disappearance of the smell of chlorine in the same places where I used to smell it. That is what has happened for me and I don’t know why. I’m not alone in this.

What follows is an email from one of our customers:

Is it safe to drink water through the device if there are known parasites in the water?

The bacteria, parasites and E.coli questions are interesting ones. We have seen and heard mixed results.

Our overall conclusion is that it is safe for some people and not for others, so one has to evaluate the risks before making a choice. If drinking structured water with living biologics in it was my only option, I would do it. However, given an option I wouldn’t, because the downside isn’t worth it.

The category of contamination caused by viruses, pathogens and bacteria is called Biologics. The issue with Biologics is that they can be life threatening quickly, so the risk is higher than with something like industrial or agricultural contamination, which doesn’t pose an immediate concern.

Many people have consumed water with known Biologics in them and not only lived to tell about it but also sent in testimonials. And, at least one person has described being concerned that she received a bug in her stomach while traveling in India and drinking Structured Water. We have no way of knowing if her experience was related to her water, her food, or something else.

With that said, we recommend asking your own higher guidance as to whether it is safe for you to drink water with Biologics in it. If you are concerned about Biologics, there are two ways to be safe: boiling or chlorine.

What about fluoride?

Fluoride is industrial waste that is disposed of in the public water supply. Since fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, which is our access to expanded consciousness, creativity and bliss, we have a hint as to the motives behind this mass dosing of a population. There are many voices in the perceived “fight” regarding fluoride, which leads us to offer some advice.

Don’t fight against anything. Champion a new truth to manifest success.

Don’t try to remove anything from your life, including fluoride. Embrace all that is and use each discordant energy as an opportunity to remember just how powerful you really are.

The way to transmute the effects of fluoride is to decalcify your pineal gland, opening yourself up to your full potential.

The easiest way to decalcify your pineal gland is to immerse yourself in Structured Water every day. Additional practices such as yoga, qi gong, meditation or a spiritual practice of your choosing are also helpful.

The next video provides some understanding about the pineal gland. We haven’t practiced the mediation at the end of the video. If you do and have success opening your pineal gland, please let us know.

What is the technical process used to remove undesirables elements?

Our Structured Water Devices are not filters and don’t remove anything from the water. When water is structured it neutralises the toxins in the water by changing their molecular structure — or more technically, their hydrogen bond angle.

Does structured water negate the effect of meds such as Ibuprofen, blood pressure meds, blood thinning medication, etc?

Harmonious and discordant energies are in and around us all the time. Part of welcoming the Shift of The Ages is creating a new context for understanding.

Structured Water is a Living Being that gives and protects life. It is an Infinite Intelligence and the medium through which our vibrational world functions. All parts of our whole world are present all the time. This is the nature of a holographic experience.

Your vibration determines whether a discordant or harmonious energy will simply be present or will have resonance in you.

Through the medium of Structured Water, your body will choose whether it wants a  medication to cause an impact or to pass through without interaction. 

Said another way, harmonious energies can pass through you untouched as can discordant ones, and the all-knowing intelligence supporting such interactions is enlivened by Structured Water.

Will washing non organic fruit and vegetables in structured water remove all of the pesticides and will cooking in structured water remove any residual contaminants?

The first thing to Remember is that from a context of Oneness there is no such thing as removal.

Pushing away toxins (which again are simply a vibration or energy, like everything else) is the same as pushing away a part of one’s self. Every time we think we can push something away, we deny the truth about who we are. Removal is an old world concept.

Washing vegetables in Structured Water neutralises toxins.

There is a bigger opportunity to consider when looking deeply at this question.

It feels great to buy organic because every purchase is a vote for healthier bodies and healthier farming practices. However sometimes the price difference between an organic vegetable and a traditional one brings up stress about prudent spending.

There is a way to find the perfect answer.

Remember that Water is a Living Being and that you are Higher Intelligence. Ask whether it is in your highest emotional, spiritual and physical good to eat the organic or the traditional produce and then listen for the answer. This type of approach may feel awkward at first and you might not even hear anything. That’s okay. Some people can hear the answer and if they can do it, so can you.

At one point in history we believed that no human could run a mile in under four minutes. Once one person did it, many others followed. The same is true with communicating with our higher knowing. Many, many, many will follow.

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