Structured Water Device Function

The Structured Water devices are a flow-form, or shape, which allows water to revitalize itself with the energy of Creation by interacting with Sacred Geometry and a double vortex spin.
Structured Water Device Function

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How do the devices function?

The devices are a flow form, or shape, which allow water to revitalise itself with the energy of Creation by interacting with Sacred Geometry and a double vortex spin.

Sacred Geometry is the fingerprint of Creation. It is a vibrational vehicle that carries specific ratios that reveal the precise way the energy of Creation organises itself. Sacred Geometry opens the heart to conscious evolution through mathematical models.

Inside the devices are structures with hexagonal imprints. The hexagon is the fundamental symbol that represents the symmetry of Creation and the simplicity of energy dynamics in physical form. This is the same shape that bees use to most efficiently construct a honeycomb.

As the water flows through both the hexagonal embossing and through the icosahedral angles, it shifts its resonance to Sacred Geometry and flows in resonance with Creation itself and the symmetry of the Cosmos.

That Sacred Geometry resonance now impressed within the water is then enhanced (exponentiated) by the double vortex flow of the water as it exits the device.

The following video offers a deeper discussion of Sacred geometry.

As the above language may be a bit foreign to some, we’ll answer the question of the function of the devices a second time.

Our devices are a flow form with Sacred Geometry inside. Water spins through the device moving in both directions simultaneously creating a double vortex.  Movement in Sacred patterns enhanced by the double vortex changes the molecular structure of Water, breaking up the memory of all it has passed through, neutralising all toxins and bringing harmony to everything in its path. This is the way Water moves in nature. The devices don’t add or remove anything from water.

The result is the Water resonates with Creation carrying more energy which has many benefits.

Said as simply as possible: Our devices are a shape that acts like the bed of a mountain stream to allow Water to purify itself. As water flows through the device it goes through a pattern like this:

Structured Water Device Function

What is in the device?

A series of structures patterned with Sacred Geometry are inside the devices. Think of it as a flow form like the one in this video:

Notice how the Water moves in the pattern of the infinity sign. The devices allow Water to purify itself by having it pass through the device. The water spins to the left and to the right at the same time. The left spin is like that of a tornado and the right spin is the mirror image. The materials are made from food grade plastics.

Natural Action Structured Water Devices FAQs

Do the devices require any maintenance such as changing a filter?

Nope! No maintenance required at all, ever.

Why are the Natural Action Structured Water devices are made of plastic?

We’ve spoken with the inventor at length about the use of plastic in manufacturing Structured Water Devices. One of the most obvious aspects of those discussions are that he has a deep knowledge of materials and that his choice of plastic is after careful consideration. As environmentalists at The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. we are happy to hear that. When he speaks of his choice for plastic, he alludes to other types of materials that he is aware of that will one day take the place of plastic in his devices. There is much work to be done between now and then as our economy will need to change quite a bit to support the use of different materials.

In the interim, the plastic that is used is food grade and it doesn’t leave discordant energy in the water. As your Structured Water leaves your device, it is spinning harmoniously in a double vortex and clear of memory.

From a manufacturing standpoint, plastic is malleable and inexpensive. At this time, those advantages mean that plastic devices will be used to facilitate spreading Structured Water to the greatest number of people with the least expense.

What types of devices are available?

The Wellness Enterprise offers all devices manufactured by Clayton Nolte of Natural Action Technologies. This includes Dynamically Enhanced as well as Original Portables, Shower and Mini Shower, Sink, Whole House, Garden and Commercial.

All of the devices on our website are Dynamically Enhanced. To place an order for a device not listed on our website, contact us.

What is the difference between Dynamically Enhanced and the Original Devices?

The Original Devices change the properties of water by allowing the water to flow over a series of structures that impart the resonance of Sacred Geometry into the water. As the Water remembers this resonance of the energy of Creation it spins in a double vortex. The spin of the double vortex is infinitely fast providing exponential enhancement to the Water. Water is instantaneously transformed from ordinary water to Water carrying the sparkling brilliance of Creation. 

People have become increasingly exposed to electromagnetic frequencies which is why a new line of Dynamically Enhanced (DE)  devices were offered starting in August 2012. Both DE and Original devices allow Water to purify itself by pouring over the flow form and DE Devices are made with proprietary materials that provide exponentially more support. The materials in DE devices have properties that:

  • Restore our bodies and the environment
  • Eliminate and absorb things that are harmful to man and nature
  • Clean water from almost all inorganic compounds, including pesticides,
    bacteria, nitrates, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful
  • Neutralise the negative impact of electromagnetic fields
  • Increase immunity to illness and disease
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Enhance and increase the energy of the structured water
  • Purify water

All devices manufactured by Natural Action Technologies are offered by The Wellness Enterprise. Water passed through Dynamically Enhanced devices is the highest quality available.

Our published materials show only Dynamically Enhanced devices as the increase in investment compared to Original devices is small and the additional benefits are priceless. A small number of customers prefer the Original devices. If you are one of them, simply let us know and we will be happy to support you.

How many times should I pour my water through the Portable?

You can pour water through the Portable as many times as you like. Some people really enjoy interacting with Water this way by running it through multiple times.  All water is different so you may find you are called to structure some water more times than others. There are no limits here.

One person structured water so many times that it sprouted seeds in a day that previously took three weeks. 

If you would like a gallon of highly structured Water, pour a couple of ounces in a glass and then pour it back and forth into another glass going through your Portable each time. Once you are satisfied with the energy of the Water, pour it into the gallon. Through entrainment it will structured the whole gallon.

Do I need to put in a new filter for my refrigerator that filters cold water?

No. You can drink from your tap now. If you choose the fridge because of a temperature preference you may want to see if you can pull the filter out of the fridge. Beware if you leave it there for a really long time without changing it, bacteria may grow.  Also, room temperature water is likely to be the healthiest for your body. If you can get used to it, do. But remember, the most important thing is to keep drinking water however you like it best.

How long does it take for the water to become structured using the Portable Device?

It happens immediately. Pour water through the top, and it comes out the bottom structured. It is just like the properties of resonance demonstrated in the tuning forks video above.

How long does structured water stay structured?

There are a few answers that may be helpful for this one.

Water stays structured for up to 300 feet in straight pipes, 7-10 days in direct sunlight, 30 days in a plastic container, 45 days or more in an environment of calm without stress and a natural surrounding.

If you are using Structured Water in your daily life it will stay structured under normal circumstances. We suggest structuring water just before you use it when possible. If you structure too much Water one day you can give previously Structured Water to plants or fountains or even pour it down the drain for entrainment.

Do I need to remove the lime from my shower head or will the Structured Water do that in time?

New lime is unlikely to develop and some or all of the residual may go away. If it is stubborn, you may want to clean it.

Is it safe to pour boiling water through the device or put it in the dishwasher?

Natural Action Technologies makes their devices with 100% food-grade ABS plastic. They are very durable, and testing has shown that they are capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 500 degrees. It is safe to pour boiling water through your device and to put it in the dishwasher.

How will I know if my Portable Device is broken?

Devices are guaranteed for 10 years. The devices that are in stationary places such as the Whole House, Under Sink, Shower and Commercial have no reason that they would ever break other than freezing or misuse which are not covered under the warranty. However, the Portable Devices and the Garden are more susceptible to accidents as they are typically moved about. Our advice is to treat your device carefully even though it is designed to be nearly indestructible. There are two primary things that can cause breakage.

1)  Freezing water in your device

2)  Dropping it

We recommend that, when you receive your device, you shake it near your ear so you learn that there is essentially no sound. If you have a harsh drop in the future, simply shake the device by your ear again. If you hear something like pieces rattling around inside, simply contact us for instructions about sending the device back for a replacement.

Does Water lose its structure when boiled?

Temperature doesn’t affect structuring. When we structure, we increase the energy in the water without raising the temperature. When we boil, we increase the temperature without altering the structure. They are different kinds of energy.

What is the best way to clean the Portable Device?

If you would like to clean your Structured Water Device, the most powerful way to do so is by soaking it in vinegar. If you have stains you can use a solution of boiling water and 1/2 cup of vinegar for about a half hour. You may also place your device in the dishwasher.

The easiest way to insure your device stays clean is by only pouring water through it. If you like to drink juice, coffee, alcohol, or other beverages you can structure those too by adding a few drops of structured water to them.  (If you want to see this concept in action you can watch theStrawberry Farm Videos)

Can you cook with Structured Water? Like grains and soups etc? Or best to just add a few tablespoons of Structured Water to finished dishes just before you eat it? How about sprinkling SW all over your foods just before you eat it?

Yes! We highly recommend that you integrate structured water into all areas of your life; cook with it, clean with it, play with it, have fun with it!

We recommend soaking all of your fruits and vegetables in structured water when you bring them into your house. This will prolong peak flavours, defray decay, and neutralise toxins.

You can even keep a spray bottle filled with Structured Water to apply to your food or even yourself. Try spraying your crown chakra next time you are feeling off centre.

Can I add a few drops of Structured Water to a public pool and structure the whole pool?

Yes. Through entrainment (demonstrated in two videos) a little bit of Structured Water can go a long way. And, the amount of discordant energy is a consideration. The chlorine typically found in a pool and all those bodies are emitting discordant energy so it is difficult to discern exactly where the tipping point is.

Does structuring change the pH of Water?

Structured Water Devices allow the Water to balance pH. This means that the pH can go up or down and it is based on the Water providing what is most needed. This is an unusual concept to get used to and it requires us to be willing to trust Water.

Experience has shown that the changes in pH actually created by the devices are smaller than what is reliably detected by litmus or other pH measurement papers. To be really sure of any changes in pH created by structuring water, you would want to measure it with a digital device.

For more detail about the pH of water see our eBook “Beyond Alkaline Water”.

Where can I learn more about lab reports and other Structured Water science?

The latest scientific research about structured water is available here: What Scientist Say About Structured Water

What can I do to test Structured Water myself?

The most sophisticated scientific instrument in the universe is the human body. By Remembering how to harness this innate power, you can answer every question you’ve ever asked.

For those who still relying on physical testing equipment,  GDV Meters, Tensiometers and Brix Meters are recommended.

If I put one glass of water through a Structuring Device and another I don’t, what differences will I see in that water if I take it to a laboratory? What kind of energy are you talking about when you say it alters the energy of the water?  And what do you mean by changes the hydrogen bonds angles, what does that mean and how does that happen?

If you take the sample to an appropriate physics laboratory or testing facility, you’ll see definitive, dramatic, and measurable results.

There is only one type of energy. Remember Einstein’s Equation: E=mc2. Energy is mass is energy. All physicality IS energy (and energy only).

Regular water (tap and bottled) has a hydrogen bond of 104.5 degrees. Structured Water has a hydrogen bond over 114.5 degrees. Water adjusts to its environment billions of times per second. When the environment carries the resonance of Creation the Water shifts into harmony and this is reflected in the hydrogen bond.

“There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.”

Albert Einstein

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