Structured Water Comparison ~ VitaJuwel, UMH and Natural Action


What Living Water Products are Right for Me?

As our understanding of water deepens more people are wondering what is the best Living Water system for me? At The Wellness Enterprise, we are here to provide resources and education to support you in finding the best answer to this important question.

People often ask us to distinguish the differences between the 3 Collections of Living Water Products offered in the Structured Water Superstore. At The Wellness Enterprise we consider ourselves very fortunate to have been tapped on the shoulder by Water and asked to be a voice that supports people as they come to understand water as a living consciousness and as such we have created this blog to serve as a guide to support you in choosing which Living Water product(s) are best for you.

The most important thing we’ve learned on our journey is that changing the molecular structure of water with physics opens up the energy and vitality of water and therefore the potential energy and vitality of ourselves.

Our journey has included years of research and scientific proof that water can be changed with sacred geometry, vortexing, crystals, magnets, prayer and more. Whether water in this altered state is called structured, activated, hexagonal, energized, exclusion zone, or anything else, it all points to the same thing: the properties of water are different when the hydrogen bond angles change.  The images below demonstrate what happens to the hydrogen bond angle when water is passed through one of our Living water devices.  Hydrogen bond angles revert back to their natural leaf like shape as water regains spring like freshness with pollutants neutralized:

There are many ways to structure water and our passion is to ask the questions that help us understand the differences between them and then to share the answers with you. We’ve found we are able to reduce potential choices by clarifying our values and seeing which living water structuring technologies are most aligned with our love for people, the planet, and water.

At The Wellness Enterprise we heavily favor water structuring technologies based upon:

People’s health: Do substantial numbers of users report significant health benefits? We rank this above all else because we most highly value harmonious changes in people’s lives even if we can’t wrap our minds around how it happens.

Drinking Structured Water

Scientific research: Is there sufficient scientific evidence to prove the claims made by the various inventors and manufacturers?  Independent studies such as the Hagalis AG laboratory reports from Germany for Natural Action and VitaJuwel Gem Water in addition to the extensive studies done in Austria with the UMH devices have shown us the scientific principles that backup the exuberant responses so many customers exhibit after experiencing Living Water.

Infinite Energies: We favor technologies that are infinite. For example, we like the idea of writing words like “love” on the side of water bottles as this is a technology for influencing the physics of water (proven by Masaru Emoto). However, we prefer having sacred geometric symbols in our water technology as sacred geometry is the language of source and source’s vibration is higher than man’s. Love can mean so many things to so many people and when we use that word we summon all of that energy. We have greater resonance and clarity with using Sacred Geometry and leaving the messaging to the patterns of the universe.


Hexagons, Sacred Geometry and Structured Water

Love of Water: We all know hydration is vital to every process in our body. As water based beings, it only makes sense. We’ve experimented with a lot of water treatment systems at The Wellness Enterprise and some of them cause extraordinary responses. It’s such a simple thing and it is so profound. When people love water they often experience being hydrated fully for the first time in their lives.

Financial Impact: A significant portion of our economy is built on planned obsolescence. Companies are driven by their thirst for profits to design products that break overtime creating the need for additional purchases. We find this distasteful and do all that we can to support you to make a one time purchase that supports you for a lifetime.

Resource Consumption: We don’t like landfills and we don’t like buying products that fill them. Every dollar you spend in the world is a vote for more of what you purchase to be created. We highly favor products that are built to last without replacement parts. While the warranties on our products have a range, when treated well they can last indefinitely.

Spoiling the Earth’s Resources Drives us Nuts!

Now that you understand how People’s Health, Scientific Research, Infinite Energies, Love of Water, Financial Impact and Resource Consumption impact our thinking, let’s apply it to understanding water structuring technologies.

Natural Action Technologies Water Structuring Technology

Our structured water roots begin with Natural Action Technologies. All of the NAT devices on our website are the Dynamically Enhanced technology. They are designed to structure water with vortexing and sacred geometry. They are also engineered to protect people from EMF with harmonious energies added to the spheres inside each device.

The NAT Collection of products is particularly strong in durability, convenience and value. The devices are very low priced when considered from the perspective of a 10 year warranty (except the 1 year warranty on the cobalt blue shower head). We love these devices and have seen thousands chosen by satisfied customers all over the world. If you want something that is easy to use and sure to last, choose NAT products.

While sharing the NAT Collection with people around the world, members of our community showed us there was another line of products they liked better. Their preference was based upon a desire to surround themselves with the highest vibration water and the finest materials. If the NAT Collection is the Honda of the structured water world, the UMH Collection is a Mercedes or Bentley.

UMH Water Structuring Technology

Jivara UMH Products

UMH Structuring Devices are for those who can afford the finest materials or who are willing to prioritize the quality of their water over spending on other things. The composition of the devices varies with the UMH Master made from brass with gemstones such as rose quartz, em ceramics, shungite, tiger’s eye, agate and more. The UMH 3 in 1 Live and Under Sink are 24 carat gold plated inside and out and filled with vials of highly charged water. Every measurement inside the devices is designed to evoke the energy of the cosmos with precise sacred geometric patterns. The water spins through the devices before exiting in the resonance of sacred geometry, vortexing and gemstones.  To learn all about the UMH water and the different UMH options for portable, sink, whole house, and table/counter top water structuring devices, visit the UMH Water blog.

The VitaJuwel Collection is the most recent addition to our family of offerings. We’ve been most surprised by this Collection because we didn’t foresee how much its  its elegance and simplicity would impact people. Beautiful long lasting products that change the physics of water at a much lower price than traditional water structuring devices have powered VitaJuwel to reach hundreds of thousands of customers in a very short time. We are thrilled to see the appeal of these products opening up a larger audience to the delights of structured water.

VitaJuwel Gem Water Structuring Technology

vitajuwel gem water collection

VitaJuwel focuses on offering elegant products without making any strong claims. Their gemstone blends have strong grounding as potent structured water from a Hagalis AG report documenting increased alkalinity, improved conductivity and neutralization of toxins. VitaJuwel has also co-developed gemstone blends with the Hado Lab founded by Dr. Masaru Emoto and with Michael Gienger, the well known author of Gem Water.

VitaJuwel Bottles, Vials and Decanters are the least expensive way to create structured water. They feature 18 different gemstone blends designed to influence your water with the harmonious energies of the Mineral Kingdom used since ancient times.

As you peruse the various collections, allow your intuition to guide you. There is no right or wrong answer nor limits on which ones are best to use. All of these glorious structured water products can be used together or separately and with any input water that pleases you.


Whether the products you select are from the VitaJuwel, UMH or Natural Action Collections you will be restoring the vitality of your water with infinite energies. Your products have been scientifically validated and proven by your peers to create life changing benefits. The products are built to last, decrease your spending on water treatment and respect the earth’s resources. Most of all, your products have been chosen to inspire you to love Water and receive the life giving benefits that come from being hydrated and spiritually in the flow.

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