Structured Water Comparison – AQUA ENERGIZER™, UMH, Natural Action* and VitaJuwel

*“Natural Action” and “Natural Action Technologies” and their logo are trademarks of Natural Action Technologies. The Wellness Enterprise Inc is no longer an authorized dealer of Natural Action Technologies products and we are now a competitor.
What is the best structured water device

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As our understanding of water deepens more people are wondering what is the best Structured Water system for me? This article helps you clarify the difference between devices so you can make an informed decision.

What is The Best Structured Water Device for You?

We’ve worked diligently for years to come up with a suite of the best structured water devices available.

The most important thing to know is that you can’t go wrong with any of the products. Any choice is a good choice. This is a good time to touch base with your intuition because what you choose is based on the vibe you get from the products as well as your budget and intentions.

VitaJuwel - The Best Accessory

Vitajuwel products are beautiful and hand-crafted with care. If the aesthetic of your structured water is the most important factor, you’ll love VitaJuwel. Even though they are not a Structured Water Device, they add beauty to your water experience and elevate the water frequency with the gemstones. 

Pro: Beauty, portability, hand-crafted

Con: No whole house devices, sink, shower units or garden unit, no certifications

AQUA ENERGIZER™ - Certified by HyFo Labs

The AQUA ENERGIZER line is amongst the most sophisticated of water structuring devices. Structures and adds the energetic imprint of minerals into your water simultaneously and the only structured water device certified by HyFo Lab using the Pollack methodology to produce H3O2.

Pro: Certified with the Pollack methodology to create H3O2, made of copper, coated with minerals, hand assembled, full line of devices: whole house, under sink, shower, portable and garden.  

Con: It’s hard to come up with something here for the best Structured Water device ever made… you might have to wait a while to get one because there is so much demand. 

UMH - Elegant Design

UMH Water Structuring Devices are hand-assembled, in small batches by a master craftsman in Austria. These water structuring devices resonate at a high frequency and raise the vibration of water.  

Pro: Natural materials, full line of devices, whole house, under sink, shower, portable and mineral cartridge. Attractive 24k gold, constructed with intention in small batches by master craftsmen. Sink/Shower/Portable device can be used interchangeably for different purposes.

Con: Portable device might not be practical for certain kinds of travel. No certifications.

Natural Action Technologies* - Best for Those on a Budget

Natural Action Technologies (NAT) NAT water structuring devices were designed to be durable and long-lasting. The flow form inside the devices is constructed with food grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The exterior is food grade acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

Pro: The most affordable line of structured water devices. 

Con: Synthetic materials, no certifications. 

“Natural Action” and “Natural Action Technologies” and their logo are trademarks of Natural Action Technologies. The Wellness Enterprise Inc is no longer an authorized dealer of Natural Action Technologies products and we are now a competitor.
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