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Are Whole House Water Filters Really Worth It?

Most people think that chemistry-based whole house water filters are essential for eliminating toxins from your water. Could it be that's not really the case?

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Many of the ways that we think about products and services are a byproduct of corporate marketing efforts rather than well balanced thoughtful insights. We’ve gathered a lot of insights from speaking with thousands of people one on one about their water and would like to share some ideas with you for you to consider how the truth about whole house filters might be different than what seems logical in your thoughts.

Corporations have an incentive to favor their profits over your needs.  And that occurs to us as one of the major reasons why people think they need a whole house water filter.  

For everyone who is paying close attention to the money that they spend and wants to make sure they get a good value for dollars they invest we offer the following insights collected from years of interacting with moms, homeowners and people who want to live their healthiest life:

Consider that you don’t really need a chemistry-based whole house water filter.

Whole House filters are faced with a bit of an impossible task. Remove toxins from water that is flowing so fast that it would require massive amounts of filtration media to accomplish the task successfully. To examine this with a great filtration company, let’s look at Multipure.


As measured by the independent laboratory NSF, Multipure under sink water filters are certified to remove more contaminants than any other non-RO water filter in the NSF and WQA databases. They are also rated #1 by Consumer Reports for the best sink drinking water filter. They’ve achieved these ratings while also leaving healthy minerals in water which makes their accomplishments even more noteworthy. Multipure offers the highest grade of certified water filters and they are truly an impressive company. 

However, when you look into where Multipure’s reputation comes from, what you find is that their certifications apply to their under sink filters and not to the whole house filters.

That’s because they can’t achieve the same standard at the high flow rates required by a whole house.

Their standards are only achieved at the sink level. With a company as accomplished with high standards as Multipure it’s natural to assume all of their products are of the same independent laboratory verified pedigree. Unfortunately, the truth is the Multipure whole house filter is just another in a long line of good but not exceptional whole house water filters.

If you are like most people, you believe a whole house water filter will remove contaminants and thereby make your water safe. But where did that thought come from? It is really yours? Or has it been planted in your head by a wide variety of media that cause people to fear toxins?

With awareness, you begin to have the opportunity to make a choice that truly aligns with your values and beliefs…

A thorough understanding of this issue requires an exploration into what is safe water.  While at least 99 out of 100 water filtration customers are pursuing toxin removal as the answer to safe water, this is really an answer to water purity, not water safety.

What is Safe Water?

What we know from a holistic approach to the world and study of homeopathy is that a physical substance can be removed from water and yet its energetic properties remain. This fact was proven and tested by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Luc Montagnier. You can watch him test water memory in this documentary about his research. 

With a grounded understanding of homeopathy, it is easy to see that even the best water filters that attempt to achieve purity leave behind toxic energy in water which is clearly not safe. To have safe water, the energetics must be addressed. 

Emergence of Verified and Certified Safe Water Devices

In late 2020, certified structured water devices, the AQUA ENERGIZERS™, were created by The Wellness Enterprise.  These devices are unlike any that have preceded them in that for the first time there is a device that has been scientifically tested to remove toxins from water while also being certified to create H302 Structured Water. As you can see in the Evidence Structured Water Removes Toxins blog, the physics-based AQUA ENERGIZERS changed the toxic version of nitrogen from nitrite to the life-supporting fertilizer version of nitrogen, which is nitrate.  AQUA ENERGIZERS create profound life supporting changes in water that cross the physics/chemistry barriers.

Even though we know AQUA ENERGIZERS render toxins inactive, there is still an element of logic that the traditional water filter industry uses to justify the purchase of their devices that requires further evaluation. The idea is that if a physical toxin is present, it is harmful. The nitrite / nitrate example demonstrates what happens when a toxin can transform into a different oxidation state. This is not possible with every toxin so there are going to be instances where a chemistry based measurement of water before and after passing through an AQUA ENERGIZER give the same result.  

Because of the fear that has been ingrained in us, it’s hard for most of us to conceive of a toxin being present and a filter not being necessary. Here are two ways to consider this issue. One, consider the possibility that with an updated understanding of the physics of water, only a structured water device is needed to have you feel safe even if a toxin is present. Two, consider combining a water filter with a structuring device.

Water Filters are Optional, Structuring Devices Are Necessary

Water filters reduce the presence of toxins and this reduction makes a lot of people feel safe. If you will feel safer using a traditional filter with a structuring device, then by all means, use one. And, now that you know structuring water has a transformative effect on toxins, maybe you’ll be ready to use an AQUA ENERGIZER alone to make safe water.

Are you still wanting a chemistry based filter (a traditional water filter) as your sole solution?  Or maybe you are considering an AQUA ENERGIZER as your sole solution? Our point here is to help you think about it rather than pretend to know what is right for you.

Our Proposed Solution for the Safest Water and Saving Money on Whole House Water Filters

Safe water requires addressing water from a physics-based perspective. 

Homeopathy proves that toxins are still in water even after they are physically removed. The only certified and verified way to make the energetics of toxins safe is with an AQUA ENERGIZER Structured Water Device. For those considering a whole house water filter, a one-time purchase of an AQUA ENERGIZERS will treat your water indefinitely with no replacement parts or maintenance of any kind.

When installed on your main water line an Aqua Energizer whole house structured water device will impact all water in your property and in your home. This can prolong the life of your appliances, improve the quality of your gardens, make your bathing water safe and of course give you high-quality drinking water.  

If you still prefer to have a chemistry-based water filter, with a whole house Aqua Energizer in place, you can focus your budget more on where it will make the biggest difference. For example, you can purchase an under-sink water filter that costs less than a whole house water filter. In this way, your money can be spent on creating great tasting safe drinking water at your sink while also providing safe structured water for all the other water uses in your home.  

The Wellness Enterprise offers several choices for traditional chemistry-based filters. We offer these not because we think they are required to create safe water but rather because if you are going to spend your money on a filter, we want to make sure that it is effective and fairly priced.  You can learn more about these filters here and don’t forget to take a look at the Best Water Filter Ever and the Best Water Pitcher Ever because both are capable of removing the toxins people are most concerned about for less than $80.

We feel strongly about what we’ve written, however, if you don’t share our opinion and are going to buy a whole house filter anyway, here are some options you might consider:

Multipure: This is the company that is certified to remove the most contaminants in water by NSF standards and this certification applies to the under sink filtration system, not the whole house filter.  Nevertheless, if you are looking for a company that values lab testing and certification, this company has a great pedigree. You can access Multipure’s whole house filter on this link

Aquasana: If you are looking for a modestly priced whole house filter that has been widely used in many homes and does a good job, we recommend Aquasana. Use this link so you can receive the biggest discount.

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*“Natural Action” and “Natural Action Technologies” and their logo are trademarks of Natural Action Technologies. The Wellness Enterprise Inc is no longer an authorized dealer of Natural Action Technologies products and we are now a competitor.

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