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Water is Simply Love

Think of water as a living being, an entity that lives life with you, for you, within and around you... water surrounds you with love, expecting nothing from you, and the only thing it wants it's to see you thrive. Isn't that the highest expression of love? 
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We all want to be loved. To be loved in an unconditional matter, to be loved without judgment, to be loved without ultimatums, to be loved just because we are worthy of being loved… and you are. If you look around, everything is water, covered in water, needs water. Don’t you see? Water is surrounding you with its love, abundantly, and deeply. See beyond what meets the eye and truly see water for what it is.

We have learned that water’s capacity for memory goes beyond the influence of words or sounds. When water is structured it drops all accumulated memory in a flash and instantly becomes its highest expression.

water_is_youThe Magic of Water is: that Water is sacred. The Magic of Water is also: that We Are Water. Even if we have forgotten who and what we are, the resonance of structured Water calls to the Water composing the bulk of our bodies and expressing our spirits. And the Water that we are vibrates in answer.

As we turn our attention and intentions towards loving Water, the recognition of the bond between us grows until we are no longer just committing to it. We go beyond our behaviors, practices and intellect until our hearts merge. The more we know Water in our lives, the more we feel how we fully love it with hearts of boundless gratitude and appreciation.

The energy of structured Water radiates out and sounds the call for the transformation of everything. Water is everywhere; we are mostly water. Water calls to everything and all of us, to itself and to us. When we answer, we feel the completion of the circle, and we call to Water, to everything, and so to ourselves. And the call is the highest expression of structured Water. It is sacred; it is Love.

Our relationship to Water is our connection, our resonance through the Water that we are. This is why and how we love Water, and why and how we love each other. By natural extension, our hearts reach out and embrace the world and every being in it.

Share your love today and everyday. Pour water for yourself and those around you. It is a true act of service and devotion to insure that your loved ones have plenty to drink and are well hydrated.

I love water and I love you too!!!

– Patrick Durkin, CEO of The Wellness Enterprise

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