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The Best Water to Drink

Discover The Perfect Water Formula

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You probably don’t spend your days thinking about water, researching water, talking to scientists and doctors about water and then dreaming about water at night. At The Wellness Enterprise, that’s exactly what we do. We’re water zealots, on a mission to help humanity understand the true nature of hydration and optimal health.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Our mission started as a way to put a dent in the plastic water bottle waste phenomenon. It grew from there into what is now a philosophy about water. In the same way our food supply has become dysfunctional and nutritionally diminished, water has become contaminated and commoditized. You can’t make fruits and vegetables that have been over-sprayed with pesticides into organic fruits and vegetables. But you can restore water to it’s perfect and natural state. It’s going to take some work, but it’s so worth it.

Filtering, Mineralizing and Structuring - Perfect Water Formula

After years of consulting experts and researching just about every water system on the planet, our approach to creating the perfect water involves three steps: Filtration, Mineralization and Structuring. We believe that this approach to understanding water allows for the greatest level of intra-cellular hydration. It’s not so much about the volume of water you drink, but the ease with which water can penetrate your cells that matters. 

If you want to take a quiz to see what systems are perfect for you, click here.

The Human Body is Mostly Water, but it’s not H2O

You’ve probably heard statistics that the human body is anywhere from 70 – 90%
water. Where exactly is all that water? If you get a cut, water doesn’t pour out of you like a faucet or hose. Well, your blood plasma is 90-92% water, but the molecular structure of that water is not H2O, it’s H3O2, sometimes called gel water or the fourth phase of water. The H3O2 concept is based on the work of Dr. Gerald Pollack, a scientist that discovered that water can be more than just liquid, solid or vapor. The water in the human body and in fruits and vegetables is slightly thicker and silkier than H2O because it has extra hydrogen and oxygen molecules.    

So we’re committed to helping you find the combination of products that delivers the most healthy water, the most absorbable water to you in your home or on the go.

The Perfect Water Formula

Water Filtration

Big number one in blue with text Water Filtration and icon of water drops being cleaned by a water filter

No one wants to raise a glass of water to their mouth and get a whiff of chlorine or some other unidentifiable odor. And no one wants to think about the toxic chemicals, contaminants or pollutants that may be in their water. While it’s tempting to think that federal and state governments wouldn’t let anything bad happen to our water supplies, water systems are held to very low standards and it’s in your best interest to form your own standards for your water.

Don’t worry though, we’ve done all the hard work and research so you don’t have to. Truthfully, we resisted offering traditional water filter systems for many years because we couldn’t find anything that met our standards. In addition, we didn’t want to be associated with an industry that sometimes engages in unethical practices. Now though, that we have a multi-faceted approach, we’re proud to offer some traditional filtering systems that work as a part of our three tiered system of: Filtering, Mineralizing and Structuring.

Water Mineralization

Big number two in blue with text Water Mineralization and icon of little water drops with twinkles

Minerals are a fundamental part of health and wellness but one of the most overlooked aspects of preventative health. Under normal circumstances, we’d get minerals naturally from our food and water. Modern agricultural processes have depleted soil from its essential minerals, and water filtration processes like reverse osmosis, strip minerals from water. 

We think it’s important to remineralize your water. One of the doctors we work with Dr. Ben Edwards says that ‘you just can’t get enough minerals.’    

Water Energization or Structuring

Big blue number three with text Water Energetization and icon of water drops entering a funnel and exiting energized

You may never have heard of structured water and the term sounds foreign. How could something like water, which is formless be structured? Well, structured water describes a treatment of water rather than the way it looks. Structured water isn’t like a chiseled ice scupture. Structuring refers to a process where water is run through various devices to bring it back to its natural state. Even though you can’t see them, there are millions of geometric shapes in nature. Structured water devices allow water to flow over geometric shapes so the water is put back into alignment with nature. Consequently, structured water is more easily absorbed in your body at an intra-cellular level.    

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