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The perfect Water Solution involves filtering, mineralizing and structuring. Follow this easy 3 step process to create your perfect water:

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Step 1. Water Filtration

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Filtration is physical removal of contaminants from water. Most people have been led to consider filtration as the way to treat water.

Recent discoveries have raised important questions about whether filters are necessary. Read more about the following to understand the role filters play and the options that have developed as a result of recent scientific breakthroughs.


If you’ve spent some time researching water filters, you’re most likely aware of  substances in water like: fluoride, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, pesticides, arsenic, chlorine, mercury, herbicides and a slew of other things. To learn more read the article Why filter water

Toxins are simply another energy or vibration. This includes everything you can think of including arsenic, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, insecticides, nitrates, pesticides, radon, radiation and on and on. If you want to understand how Structuring Water Devices neutralize toxins, read our blog post

Select your water source

Where do you want to your pure water to be available?

Contaminant Removal

Are there any specific toxins in your water that you would like to purify?

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