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Nature is Not Something you Go To, You Are Nature

We are connected to everything surrounding us. The moment we understand that we are not separated beings with Earth and Nature, we'll witness the healing of the planet. When we understand that we are not throwing plastic water bottles to the ocean, but to ourselves, our habits will change.
We are one with nature

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You and the earth are one and the same. Have you ever really stopped to think about how connected we are with the earth? It is kind of amazing. We are made of water, minerals and life force energy and so is the earth.

While many of us have an expanded sense of who we are that comes from focusing on what we think of as being “above” what about the earth under our feet?

Have you ever thought of the energetic exchange that happens when you walk barefoot on the earth?

One of the ways we know there is something more to it than meets the eye comes from experience with gardening.

A few years ago, I was working on releasing anger when I developed a satisfying routine. I would take my shoes off and head into my garden with a head full of angry thoughts. Speaking aloud, I would say, “all right Mother (Mother earth) let’s make a deal… I’ll work your soil and make it beautiful and you take away these angry thoughts.” To my surprise, I developed a dialogue with the earth and found that our exchange worked beautifully.

Prior to that time period, I had never really considered how sacred our relationship with the earth really is. I had always considered it some sort of external entity. Today, my beliefs have shifted quite dramatically. I think of man as living in partnership with the earth and that we have taken her for granted for long enough. I believe the earth has supported us by absorbing vast amounts of negative energy and it is now our turn to take care of our beloved planet and help her to find balance again.

I guess that is what you call getting grounded.

The plastic water bottle issue is a much bigger deal than just plastics and recycling and all that stuff. At the heart of the issue is our connection with the earth and our choice to honor that relationship or to abuse it.

As the Chairman of the Recycling Committee in Hingham Massachusetts, I led a team that installed outdoor recycling bins all over town. As our project was completed, I felt my heartbreak. My upset came when I realized that by installing recycling infrastructure, we gave people a reason to feel good about the disposable mindset.

Having learned about the barges of recyclables that are sent to India and incinerated and how inefficient recycling really is, I felt passion surge through my heart commanding me to create a project that would have people choose to Reduce rather than Recycle. It is from that energy that The Wellness Enterprise Inc. was formed.

It is my dream that we will work together to refuse plastic water bottles and many of the conveniences that come with a price that is too high for us to pay. With the spread of Structured Water and a story that saves people money while supporting health and vitality, I know we have found something that is strong enough to have people say “no” to bottled water.

By Patrick Durkin, CEO of The Wellness Enterprise

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