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How Aqua Energizers Removes Toxins

Groundbreaking Results For Structured Water Science: AQUA ENERGIZERS™ Remove Toxins

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You know the old adage that seeing is believing? Well, one of the hangups that’s been delaying mass scale adoption of structured water is the answers to the question, where’s the proof? Now we have evidence that structured water makes toxins inert and inactive.

When truly groundbreaking technologies are invented they often lead science. In other words we know structured water grows bigger, healthier plants but it’s been debatable to prove how and why. In the same vein, we know people love structured water and drink more because of it, but that has never answered the question about what happens to the toxins and is structured water safe?

Finally, the AQUA ENERGIZERS, the First Certified Structured Water Devices** have been released and with them answers to important questions about structured water.

In just a few short months, we’ve learned AQUA ENERGIZERS are verified and certified to produce H3O2 by the HyFo Lab using their training and inspiration from Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Pollack Lab at the University of Washington**. To see the certification, click here.  

And now, the latest and most groundbreaking result to date:

AQUA ENERGIZERS enable water to transform toxic compounds into non-toxic states. Our results confirm the work of Dr. Gerald Pollack, that water in the structured or 4th phase controls contaminants. Water is indeed the universal solvent, meant to do the repair work of nature. You can replicate the test yourself with a simple kit available at places like Home Depot!

On January 20, 2021, we passed well water with a history of agricultural pollution in Gilroy California through the AQUA ENERGIZER and we discovered a transformation we had always hoped to prove. Now we have evidence structured water is able to reorganize and re-bond toxins into inactive, inert material, something we always dreamed about.

Our test results show toxic nitrites in water were converted to their non-toxic nitrate form allowing the water to meet strict California drinking water requirements for the first time in a decade. Not only did this phase of water reduce  measurable nitrites toxins in the water, but actually converted the toxic compounds into a form which plants can utilize as fertilizer.  Water is naturally able to do this recovery work, its natural cleansing process, if water’s hydrogen bonds have not been altered by chemical treatment or broken up by pressurizing it through pipes.

AQUA ENERGIZERS bring water’s natural molecular bonds back together, again allowing electrons to generate charge. This extra charge changes the oxidation states of toxins and this is the breakthrough documentation the structured water industry has been waiting for***.  See the test results for yourself, the nitrites were measured at 9 ppm and zero ppm after! And again, as a reminder you can purchase the H2OOK Plus kit yourself and replicate our results. 

Structured Water Benefits Treat Water Toxins

The Test Results: Structured Water Removes Some Toxins

See how the nitrites declined from approximately 9ppm to zero. And nitrates started at 5ppm and moved to between 10 and 25 ppm. This shows nitrites became nitrates.

In addition to revealing a transformation in the toxic form of nitrites, testing also revealed:

  •  An increase from zero to 1 ppm in healthy bioavailable copper. (For more about the necessity for bioavailable copper we recommend studying the work of Morley Robbins
  • An increase in pH from 9 to 10 
  • A slight increase in alkalinity
  • No discernible difference in chlorine as there was no chlorine in the well water
  • No discernible difference in total hardness which makes sense because the test does not have the ability to measure the reduction in hardness caused by the production of H3O2.

Even though the biggest issue with water is hydration, and the nearly 100% of people who are dehydrated, the majority of people are still most concerned about removing toxins from water. This data finally provides the evidence that the AQUA ENERGIZER structured water device changes the oxidation state**** of toxins making water safe.

**Certification testing performed by HyFo Lab LLC 2020

***Gina Bria, Hydration Foundation

****Joseph Johnson, January 2021

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