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The Most Important Property of Water is Energy

Drinking Structured Water gives your body the energy fuel it needs to hydrate on an intra-cellular level and sets the stage for vibrant health.
Properties of Water, The most important

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The Purpose of Hydration

The purpose of hydration is not only to moisten, but even more importantly, to be our fuel.  It actually gives you the energy you need for thinking, feeling and healing. We need enough hydration to conduct electricity inside us. Cell-to-cell communication depends on it. It works from the inside out to overcome fatigue and lack of focus, gives you easy fluid movement, helps digest your food, and washes away waste and contaminants in your system.  That’s why hydration is our most urgent need.

When you ARE hydrated, your body can:

  • Access the energy you need for thinking, feeling, and healing
  • Overcome tiredness, fatigue and lack of focus
  • Detoxify at the cellular level to wash away contaminants and waste 
  • Prevent and even reverse many complaints,
  • Sleep better and lose weight just through hydration!!

With so many obvious benefits and such an obvious need, one has to wonder, why isn’t everybody hydrated? It could be because most of us just don’t know how to achieve real hydration ourselves.

Drink a Better Kind of Water

You are 99% water by molecules and drinking water is the most obvious way to achieve real hydration by getting the maximum absorption from what you drink and making it available all the way down to the cellular level. But not just by drinking any kind of water. There is a better kind of water than tap or bottled water that optimally hydrates you and reduces the need for high volume liquid intake, and subsequent trips to the bathroom. 

Here is the BIG WHY

It turns out tap and bottled water have a neutral charge, meaning they have little to no electrical charge.  It makes sense that even though many people drink water, they feel fatigued and depleted.

Hydration Based on Nature’s Principles

Nature is brilliant at reclaiming and recirculating energy. We can all feel water’s power to make energy when we stand by a waterfall or by the ocean. Nature uses the partnership of hydration and electricity everywhere and you can harness this powerful force too.   

When you harness the power of Nature’s principles in your water you too can be restored and cleansed. How does Nature restore water? Nature spins water to concentrate energy. Think of a wheel spinning faster and faster. Spinning water is a principle used by Nature to restructure water’s electrical charge, renewing its fueling power. 

Water in Nature

This water we find in Nature, in streams and springs, in fruits and vegetables, and in our cells, was recently “identified” as structured water with the molecular structure of H3O2.

Emerging science has come out of the culmination of over 30 years of experiments and research from the laboratory of Dr. Gerald Pollack, PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle. Documented by Dr Pollack, H3O2, the next phase of water, has vitally important differences from plain tap or bottled water.  

H3O2 is 10% denser and has more oxygen than regular H2O. Perhaps the most surprising difference is that while H2O has no charge, structured water has an electrical charge. This is how water forms a battery and begins producing and storing energy inside us.  This is the very energy needed to move, think, heal, and repair. H3O2 is our fuel for healing. We need it for our hydration, energy and vitality. H3O2 is water in motion, it is Nature’s water.

“What we found we refer to as the fourth phase of water, beyond solid, liquid and vapor. It is not H20, it is actually H302.  At this phase, water is potential energy, just like a battery of water,” explained Dr. Pollack.

Where is the proof?

Proof, for many of us comes by way of seeing.  To that end we have Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). GDV is a collection of photographic processes used to capture images of electrical discharges.  Through this process we’re able to see with our own eyes energy variances of everyday substances, such as water compared to structured water. 

So why does this matter to you? Beyond the major fact that we are made primarily of water, our bodies burn energy to keep going, functioning and living.  So GDV allows us to view the energy quality of anything we choose to put in our body. In the image below you’ll see the amount of energy being produced by distilled (bottled) water, then water which has been naturally structured by nature and finally water which has been structured by our devices.

In the images below, we can we actually see the impact drinking structured water has on us. The image on the left is before drinking structured water and on the right after. People who drink structured water experience a minimum 10% increase in their energy.

If you’re interested on the proof that Structured Water removes toxins, we invite you to read this article. 

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