The Most Important Property of Your Water is the Energy

Where is the proof?

Proof, for many of us comes by way of seeing.  To that end we have “GDV” or Gas Discharge Visualization. GDV is a collection of photographic processes used to capture images of electrical discharges.  Through this process we’re able to see with our own eyes energy variances of everyday substances, such as water compared to structured water. Again, why does this matter to you? Beyond the major fact that we are made primarily of water, our bodies burn energy to keep going, functioning and living.  So GDV allows us to view the energy quality of anything we choose to put in our body.  Through this process we’ve identified that the difference in energy the water we drink has. In the image you’ll see the amount of energy being produced by bottled water (or distilled water), then water which has been naturally structured by nature and then finally water which has been structured by our devices.

Hydration at the cellular level is critical for operating at levels of maximum potential, but what does this mean? How can we actually see the impact drinking structured water has on us?GDV-Measures-the-energy-of-water

And now, look at how drinking structured water impacts the human body. The image on the left is before drinking structured water and on the right after. People who drink structured water experience a minimum 10% increase in their energy.

For more information on where GDV came from watch the following video with one of the creators.