Water is the Answer

Have you ever experienced fatigue especially after lunch? That's a sign that you can be dehydrated. Fortunately, the solution is right around the glass of water!
Water is the answer to fatigue

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We have a tendency to get lost in the day to day activities life, paying the bills, going to the grocery store, cleaning out the refrigerator, etc, …

Sometimes as we go through our day engaged in these activities, we don’t realize that we have stopped paying attention to our bodies and we start not feeling well. We may experience feeling tired, fatigued, hungry, sleepy, irritated, cranky, etc… We encourage you in those times to remember to drink water.

12122278_mlThe next time you feel tired…try a glass of water.

 Fatigued?…try some water.

 Hungry? Water!

 Water is the answer!

Your body is a system and the most important substance in that system is water. To keep your system functioning at an optimal level, you need to continuously supply the raw materials that are needed to sustain the system.

If you are like most people, your system is probably crying out for water. The question is can you hear it?

The easiest way to get the most out of your system is to start drinking water when you wake up in the morning and keep going all day long. Thirst is an indication that you are already behind. Drink steadily, drink often and remember, Water is the Answer!

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Dr Zach Bush 100% of us are dehydrated

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We are facing an epidemic, a dehydration epidemic where 100% of us are now dehydrated. Listen to The Hydration Foundation’s interview with Dr. Zach Bush as he provides his clinical evidence of how he knows we are all dehydrated. More importantly, he shares his thoughts on the underlying reasons behind the epidemic:

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