How to Use a VitaJuwel ViA Gem Water Bottle

VitaJuwel Gem Water bottles are hand-made individual works of art. Each time that you use your refillable VitaJuwel gem water bottles, you’re helping to save the environment from wasteful and destructive plastic water bottles. In addition, you’ll be restoring the water that you’re drinking back to a more natural state in less than ten minutes.

Interchangeable VitaJuwel Gem Pods

VitaJuwel Inner Purity Gem PodThe Gem Pods are a patented design only available from VitaJuwel. VitaJuwel ViA GemPods come in eighteen, different, interchangeable gemstone blends. Simply unscrew one Gem Pod from the bottom of the bottle and swap it with another. The combinations of gems have been carefully selected for every preference, mood and healing intention that you may have. They’re much more than just jewelry for your water.

Any VitaJuwel ViA gem water bottle can be transformed into a tea bottle. Simply order the Tea Strainer, and insert it into your bottle. Short and long neoprene sleeves to insulate your bottle are a must to make it easy to hold when it is hot.

How Long Should the Gem Pod Stay in the Water?

According to VitaJuwel, let your gem water bottle sit with the Gem Pod in it for at least seven to ten minutes for the energy of the crystal gems to disperse throughout the water. The longer you leave the water in your bottle, the more the energies have a chance to build. You may want to fill your bottle before going to sleep at night so that you have freshly infused water when you start your day. You can also have several VitaJuwel bottles or pitchers energized and ready to go at all times.

Care of Your VitaJuwel ViA Bottle

Wash your VitaJuwel ViA gem water bottle by hand with lukewarm, soapy water. The lead-free glass, made by master glass-blowers, is sturdy and durable. The bottles are dishwasher safe but hand washing is always preferred. (Gem Pods and Gem Vials are not dishwasher safe.)

Your VitaJuwel ViA bottle is easy to clean because you can unscrew both the top and bottom of the bottle. You can use the VitaJuwel Decanter Era bottle brush for cleaning or use another bottle brush of your choice.

Do not use abrasive cleansers or harsh chemicals to clean your VitaJuwel bottle. If your bottle gets cloudy or scaly from water deposits, fill it with water and two tablespoons of white vinegar. Let the bottle sit overnight and then thoroughly rinse with clean water the next day. If you know that you have hard water with a lot of mineral deposits, keep a bottle brush on hand for easy cleaning.

If you don’t have a bottle brush or don’t want to let your bottle sit overnight:

  • Place a clean, dry towel on your table or counter top.
  • Carefully remove the Gempod and the top of the bottle.
  • Rinse the bottle with soap and water.
  • Carefully place the bottle on the towel so that it won’t slip or fall.
  • Run a thin, soft kitchen towel through the bottle so that it touches the inside wall.
  • Move the towel around so that it removes cloudy deposits inside.
  • Then, replace the Gempod and fill the bottle again.

The above cleaning method works well on a daily basis. For deeper cleaning, include the following:

  • After removing the top and bottom from the bottle
  • Unscrew the Gem Pod from its base
  • Use a butter knife to remove the clear colored washers in both the top and bottom pieces.
  • Clean the washers with warm soapy water

Avoid impacts, blows or strokes to the VitaJuwel ViA gem water bottle. Don’t drop it, freeze it, boil or microwave it. Avoid temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit and above 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though your VitaJuwel ViA gem water bottle is well made, it is still made of glass. Please treat it well and remember sudden changes in temperature can cause breakage. When adding very hot or cold temperatures, do so slowly. In the event your bottle breaks, replacement bottles are available here.

Bottle Leaking – Easy Fix

If your VitaJuwel ViA gem water bottle seems to be leaking, the Gem Pod is probably not screwed on evenly (even though it might look like it is). When you screw on the Gem Pod base with one hand and have the bottle in the other hand, on an angle, you’re more likely to get a slight leak.

Here’s an easy fix.

Empty the water from the bottle into a glass.
Unscrew the Gem Pod from the bottom of the ViA bottle.
Place the Gem Pod on the counter, then screw the bottle into the base with the Gem Pod is on the counter.

Keeping the Gem Pod level (flat) on the counter ensures that there are no slight gaps in the grooves of the base. This will stop leaks.

Watch this Video and Learn the Five Best Practices for VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottles