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Upgrade Your Spa Experience with VitaJuwel

Are You the Owner of a Spa or Holistic Wellness Center? If you’re the owner of a spa or holistic wellness center, you know that people come to you for different reasons. But at the heart of every client’s desire is to be healthy, energetic and have a sense of peace and well-being. The Vitajuwel experience could be something can help you generate a full wellness experience for your clients.
Upgrade your spa experience

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Most people don’t have a lifestyle that allows them to visit a spa or wellness practitioner every day or even weekly. With VitaJuwel, you can introduce them to a mini-spa experience that they can have every day. And, they’ll have a permanent connection to your business.

What is VitaJuwel?

VitaJuwel is a family-owned and operated company in the German Alps that makes hand-made glass and gemstone products for water. VitaJuwel uses a patented processes which allow them to encase gemstone blends in glass GemPods and Gem Vials. These one-of-a-kind products have an unusual and visually stunning presentation. Your clients will not be able to stop gazing at VitaJuwel dispensers, decanters and personal gem water bottles.


Gemstones in Water

You’re probably aware that using gemstones to energize water is an ancient practice. You probably also know that some gems are toxic and shouldn’t be put in water. VitaJuwel solved that problem by allowing the energy of gemstones to be diffused in water through glass. Regardless of whether you believe in the power of gemstones or not, there’s no denying that VitaJuwel products are beautiful. And, we can honestly attest to the fact that photos do not do the products justice. They’re much more stunning in person.

What Does this Mean for You?

We know that you are always looking for ways to enhance your customer’s experience. And we also know that products you offer to supplement your in-person services are a lifeline to keeping your business growing and sustainable. Having several VitaJuwel water decanters and dispensers throughout your spa or office allows your clients, customers, vendors and delivery people to experience VitaJuwel water up close and personal. VitaJuwel water provides a noticeably softer and smoother tasting water. Most people that use VitaJuwel products agree that they drink more water because of their VitaJuwel vessels.

VitaJuwel Products

VitaJuwel has large dispensers, decanters and personal gem water bottles. You can introduce them to your clients, customers, family and friends without saying a word…they’ll ask you! The beauty and unusual look of the VitaJuwel products is a natural conversation-starter. It’s the opposite of a hard-sell.

Plan on having at least one large decanter in your spa or office and then offering individual VitaJuwel ViA personal gem water bottle with eighteen different interchangeable Gem Pod blends for purchase. For more information on ordering contact The Wellness Enterprise.



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*“Natural Action” and “Natural Action Technologies” and their logo are trademarks of Natural Action Technologies. The Wellness Enterprise Inc is no longer an authorized dealer of Natural Action Technologies products and we are now a competitor.

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vitajuwel-gemwater-scienceVitaJuwel Gemwater Science

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment where he exposed water to frequencies generated by specific words. Afterward, he took a drop of water and looked under the microscope. He discovered that the structure of water changed depending on the frequency. Gemwater works under the same principle.

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VitaJuwel products make beautiful gifts for just about everyone on your list for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for something hand-made, green gifts for an eco-conscious friend, gifts for tea lovers or wine drinkers, gifts for people with cancer, gemstone lovers, are a fan of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments, or simply like giving fair-trade gifts, VitaJuwel has you covered.

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Why Drink vitajuwel Gem waterWhy Drink VitaJuwel Gem Water?

Dr. Masaru Emoto was able to evidence scientifically something many ancestral traditions knew already: water has memory. In India, the Ayurvedic tradition has been using copper for centuries, since they have evidenced the power of this metal. Vitajuwel Gem Bottles charge the water with the frequency of gemstones to bring wellness to your body.

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How to use a Vitajuwel Gem BottleHow to Use a VitaJuwel ViA Gem Water Bottle

Vitajuwel Gem-Water bottles are the best! Not only they are beautiful and of the highest quality. But most importantly, they support your wellbeing by infusing your water with the ancestral benefits of gemstones. However, we are always changing and evolving. The amazing feature of this Water Bottle, is that can adapt to your evolution too.

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Vitajuwel Gemstone WaterHow Do I Know if My Gemstones are Toxic?

Gemstones have been used since ancient times to increase vitality. Even though most gemstones are beneficial for you, there are some combinations that can be toxic. Learn more about them on this article.

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How to Use a VitaJuwel Decanter and Vial

VitaJuwel Decanters and VitaJuwel gem stone Vials were designed to enhance and expand the VitaJuwel gem water experience in your home. The Decanters and Vials are sold separately and the Vials can be used interchangeably amongst the different Decanters.

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Vitajuwel VialsWhy VitaJuwel supports Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V.

We are a young enterprise with high ideals and a challenging vision. We want to sensitize humans and stimulate them to use the resources of mother Earth. Rocks and Minerals fascinate humans as long as we can remember.

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Vitajuwel water with Emoto ProtocolWhy VitaJuwel is the Highest Quality Gem Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto showed the world the way water molecules change according to vibrational frequencies that can be emitted by thoughts, intentions, and even materials. The high-quality gemstones of the Vitajuwel products have a great impact on the water molecules, enhancing the wellbeing.

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