VitaJuwel Gemwater Science

Water and It’s Secrets

Water is not just an assembly of Oxygen and Hydrogen molecules. It’s not just H2O. Dr Masaru Emoto, a highly reputable scientist and author of the New York times bestseller “The Hidden Messages in Water” discovered that water not only has a memory but that it can also be improved by external influences like the gemstones in Vitajuwel. Vivid and fresh water features a sublime crystal silhouette.

VitaJuwel – gemwater has a crystal structure that is comparable to pure spring water!

Sample of ordinary tap water

This photo taken by Dr. Emoto shows water crystals of regular tap water under the microscope at -30º Celsius.

Sample of water treated with VitaJuwel

After placing a VitaJuwel vial in the water for 7 minutes, Dr. Emoto took another microscopic photo. It impressively shows how the water crystals are influenced positively by the effect of the gems in the VitaJuwel vial.

Yes … it works. Here is the proof!

The scientific survey by Institute Hagalis, an international research laboratory for the quality analyses of edibles, water etc. provides proof of VitaJuwel effectiveness through scientific analyses.

Within this test, two samples were examined:

A neutral sample with tap water from Ueberlingen at Lake Constance, Germany and a sample of the same water after being treated with vitajuwel.

Results of the scientific survey

  • Distinct improvement of tap water quality

  • Neutralization of harmful substances’ information

  • Improvement of the pH-Value and oxygen content

  • Increase in bioavailability of minerals

  • raise of energy balance

  • increase of vital powers

  • quality level otherwise only known in natural spring water

Summarizing Assessment:

The treatment with VitaJuwel resulted in very clear quality improvements in both biological as well as technical regard. Compared to the neutral sample – or to other comparable tap waters – a significant quality increase was measured.

For this reason, the sample is reaching a quality level otherwise only found in natural spring water.

Structural Changes

Experts agree that the assembly of its crystal structure is a strong indicator for the quality of water.


Whereas these tests have been made under certified conditions, results have varied. At times the pH value has even stayed unchanged. This is due to the fact that no two gems are the same. Applying scientific measures on natural products almost necessarily leads to varying results.


When water is untreated, there are random patterns in it when you look at it under a microscope which indicate the water is polluted.

There are geometric patterns in nature that you usually don’t notice. When a scientist looks at something from nature under a microscope, they know that they’re looking at something healthy and alive like a leaf or a snowflake.


When water was revitalized using VitaJuwel glass encased gemstones, the water took on a new, molecular, natural shape, like a leaf. This shows that the water became fresh again and that pollutants were neutralized.