How to Use a VitaJuwel Decanter and Vial

VitaJuwel Decanters and VitaJuwel gem stone Vials were designed to enhance and expand the VitaJuwel gem water experience in your home. The Decanters and Vials are sold separately and the Vials can be used interchangeably amongst the different Decanters.

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VitaJuwel Decanters

Vitajuwel Decanter Era

The 44 ounce VitaJuwel Decanter Era is a simple and elegant design etched with the beautiful iris logo. The lid is attached but can be removed easily for cleaning. The Decanter Era holds the gemstone vial (sold separately) in a secure, upright position.

The Decanter Era can be filled with water from the top without removing the lid or the gem stone Vial. To pour, simply tilt the pitcher. Cleaning is easy with a cleaning brush. 

The 256 ounce (2 gallon) VitaJuwel Dispenser Grande is etched with the distinctive VitaJuwel iris logo and is a beautiful addition to any home countertop, spa, holisitc doctor’s office, jewelry store, art gallery, coffee shop or elegant boutique. Any of the 17 gemstone Vials (sold separately) will work beautifully with this Dispenser. The faucet, lid and stand are included in the purchase.

The Dispenser Grande is our favorite product in the VitaJuwel Collection. We highly encourage you to treat yourself to one if you are considering it. They are the most elegant displays of water we’ve ever seen.

VitaJuwel Gemstone Vials

There are several different gemstone blends from which to choose. Each gemstone vial is interchangeable within any Decanter (pitcher). The VitaJuwel gem water benefits are the same, regardless of the form in which you use them. In other words, the Vials for the pitchers and the Gem Pods for the ViA gem water bottles have the same benefits.

The VitaJuwel gem stone blend Vials were intended to be used one at a time and not combined with one another. Each VitaJuwel Vial is created using an 8-step, patented process which takes approximately twenty-four minutes. The special liquid which is sealed inside the gem vials prevents the crystals from getting mossy and the Vial from becoming cloudy.

VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial Care

Before using any VitaJuwel Vial, make sure it is free from any damage. If it has cracks or other damages, STOP USAGE immediately. If you have swallowed any pieces from your product, SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL attention. However, please be aware that the liquid from the VitaJuwel Vial is not hazardous, even if swallowed.

Do not immerse the gemstone Vial in boiling water. If you are making coffee or tea in a pitcher, remove the gemstone Vial first. When the water has cooled off, you can then insert the gemstone Vial.

Also, when using a Vial with ice water, proceed slowly. Sudden changes in temperature can cause glass to crack.

VitaJuwel gemstone Vials are NOT dishwasher safe.

VitaJuwel Decanter Care

The VitaJuwel Decanters are dishwasher safe, along with the blossom shaped VitaJuwel drinking glasses. However, hand washing, with lukewarm soapy water is always the preferred method of cleaning for all of your VitaJuwel products.


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