Gina Bria

About Gina Bria

Gina Bria is on a mission to teach the world how you can become optimally hydrated and what this means for how you look, feel, and live. As an anthropologist she studied the water challenges faced by desert dwellers and that led to the establishment of the The Hydration Foundation.   The Hydration Foundation is a nonprofit group that promotes spreading the new practices of true hydration, informed by the paradigm-shifting science of structured water.  Along with Dr. Dana Cohen, an Integrative Medicine Specialist in New York, she just co-authored the book Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body through the New Science of Optimal Hydration. Her work was also recently featured in The New York Times as well as in a question and answer article in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Magazine.  Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine! August issue brings attention in a popular format to structured water and Gina’s research featuring the breakthrough science of Dr. Gerald Pollack. As a leading global expert in hydration, we are flattered and grateful that Gina recommends products from the Structured Water Superstore!


Gina Bria and Patrick Durkin at Quench’s book launch

Watch Gina Bria in a video interview with The Wellness Enterprise’s very own Patrick Durkin as she discusses how optimal hydration is achieved!

Gina’s a relentless researcher on everything having to do with structured water science. If you are interested in learning more about structured water science, click on the links below and buy a copy of Quench.

Structured Water Science Publications by Dr. Gerald Pollack

Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms by Mae Wan Ho

Links to Global Science Teams documenting previously unknown states of Water:

Oxford University

U of C, Berkeley

University of Stockholm

Cornell University

Archive of Annual International Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water

Jivara Water

Are you Ready for Jivara Water?

Jivara water structuring devices are the ultimate in energizing, neutralizing, and raising the vibration of water.

Since 1994 each device has been assembled by hand by a Master Craftsman in Austria to evoke the energy of the cosmos. Only the finest materials are used. Attention to detail and small batches contribute to the high vibration of each device. Materials include 24 carat gold, brass, crystals, rose quartz, shungite, and EM Ceramics, in addition to other gem stones.

How does Jivara Water Work?

As water runs through the Jivara devices, water is structured in multiple ways through vortexing, sacred geometry, and entrainment. The features vary slightly with each device but the outcome is the same with all of them – Jivara Structuring Units create high vibration living water.

Water passes over sacred geometry such as the golden spiral and pyramids with the same angles as the Pyramid of Giza, spins through a vortexing design and interacts with highly charged vials containing a special solution of salt water with gold particles and other gem stone particulates. In the larger Jivara devices such as the Maximus and the Prisma, the water also interacts with 10 small marble sized gem stones.

As water passes through the Jivara water structuring devices, memory and stored information is erased as energy is added to the water. Water then receives a full power reboot from the ether as it interacts with the vials and gem stones or gem stone particulates.

For over 23 years Jivara products have been used around the world and many technical documents have been aggregated. If you’d like to read them for yourself, visit the Jivara Technical Documents page on this link.

What are the different kinds of Jivara structuring devices?

The Jivara Maximus & the Jivara Prisma

The Jivara Maximus is the ultimate whole house water structuring technology. It fits on the main water pipeline and enables all water in your home to be transformed into the highest vibration structured water. The same water structuring device is used with the Jivara Prisma, an extraordinary tabletop water device that includes a 24 carat gold plated pyramid shaped stand to amplify the vibration of your water even further.

Jivara Maximus Jivara Prisma Ultimate Water Structuring Technology


The first interaction water has inside the device is with a Golden Mean Spiral that attunes the water with the energy of creation.

The Jivara Maximus is made out of brass and includes 10 gem stone balls inside the device along with 20 vials with highly charged salt water solution with gold particles and other gem stone mini particulates. The energetic reading for these devices using a Bovis meter is 39,000 BU!!

You can read about the high Bovis Meter readings with Jivara Devices on this link.

The Jivara Under sink, Jivara Veritas, and Jivara 3 in 1

The Jivara Under Sink, Jivara Veritas, and Jivara 3 in 1 are 24 carat gold plated on the inside and outside. In these devices, the first interaction water has inside the device is with a small quartz pyramid, a miniature version that dimensionally mimics that Pyramid of Giza, and attunes the water to pyramid power.

For insights into how pyramids have been used as powerful grounding and detoxing tools throughout history, watch this episode from Gaia TV about pyramid power.

The Jivara Under sink, Jivara Veritas and the Jivara 3 in 1 also contain 7 vials with highly charged water that includes a special solution of salt water with gold particles and other gem stone particulates. The energetic reading for these devices using a Bovis meter is 37,000 BU!!

To see how to structure the highest vibration water with the portable by Jivara, watch this fascinating video about the Jivara 3 in 1.

Jivara 3 in 1, Jivara Under Sink, Jivara Veritas

How do I know which Jivara device is right for me?

We’ve talked with many users of the Jivara devices and are unable to say any one is better than the others in terms of quality of water so we recommend choosing based upon how you will use it.

Regardless of which you choose, you will own something engineered to last a lifetime and provide you with the highest vibration water.  Below are some tips for what to consider when selecting your Jivara water structuring device.

Jivara Maximus ~ You want Jivara Water in every morsel of your home! The Jivara Maximus is installed on the main water line as the pipe enters your home.

Jivara Prisma ~ You want the ultimate table top water structuring device for your home, studio, or spa. This will evoke awe and a wow factor!
Jivara UMH Prisma Structured Water

Jivara Under Sink ~ You want a water structuring device under your kitchen sink. This device is great if you have pre existing water filters or mineral cartridges you would like to continue to use along with your structuring device. It is also easy to install and remove.

Jivara Veritas ~ You want a beautiful water structuring device with an elegant 24 carat gold plated stand on your dining room table or in your spa that allows you to pour directly into the water pitcher of your choosing.
Jivara Veritas Structured Gem Water

Jivara 3 in 1 ~ Everyone wants one of these! This is the most versatile Jivara device as it can be used as a portable device, on your shower head, and attached to your kitchen sink faucet.  It comes with a travel kit packed full of tools for you to have Jivara water on the road, everywhere you go!

Jivara 3-in-1

Jivara 3 in 1 Water Structuring Portable, Sink, Shower

Still have questions? You can visit our Jivara shop page for more information about each of the devices. Once there, click on the description tab for each product to learn more.  We also have a Jivara YouTube playlist  with videos about Jivara products and people’s experience with them.  If you’d prefer to communicate with our loving customer service support team, we’d love to hear from you so just get in touch with us.

Already own a Natural Action Technologies Water Structuring Device? Some of our customers are familiar with structured water and currently own Natural Action Technologies devices. If you are one of those people and are interested in an Upgrade to Jivara, take a look at our Natural Action to Jivara Upgrade Program where you can receive generous credit for your used Natural Action Technologies device to go toward your purchase of a new Jivara water structuring device.

A Word about Warranty: The Jivara products include a 5-year warranty on function and device technology, 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or 100% money back.


Structured Water Comparison ~ VitaJuwel, Jivara and Natural Action


What Living Water Products are Right for Me?

As our understanding of water deepens more people are wondering what is the best Living Water system for me? At The Wellness Enterprise, we are here to provide resources and education to support you in finding the best answer to this important question.

People often ask us to distinguish the differences between the 3 Collections of Living Water Products offered in the Structured Water Superstore. At The Wellness Enterprise we consider ourselves very fortunate to have been tapped on the shoulder by Water and asked to be a voice that supports people as they come to understand water as a living consciousness and as such we have created this blog to serve as a guide to support you in choosing which Living Water product(s) are best for you.

The most important thing we’ve learned on our journey is that changing the molecular structure of water with physics opens up the energy and vitality of water and therefore the potential energy and vitality of ourselves.

Our journey has included years of research and scientific proof that water can be changed with sacred geometry, vortexing, crystals, magnets, prayer and more. Whether water in this altered state is called structured, activated, hexagonal, energized, exclusion zone, or anything else, it all points to the same thing: the properties of water are different when the hydrogen bond angles change.  The images below demonstrate what happens to the hydrogen bond angle when water is passed through one of our Living water devices.  Hydrogen bond angles revert back to their natural leaf like shape as water regains spring like freshness with pollutants neutralized:

There are many ways to structure water and our passion is to ask the questions that help us understand the differences between them and then to share the answers with you. We’ve found we are able to reduce potential choices by clarifying our values and seeing which living water structuring technologies are most aligned with our love for people, the planet, and water.

At The Wellness Enterprise we heavily favor water structuring technologies based upon:

People’s health: Do substantial numbers of users report significant health benefits? We rank this above all else because we most highly value harmonious changes in people’s lives even if we can’t wrap our minds around how it happens.

Drinking Structured Water

Scientific research: Is there sufficient scientific evidence to prove the claims made by the various inventors and manufacturers?  Independent studies such as the Hagalis AG laboratory reports from Germany for Natural Action and VitaJuwel Gem Water in addition to the extensive studies done in Austria with the Jivara UMH devices have shown us the scientific principles that backup the exuberant responses so many customers exhibit after experiencing Living Water.

Infinite Energies: We favor technologies that are infinite. For example, we like the idea of writing words like “love” on the side of water bottles as this is a technology for influencing the physics of water (proven by Masaru Emoto). However, we prefer having sacred geometric symbols in our water technology as sacred geometry is the language of source and source’s vibration is higher than man’s. Love can mean so many things to so many people and when we use that word we summon all of that energy. We have greater resonance and clarity with using Sacred Geometry and leaving the messaging to the patterns of the universe.


Hexagons, Sacred Geometry and Structured Water

Love of Water: We all know hydration is vital to every process in our body. As water based beings, it only makes sense. We’ve experimented with a lot of water treatment systems at The Wellness Enterprise and some of them cause extraordinary responses. It’s such a simple thing and it is so profound. When people love water they often experience being hydrated fully for the first time in their lives.

Financial Impact: A significant portion of our economy is built on planned obsolescence. Companies are driven by their thirst for profits to design products that break overtime creating the need for additional purchases. We find this distasteful and do all that we can to support you to make a one time purchase that supports you for a lifetime.

Resource Consumption: We don’t like landfills and we don’t like buying products that fill them. Every dollar you spend in the world is a vote for more of what you purchase to be created. We highly favor products that are built to last without replacement parts. While the warranties on our products have a range, when treated well they can last indefinitely.

Spoiling the Earth’s Resources Drives us Nuts!

Now that you understand how People’s Health, Scientific Research, Infinite Energies, Love of Water, Financial Impact and Resource Consumption impact our thinking, let’s apply it to understanding water structuring technologies.

Natural Action Technologies Water Structuring Technology

Our structured water roots begin with Natural Action Technologies. All of the NAT devices on our website are the Dynamically Enhanced technology. They are designed to structure water with vortexing and sacred geometry. They are also engineered to protect people from EMF with harmonious energies added to the spheres inside each device.

The NAT Collection of products is particularly strong in durability, convenience and value. The devices are very low priced when considered from the perspective of a 10 year warranty (except the 1 year warranty on the cobalt blue shower head). We love these devices and have seen thousands chosen by satisfied customers all over the world. If you want something that is easy to use and sure to last, choose NAT products.

While sharing the NAT Collection with people around the world, members of our community showed us there was another line of products they liked better. Their preference was based upon a desire to surround themselves with the highest vibration water and the finest materials. If the NAT Collection is the Honda of the structured water world, the Jivara Collection is a Mercedes or Bentley.

Jivara Water Structuring Technology

Jivara UMH Products

Jivara Structuring Devices are for those who can afford the finest materials or who are willing to prioritize the quality of their water over spending on other things. The composition of the devices varies with the Jivara Maximus made from brass with gemstones such as rose quartz, em ceramics, shungite, tiger’s eye, agate and more. The Jivara 3 in 1 and Under Sink are 24 carat gold plated inside and out and filled with vials of highly charged water. Every measurement inside the devices is designed to evoke the energy of the cosmos with precise sacred geometric patterns. The water spins through the devices before exiting in the resonance of sacred geometry, vortexing and gemstones.  To learn all about the Jivara water and the different Jivara options for portable, sink, whole house, and table/counter top water structuring devices, visit the Jivara Water blog.

The VitaJuwel Collection is the most recent addition to our family of offerings. We’ve been most surprised by this Collection because we didn’t foresee how much its  its elegance and simplicity would impact people. Beautiful long lasting products that change the physics of water at a much lower price than traditional water structuring devices have powered VitaJuwel to reach hundreds of thousands of customers in a very short time. We are thrilled to see the appeal of these products opening up a larger audience to the delights of structured water.

VitaJuwel Gem Water Structuring Technology

vitajuwel gem water collection

VitaJuwel focuses on offering elegant products without making any strong claims. Their gemstone blends have strong grounding as potent structured water from a Hagalis AG report documenting increased alkalinity, improved conductivity and neutralization of toxins. VitaJuwel has also co-developed gemstone blends with the Hado Lab founded by Dr. Masaru Emoto and with Michael Gienger, the well known author of Gem Water.

VitaJuwel Bottles, Vials and Decanters are the least expensive way to create structured water. They feature 18 different gemstone blends designed to influence your water with the harmonious energies of the Mineral Kingdom used since ancient times.

As you peruse the various collections, allow your intuition to guide you. There is no right or wrong answer nor limits on which ones are best to use. All of these glorious structured water products can be used together or separately and with any input water that pleases you.


Whether the products you select are from the VitaJuwel, Jivara or Natural Action Collections you will be restoring the vitality of your water with infinite energies. Your products have been scientifically validated and proven by your peers to create life changing benefits. The products are built to last, decrease your spending on water treatment and respect the earth’s resources. Most of all, your products have been chosen to inspire you to love Water and receive the life giving benefits that come from being hydrated and spiritually in the flow.

For more information, we invite you to visit the following pages:

VitaJuwel Learning Center

Jivara UMH Technical Documents

Structured Water Science

The Wellness Enterprise YouTube Channel










Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water Consciousness

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm, is one of the most important water researchers the world has known.  For over 20 years until he passed away in 2014, he studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.

The extraordinary life work of Dr. Emoto is documented in the New York Times Bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water.  In his book, Dr. Emoto demonstrates how water exposed to loving, benevolent, and compassionate human intention results in aesthetically pleasing physical molecular formations in the water while water exposed to fearful and discordant human intentions results in disconnected, disfigured, and “unpleasant” physical molecular formations.  He did this through through Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high speed photographs.

See the following water crystal photographs from Dr. Emoto’s work.  Each water crystal you see was exposed to the word it has written next to it prior to being photographed:

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.24.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.25.29 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.26.36 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.27.24 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.28.09 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.28.23 PM


His research also showed us how polluted and toxic water, when exposed to to prayer and intention can be altered and restored to beautifully formed geometric crystals found in clean, healthy water. The following photos are images of photographs of the the water in the Fujiwara Dam before and after the Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of Jyuhouin Temple, offered an hour long prayer over it.


Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.33.17 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.34.27 PM


Dr. Emoto also studied how sound affects water.  The Emoto music studies demonstrate how certain types of sound, like classical music, generate beautiful crystalline patterns, while heavy metal music, generate ugly and distorted crystalline formations.  In the images below you see the crystalline formation resulting from water being exposed to Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 and then in contrast what the water crystal image looks like after listening to heavy metal music.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.43.20 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.44.09 PM

Dr. Masaru Emoto put Water as a Living Consciousness on the map for the scientific world. He showed us how water is an energy capable of more than we ever imagined. The power human thoughts, sounds and intentions has to strengthen and disempower is one of the greatest discoveries of our time.

His work has us question, if water is affected by the words, intentions, and energies, what about human beings, who are made of mostly water? If we transform the water and thoughts we are made of, what else is possible?

There are legions of scientists who have built upon the breakthroughs of Dr. Emoto and are offering practical technologies for everyday life.  One such example who we find particularly inspiring is the Austrian Engineer Bernard Ratheiser.  Since 1994, he has developed devices that restructure water molecules and assist water in being its highest vibration as living energy.

With vortexing and sacred geometry along with nature’s energies through precious stones, Bernhard Ratheiser has created a way for water to be revitalized when it passes through one of his water structuring devices. Every measurement in his beautiful devices is designed to evoke the energy of the cosmos and realign water with the energy of creation.  Take a peek inside the Jivara Maximus Whole House device in the image below:




When water passes through his Jivara UMH devices, everything life supporting in the water is enhanced, energy increases, memory is erased, and toxins are energetically neutralized.  The following are actual photos of water that passed through the Jivara UMH device using the Emoto Protocol:

Jivara Emoto Proof


We live in exciting times when new technologies like water structuring devices are making it easy for us to access water’s highest vibration.  Our understanding of the natural world is moving to new levels as technology embraces the truth of structured water science with sacred geometry, vortexing, and gemstones.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, we now know what is possible when we consider water as a living consciousness. There are now many scientists diving deeper into what’s possible with the energy of water. If you’d like to continue to expand your knowledge there are many great resources such as these videos on YouTube.  For more information, you can also visit:



Structured Water at Cano Cristales

Nature is Speaking

Structured water is alive and when you immerse yourself in living energies new aspects of life reveal themselves to you. One of the most exciting aspects for me is interaction with nature.

A month ago I hosted a call in which I was going to share some magical experiences I had with nature on a recent trip to Colombia, South America.  The technology I was using for the call malfunctioned leaving the listeners with silence as I “shared” my stories.  I wasn’t surprised because a similar thing happened the week before when I made a video about the same stories and the technology malfunctioned then as well. When the same thing happened twice, it was a wake up call for me.

As I reflected on my experience, I realized that spirit had been guiding me down a sensationally tingling, “god” bump filled path that was part of aligning with my soul’s purpose.



Through the guidance of the “failed” recordings it is clear that I will be spending more time individually with people and I will be supporting them to tune into the messages nature has to share.

In less than a week after the technological crashes, I created something that had been wanting to come forth for quite some time.  Loving Reflections Transformational Coaching is my offering for individuals who are ready for one on one support on their journey to receive guidance from nature and their inner knowing.  Structured water clearly accelerates your ability to tune into those messages nature has to share and if you are sensitive, there is so much more to experience.

There is also a different path for exploring this information that is available to everyone. There is a series of books called “The Ringing Cedars” by Vladimir Megre that explores our interactions with nature. I highly recommend them to those who are interested in a more intimate dialogue with nature as they’ve supported me in deepening my relationship with nature’s messages.  The writing reveals the absolute delights of interacting with nature. If you are already somebody immersed in structured water, this may be the perfect segway for you into an even more spiritual exchange with the natural world.

Communing with nature and receiving guidance about living a life aligned with your soul purpose is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced and you now have resources to support you to do the same through both one on one coaching experiences with me and through The Ringing Cedars Series. Whether you choose one of these paths, both or something different, this is a very excited time to be alive as we remember together how extraordinary a life of Oneness is.


Spring Water at Home

At The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. we’ve spent six years passionately exploring all types of water purification technologies with the dream of finding a solution that renders plastic water bottles obsolete. At last, our dream has been realized with the introduction of the Jivara Mountain Spring! With its extraordinary longevity each Jivara Mountain Spring is capable of eliminating 68,000 plastic water bottles.


What is True Purity and Safe Water?

Traditional filters do their best to reduce or remove toxins but they are often much less effective than is commonly perceived. No matter how effective your filter may be, unless it is using structuring technology, it is still leaving toxic energetic residue in your water. (To understand this more deeply, familiarize yourself with the way homeopathy proves the energy of a physical substance remains in water after the substance is removed.)

With the Jivara Mountain Spring, physical contaminants are reduced / removed more effectively than reverse osmosis AND the energetic memory of water is neutralized by the vortexing and Sacred Geometry in water structuring technologies.

The result?

Water that is physically pure and energetically super charged!  With nature’s elixir coursing through your veins, the stage is set for your body to rejuvenate itself.

How to Emulate Mountain Spring Water at Home

The Jivara Mountain Spring is the first water purification technology to allow you to REALLY create mountain spring quality water for yourself from the comfort of home.

Spring water is a combination of purity, minerals and energy! It can be hard to find a spring near you and even harder to replicate it with man made technologies… until now:


The Jivara Mountain Spring is the best alternative to Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline Water and all water filter systems. The Jivara Mountain Spring allows you to make the highest quality spring water with the lowest cost and minimal impact on the environment.

Imagine how happy you’ll be when you simply turn on your faucet for real high quality spring water instead of buying bottled spring water or having to go out in nature to find a spring.

The Jivara Mountain Spring includes the Best Water Filter Ever for filtration (See Independent Lab Results), the Jivara Remineralizer for adding calcium, magnesium plus over 70 trace minerals to your water and the finest water structuring technologies. When you invest in the highest quality water,  you set the stage for a life of health and wellness.


To shop for your Jivara Mountain Spring today:


To learn more about why reverse osmosis isn’t really as safe as most people think:


To access a free eBook and learn why alkaline and kangen water are best thought of as medical grade water rather than good long term solutions:


For an extensive library of Youtube videos with testimonials and stories from enthusiastic customers:

Why Cathy Replaced Reverse Osmosis with the Jivara Mountain Spring

Spring Water Harvester, Kevin, Loves the Jivara Mountain Spring

Learn Why Arttemis Keszainn Loves the Jivara Water Structuring 


You can also find many more relevant videos on Youtube:


Patrick Durkin, the founder of The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. is on a mission to end the use of plastic water bottles. Dedicated to finding the best water for people so they will find it compelling to change their habits he has experimented with many water filtration technologies including Aquasana, Brita, Culligan, reverse osmosis, Kangen, alkaline water from Enagic, water coolers, water vending machines, water filters you put on your tap, whole house water filters, water pitchers from Seychelle and others like the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher. Patrick offers the best water filtration and structuring technologies for water purification on including Natural Action Water from Clayton Nolte, Jivara Water products, UMH structuring devices, The Best Water Filter Ever and more.

For more information visit:


Installing a Structured Water Device

Many of us have quite a few questions when it comes to installations. We know because we had the same questions. We accompanied local plumbers as they installed devices and found out the process was much easier than we anticipated.

FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES please note there are specific instructions for you regarding installing Whole House and Commercial Devices. If you have purchased one of these devices for installation outside of the U.S. please start here.

How do you install a Shower Device?

Shower pipes are ½ inch(15 millimeter). You can install the Super Shower Device worldwide on your existing fittings with ease.

Simply unscrew your existing showerhead. You may be able to do this by hand although in most cases a wrench is necessary. Then, twist the device onto your pipe and you are finished.

If you wish, you may add your showerhead back to the end of your device. Many people enjoy showering without a showerhead on their device. You can always try it without  and add your showerhead back if you prefer.

Two tips for the shower installation:

The fittings come wrapped in Teflon Tape. If the seal isn’t acceptable at first, you can add more Teflon Tape.

For those who require raising their showerhead, a Riser (see photo) is available for $35 by contacting us.



For further information read the Super Shower Instructions. This what a Shower Device looks like installed without a showerhead.



If you are looking for the Mini Shower seen elsewhere, we do offer it by special order. We don’t publish the Mini Shower because the Super Shower seen on our website has twice as much power for a small increase in price. Also, the Super Shower and the Mini Shower are equally easy to install so there is no advantage to the Mini for travel.

How do you install an Under Sink Device?

Installation is most often completed without a plumber. Each device comes with two connector hoses that are usually adaptable to existing connections. Here is an example of one of the hoses:

Under-Sink-HoseFor orders shipped in the United States, one hose has 1/2 inch fittings on each end and one hose has a 1/2 inch on one end and 3/8 on the other. If your sink was manufactured very recently it may have only one connector. In that case, you can take the device and a picture of the attachments under your sink to a hardware store. We did this once and ended up resolving it for $5 with this:


Most people  install  Under Sink Devices themselves. The photo with the blue background shows plumbing under a sink. The photo after that shows an installed Under Sink Device.



Under Sink Installed


Notice in the first photo with the blue background that there is an oval valve with a silver hose attached to it. The first step is to turn off the water by turning the oval valve. Then, remove the existing silver hose by loosening it with a wrench. Note, one end of the silver hose is visible and the other is not. The only part of installation that can be difficult is when the part of the hose that isn’t visible is hard to reach with a wrench. It can always be done and we want you to be aware of the only part of this that can be a bit difficult.

Once the existing hose is detached, connect the device to the silver hoses in the box and install them in place of the hose that you removed.

Typically, the cold water line is chosen although the device will function on hot or cold.

Different hoses are sent to various parts of the world. If the hoses that were sent you don’t fit with your plumbing, we apologise. The solution is to take pictures like those shown above along with the device and hoses to a local hardware store. They will supply any adaptors that are necessary. An example of one that we purchased for $6 is shown below.



For further information read the Under Sink Instructions.

How do you install a Garden Device?

The Garden Device may be easily threaded onto a standard garden faucet or hose. Simple thread the female end onto the faucet and the hose onto the male end. Garden spigots are standard around the world.

The Garden Devices shown on our site are the “small garden”. If you would like a “large garden” contact us.



For further information read the Garden Device Instructions.

Do I need a plumber to install the Whole House device?

We recommend a licensed plumber install your Whole House Device. Most Whole House installations take a plumber about 15 minutes and cost between $50 and $150.

How much space is needed to install a Whole House Device?

Plumbers know how to install something as simple as our devices without any hassle.

In most cases, 19 inches (1/2 meter) of pipe will be removed and the device inserted in its place. If that amount of pipe is not available in a straight line, the plumber will access your available space with elbows and other fittings. It is quite simple and your plumber will handle it easily.

Are there videos to help me understand the installation process for a Whole House Device?

I am concerned about excessive water pressure breaking my structuring device, how much pressure can they handle?

The manufacturer is comfortable with 300 psi and thinks 500 psi is reasonable even though it hasn’t been tested.

Do I have to drain my hot water tank before installing the Whole House Device?

The manufacturer recommends flushing the hot water heater prior to installation. In practice, many plumbers prefer to avoid this step. The reason is that many hot water heaters are older and the valves are stuck. If the seal is broken, it sometimes causes unwanted problems. So, be aware of this before flushing.

If you choose to flush – which is a good idea – you can expect to remove a few buckets of water and that should be enough.”Draining” the hot water tank doesn’t mean emptying the whole thing. Observe the water as you drain it and if it appears to be full of sediment, keep going. When it is clear, it is time to stop. 

You may want to repeat the process a few times in the days and week or two after installing your device.

We recommend leaving the issue to your plumber’s discretion.

How long does it take to install a Whole House Device?

In general, plumbers are unfamiliar with our devices and it doesn’t matter because they are very familiar with the fittings. The Whole House and Commercial Devices are installed in 15 minutes in 90% of cases. We recommend choosing a licensed plumber for your installation.

Can I take my Whole House Device with me if I move?

Yes. It is easy to remove your Whole House Device and take it with you. You can replace it with a “blank”. For more information, contact us.

Is it best to install the device above or below the earth? Is the device safe in the hot sun?

The devices are designed to outlast their 10 year warranty. The more they interact with the elements, the more they will degrade. Inside the home is ideal. However, if the best place to access your main water pipe is outside then install it there. For underground installations, wrap the device so it doesn’t touch dirt directly. For above ground, build a cover to keep the device in the shade.

Are there any problems with underground Installation?

Structured Device Installed in Protective Cover

Over the years, the brass fittings may begin to corrode. It is best to wrap them in tape or plastic to slow that process down. They will still last and their condition will be better if they are wrapped. This photo shows a  black case that one customer created for their device with $40 in parts from Home Depot.

Do you recommend installing a Whole House Device on the hot water line, the cold water line or does it have to go on where all of the water flows through it?

The most important consideration when installing your Whole House Device is accessibility. The ideal scenario is to install it where all of your water flows through one pipe. If the only places that occur on your property is underground, then it is advisable to consider an accommodation such as installing it on the hot or cold water line.

The cold water line is preferred as even when the hot is turned on, the cold is usually on too. So, with a cold water line installation you will be drawing Structured Water directly most of the time.

If it is the only option for one reason or another, you can install your device on the hot water line. The water going through your cold water line will be structured through entrainment.

Choosing a Whole House Device is the important part. Once you make that choice, every water line will do.

Will my Whole House Device have a problem with freezing?

When it comes to freezing, the Whole House and Commercial Devices are similar to the rest of your pipe. If your pipes don’t freeze, your device is likely to not freeze. If your pipes do freeze, it is advisable to install your device in a different location.

What product information is available for Commercial Devices?

The principles shown for installing a Whole House Device are the same as for a Commercial Device. If you would like to watch a video about Commercial Devices specifically, click here.

What about for well installations?

Installing a Structured Water Device on a well is one of the most beneficial things you can do to support Living Water. More information to be included here soon.

How do the Drip Kits for wells work?

A Drip Line Kit lets a small amount of Structured Water pass through the pipe casing and back into your well or aquifer. This has a field effect on the surrounding area which can positively impact various sediments and odors coming up from the well. Below is a picture of a Drip Line Kit.
















Can a Whole House Device provide Water to a pool?

Yes. You may pour unlimited amounts of Structured Water through your Whole House Device. If you use a hose attached to your house for filling or adding water to your pool, then it will structure the pool water.

Another solution for a pool is to put a Whole House Device or a Commercial Device on the circulating water line of the pool. This will cause all of the water to be structured as it passes through the filter.

Can I structure a whole swimming pool with just a few drops of Structured Water?

Yes. If this sounds a bit unbelievable to you, you’re not alone. Watch the videos about entrainment and you’ll open the door to understanding everything as energy.

We’ve recently found a new way to demonstrate this. To see for yourself, add one drop of an essential oil to a glass of Water. Watch it spread throughout the glass, taste it and you’ll know for yourself.

How will Structured Water impact the water in my swimming pool?

With Structured Water in your pool you are likely to feel energised and refreshed while using less chemicals. Depending on how much your pool circulates and where your device is (the best location is on the filter system) you may be able to go for days or even months without having to add any chemicals at all. Here is the story of one pool owner with some facts and figures.


Choosing a Natural Action Water Structured Water Unit


The Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Unit manufactured by Clayton Nolte at Natural Action Technologies is available for Portable, Shower, Sink, Garden, Whole House and Commercial uses. When choosing the best device(s) for you consider your lifestyle, convenience and budget.

Portable Device

portable-unit-isolatedThe Natural Action Water Dynamically Enhanced Portable Device is adaptable to any situation making it the most versatile and popular structured water unit in the world. No matter where you are, the Portable will serve you well as it transforms any source of potable water into the optimal source of energy and vitality for your body.

Whether you hold it up to a faucet, swirl it around to structure the water in your tub, or do the “Pinkie Pour” to fill your reusable container from a water fountain the Portable is flexible enough to be used in every situation. The Portable also comes with the lowest price making it the easiest choice for everyone. Experience has shown if your first purchase is a Whole House, Shower, or Sink Device you’ll end up buying a Portable too because once you are accustomed to Structured Water at home you won’t want to be without it when you go out.

Key Strengths: Versatility, low price.
Most Popular Uses: For everything. Drinking water, structuring a bath, pool or hot tub, watering plants, washing produce, cooking, travelling etc.
Most Likely to Purchase: Everyone who drinks Structured Water.
Unlikely to Purchase: There is no good answer for this one. We can’t imagine living without it. 
Surprising Fact: We took a suitcase full of them through airport security once. They had no problem with the devices and even wanted a demonstration.

Would you like to see the Portable in action? Here’s a video demonstrating how simple it is.

Shower Device
shower-unit-isolatedThe Super Shower Structured Water Unit has a couple of other potential uses besides the obvious. For starters, when installing, consider showering without your shower head for a week to see if you prefer the heavy and direct stream of Water. You can always add the showerhead back anytime. Some like to fill their drinking containers directly from the shower. This is best done without a showerhead. The photos show a Shower Device installed with a shower head and one without.



Key Strengths: Provides bathing and drinking water for those focused on meeting both needs with one device.
Most Popular Uses: Showering. Some people also fill their drinking containers from it.
Most Likely to Purchase: Those renting or living in condos (not purchasing a Whole House Device) desiring the benefits of bathing in Structured Water.
Unlikely to Purchase: Those with a Whole House Device, those who only take baths, and those with shower head hoses that prevent access to the water pipe.
Surprising Fact: It feels so good to shower in Structured Water that many customers tell us they don’t get out until the hot water runs out.

Under Sink Device

sink-unit-isolatedIt is a wonderful feeling to turn on the faucet and have Structured Water come pouring out. Structured water units for the sink make it easy to soak all of your fruit and vegetables extending peak freshness and shelf life. Cooking with Structured Water adds flavour to soups and stews as well as enhancing your favourite beverage such as tea or coffee.

Key Strengths: Unlimited amounts of Structured Water pouring from any faucet. (Convenience.)
Most Popular Uses: Everything you use Water for in the kitchen, bathroom or office.
Most Likely to Purchase: Those who don’t buy a Whole House Device and want the convenience of Structured Water flowing from the device.
Unlikely to Purchase: Those with a Whole House Device or those who choose to save money by using the handheld Portable.
Surprising Fact: Patrick’s first “plumbing” project was installing one of these. If he can do it, you can do it.

Garden Device

Do you have an outdoor hose and want to see the magic of Structured Water in your produce? If yes, then the structured water unit for the garden is the one for you. These are unnecessary if you have a Whole House Device and for everyone else they are a dream come true. You’ll love your garden even more as it produces abundantly. The following photo is from Patrick’s  farm stand which he had to open after he started using Structured Water in the garden. There was just so much food that his family could eat.








Key Strengths: Nature doesn’t require convincing. When you give Structured Water to your plants they’ll thrive and you’ll be amazed.
Most Popular Uses: Gardens and outdoor watering.
Most Likely to Purchase:Those without a Whole House Device who use water outside.
Unlikely to Purchase: Those who have a Whole House Device or little outdoor water usage. 
Surprising Fact: Patrick’s corn was three feet taller than a local farm when he began gardening with Structured Water.

Whole House
Whole House Devices create an energy field in and around your home. They impact everything. The people, plants, land, animals and even appliances will all benefit from the harmonious energy emanating from your Whole House Device. When you have the Whole House you’ll be bathing in the Energy of Creation at all times. With a Whole House Device there is no need for a Shower, Sink or Garden Device. For homes larger than 4000 square feet a second device may be advisable.



Key Strengths: You’ll save money as you extend the life of your appliances, your produce and yourself by investing in a Whole House Device.

Most Popular Uses: All manner of Water usage for homeowners.
Most Likely to Purchase: Homeowners who care about health, vitality, longevity and spiritual fulfillment.
Unlikely to Purchase: Condo owners, those who plan on moving soon.
Surprising Fact: It is easy to take a Whole House Device with you if you move.

After purchasing your Whole House Device from The Wellness Enterprise you will receive instructions regarding the size of your pipe. Watch for the email  as it covers everything you need to know.

We recommend hiring a licensed plumber to install your Whole House Device. If you’d like to know more about the process, there are videos available on the Installations Page. (INSERT LINK)

Structured Water Unit Frequently Asked Questions

Would the structured water unit for the whole house be enough to water my garden and change water in my pond?

You can pour an unlimited amount of water through the Whole House Device so we recommend using it for every application you can conjure up.

What is the difference between the structured water unit for the whole house & the commercial one?

Size of pipe and cost. Commercial Devices are for pipes 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) or larger. Whole House Devices are for pipes 1 inch (25.4mm) and smaller. Commercial Devices cost $2199 compared with $1499 for the Whole House Devices.

Commercial Devices provide added benefits only when the diameter of the pipe is 1.25 inches or greater. There is no advantage to putting a Commercial Device on a pipe with a 1 inch diameter.

I’m interested in getting the Whole House Device. However, I’m not sure about the pipe connection. Is there a particular size you would recommend for Australian use?

Yes. This is very easy. ALL Whole House devices shipped outside of the U.S. have universally adaptable fittings. We recommend you hire a licensed plumber, hand them the device and they will know what to do.

I’m thinking of buying the Portable and also one for my tub that doesn’t have a shower attached to it. Which one would I buy?? Thanks so much!!

The Portable Device is versatile and can be used for any application including structuring the water in your tub. Simply fill the tub with water and then swish the device around in the tub. To understand this more deeply watch the videos about entrainment. (link coming soon) In your case, this is what I would choose.

There are two other ways to structure water in a tub. The first is to purchase a Whole House Device which will structure all of the water on your property and in your home. The second is with a Shower Device. You can pour some water from the tub faucet and some through your Shower Device to structure a tub full of water.

Does the Sink device have the same power as the Whole House Device?

The Sink, Shower, and Garden devices all have the same power which is half as much as a Whole House Device.

Ultimately, the Whole House device will have a greater impact because all of the Water in your home and on your property will be structured.

Save Money with Structured Water Devices

How much money can people save using Structured Water Devices?

The short answer is it depends and in most cases it is thousands of dollars.

There is a strategy that many businesses use to drain the money out of your pockets and deposit it into theirs, we call it Drip Torture for Your Wallet. The way it works is they offer a solution that appears inexpensive and really costs a lot more over time. Businesses are perfectly content to sit back and make their money consistently, year after year even if it is less than they could make if they went for the most money up front.

When it comes to water purification, the most expensive version is bottled water. A family of four that spends $1 for each plastic bottle spends over $940,000 in their lifetimes. In a similar fashion, the cost for a family of four that choses “inexpensive” Brita water filters is $23,504. That $8 Brita replacement filter looks so cheap and the real story is they design the filters so they only filter 40 gallons. Its not that Brita can’t make them filter more water, its that they make them to filter less so they can sell more. $8 at a time really adds up over a lifetime.

In addition to the direct out of pocket costs for traditional water filtration, there are indirect costs as well. By now, everyone is aware of the massive waste created by plastic water bottles but what about traditional filters? It is a step in the right direction that every Brita filter saves 300 water bottles and it would be so much better if people chose Structured Water Devices which can replace all plastic water bottles and all Brita water filters with a one time purchase backed by a lifetime warranty.

Structured Water Devices are built to treat all of your water for your whole lifetime. They have no replacement parts and require no maintenance. They cost between $399 and $1499 and can structure unlimited amounts of water. So instead of paying $1 per bottle or $8 per 40 gallon filter, you can purify all of your water with one device forever. Redirecting the money spent on plastic water bottles and traditional filters for less than a year and a half would allow every family and business to purchase one Structured Water Device which would last a lifetime.

(Assumption for this analysis: Lifespan of 80.5 years, 1 gallon a day consumed, cost of Brita $8 per 40 gallon filter, cost of 16 ounce water bottle $1.)

For those interested in a more comprehensive look at this issue, there are deeper layers. Consider for example that bottled water and traditionally filtered water are virtually devoid of energy. A surface level understanding of this notices the connection between lifeless water, the 94% of people who are dehydrated and trillions of dollars in healthcare spending. Tim Vest, the CEO of  Active Life Systems, which offers an alternative to health insurance said  “85% of our health care need would go away if everyone was hydrated.”

Long lasting Structured Water Devices can save families many thousands of dollars and there is an ever greater benefit to consider.

As the world is going through astounding transitions, Water is revealing to us that it is Infinite Intelligence. Water is a Living Being carrying the resonance of Oneness. As people become more sensitive to extraordinary possibilities we are able to co-create with Water. In so doing, we align with our purpose and immense love and joy. And that my friends, is priceless. In physical reality it is tempting to forget the importance of the energy field and the field is the only thing that matters.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.”

Eden Phillpots (1862-1960, English author, poet and dramatist)

What is Structured Water?

Structured Water is defined by its order, harmony, coherence and resonance with Creation. Structured Water is Nature’s Water, at least, before Nature had to contend with ubiquitous pollution.

Structured Water can be thought of as the Creator’s Water. It resonates with the Divine and supports life. For understanding, it is helpful to think about what Structured Water isn’t. It isn’t chaotic, out of balance, or man made. It is harmonious and life giving.

There are many ways to structure water including  vortexing, Sacred Geometry, entrainment, the hydrological cycle, contact with the Earth and her minerals, prayer, words, and on and on. All of these techniques add structure or order to Water making it more coherent.

Water’s nature is childlike, frolicking and playful. Water enjoys movement. Imagine for a moment the energy and vitality of a stagnant pond and now the flowing effervescence of a spring time waterfall. Which would you rather be around, the waterfall or the pond? Everyone chooses the waterfall. Moving Water is happier water and it is more life supporting.

Structured Water has many benefits including those experienced by our customers:

  • Increased Energy and Vitality
  • Mental Clarity
  • Spiritual Clarity
  • Expanded Access to Source/God
  • A Living, Moving Relationship with Water
  • Expanded Love in their Relationships
  • More Confidence
  • More Self Love
  • Coming Back to Life (A Cancer Survivor’s Story)
  • Easier Resolution of Obstacles
  • Better Health
  • Improved Skin
  • Thicker, Fuller Hair
  • Hair Returning to Natural Color
  • Better Digestion
  • Improvement in Acid/Alkaline Balance
  • Eating Less
  • Disappearing Scars
  • Better Circulation
  • Feeling Warmer
  • No More Asthma
  • Allergy Relief
  • Increased Sunburn Resistance
  • Proper Hydration
  • Improved Eyesight (prescription reduced for the first time ever)
  • Better Sleep
  • Enjoying Drinking Water
  • Better Taste
  • Kids Drinking Water Now
  • Reduced Mineral Deposits on Fixtures
  • Better Tasting Food
  • Longer Lasting Produce
  • Healthier Plants
  • Faster Growing Grass
  • Reduced Use of Shampoo and Body Wash
  • Something so Divine and Delightful that there Aren’t Words to Describe it
  • Overall Better Feeling of Body Function and Wellbeing

You may have noticed the great variety of benefits. Do you wonder why? The answer is simple.

Einstein said “the field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” What that means is the energy field that connects everything determines physical matter. Structured Water Devices interact with the Unified Field bringing it into coherence and resonance with Creation.

When the vibrancy of Creation is present anything can happen. It’s no wonder that so many people are having such great experiences with Structured Water. Would you like to read what people are saying? Here are their words.

As you open yourself up to the magic and mystery of the resonance of Creation pulsing through Structured Water you can tell us what benefits you receive.