Does structuring water remove fluoride, chlorine, and other toxins?

Einstein understood it. So did Tesla. And now, a legion of scientists are making additional discoveries supporting a deeper understanding that there is One unified field of energy. Quantum physics demonstrates we are energy and so is everything in our world.

einstein 3-01

From this perspective all toxins are simply another energy or vibration. This includes everything you can think of including arsenic, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, insecticides, nitrates, pesticides, radon, radiation and on and on.

The science is readily available and conclusive and still our behaviors do not align with the truth. If people behaved with the understanding that there is only One Unified Field and that the universe is holographic they would stop pushing any part of life away.

Many of us have been educated to push certain energies away while pulling others close. This behaviour is incongruent with the Truth of who we are. Everything is all One energy. It all came from the same place and is made of the same basic building blocks. When we push an energy away, we push away a piece of ourselves.

Pushing away toxins (which again are simply a vibration or energy like everything else) is the same as pushing away a part of oneself. Every time we think we can push something away, we deny the truth about who we are. This misinterpretation of who we are is a central issue that causes widespread pain and suffering. 

All roads lead to the light and the question of toxins in water is no exception.So let’s illuminate how we can look at this issue differently. After all, solving a problem requires a different level of consciousness than the thinking that created it. 

When we recognise our Oneness with all that is and we remember to embrace the energies that we call discordant, we open up a future that is unknowable in more than glimpses from our current vantage point. Our power and capabilities extend way beyond the limitations that pose as our current boundaries. Humanity is poised for a quantum shift and manifestation of our GodSelves. As we manifest the reality of our GodSelf we no longer focus on any discordant vibration like toxins in water.

To be clear and succinct, every toxin is a part of yourself and it is impossible to push it away while standing in the truth of who you are.

The nature of the holographic universe is that the patterns in any fractal are present at any scale, large or small. This means that even if you filter a toxin out of one part of water, the vibration and energy of it are still in the others. Discordant and harmonious vibrations are everywhere. The real question is whether we can remember how to embrace that which we fear. We could simply view the toxins in water as an opportunity to remember our capability as Divine Beings capable of embracing and loving all vibrations.

Inconsistencies between the accepted view of water purification and science abound. By examining them more closely we can understand the above point more deeply.

Traditional Filtration

The implied promise of traditional water filtration is to make water safe. The reality will never meet the promise because traditional filtration technologies don’t address the unified field that supersedes matter. Looking past this deal stopper for a minute, let’s go further.

Curiosity about the effectiveness of traditional filters led us to request lab results from many different water filtration companies. We discovered that many companies don’t do any testing of their own because it is quite expensive and that discovery is insignificant compared to what we found out about filters we thought removed toxins from water.

Seychelle Environmental Technologies has one of the best traditional water filtration technologies and they do go through the effort and expense of paying for their own testing. Below is a page from their 2006 lab report from the County of Los Angeles Department of Agricultural Commissioner Weights and Measures.

 (click the thumbnail below to enlarge the spreadsheet)

To understand these types of reports it is important to define reduce and remove. Most customers who ask us about toxins and Structured Water ask if the technology removes the toxin they are concerned about. As you see in the above report, the word remove doesn’t appear anywhere. That is because even the most respected traditional filters don’t remove anything. They reduce. The most respected traditional filters merely reduce the contaminants they target, amounting to only a fraction of the contaminants actually in water.

Notice the percentages in the “%Reduction” column in the above spreadsheet. They range from 23% to 99.5%. None of those percentages qualifies as removal. None of the toxins tested was completely removed. Even Seychelle, one of the most respected traditional filters, still leaves portions of every toxin in water.

You may be wondering just how much these amounts matter. We suggest a better question is why would you spend your money on a filter that is fundamentally flawed leaving it with no chance of delivering the promise that is makes? After all, it is impossible for a traditional filter to make water safe because traditional filters don’t address the vibration or energy of toxins.

To see a demonstration of addressing a problem with a vibrational solution, watch this video about noise cancellation technology. The principle is simple. The presence of a harmonious vibration cancels out the impact of a discordant one.

Although all vibrations are present simultaneously, that does not necessarily mean they are detectable. Everything is always present and that which we focus on is what expands. If we focus on “fighting” toxins, we expand the energy of toxins.

Do small amounts of toxins matter?

There is no escaping holographic reality so it doesn’t matter whether 2.5% or 100% of the chlorine residual is in your water. It doesn’t matter if you have 100% of the fluoride, less than 10% or even 0%. Even if a traditional filter could remove fluoride from water, the energy of it would still be there. Examing homeopathy reveals the proof of this concept.

Homeopathic remedies begin with a tiny amount of a physical substance which is then diluted and succussed repeatedly (meaning they are energized by shaking the dilution). When this process is repeated 26 times or  more, the physical substance is gone; yet science says that the homeopathic remedies used by over 4000  doctors in Germany, 100,000 Europeans, and countless people around the world, are only water! Homeopathy’s effectiveness demonstrates that even the energetic residual of a physical substance in water is still potent.

To revisit where we started: energy and vibration are the determinants of physical reality. With this as the context, the following comments and lab reports will make more sense.

Our structuring devices are not filters (and thank goodness for that, as we don’t support needless repetitive spending and the resulting waste). Nor do our devices remove anything or reduce anything in water. What happens is that when water is structured, toxins are neutralised as the molecular structure is altered.

Inside each structuring device are specific Sacred Geometric patterns. These patterns are the universal code of Creation. When water passes these shapes, the resonance of Creation is activated in the water in the same way a tuning fork replicates the sound of another tuning fork.

Following the Universal Laws of Vibration and Resonance, water that has been depleted by long straight pipes or plastic bottles is instantly revitalised. This process is further enhanced by spinning the water in a double vortex as it leaves the device.

The physical changes that occur by structuring water are described in this lab report, which concludes that changes in hydrogen bond angles cause toxins to be neutralised.

When water is structured, its properties change. 

The following images were produced by an Independent laboratory in Germany that analysed Structured Water.

Wierd pic

The above images show evidence of a change in hydrogen bonding angles.  The two water samples are as different as the diamond and coal seen below. 


These pictures show that  the chemical composition of diamonds and coal is carbon, and that the difference in the bonding angles of the carbon gives the two physical substances very different properties. All will agree that diamonds and coal are very different, largely because our eyes can perceive the differences. Unfortunately, the differences between Structured Water and bulk water are beyond the frequencies our eyes can perceive, so we are left with science to demonstrate the differences between waters.

This video is available for those who wish to study hydrogen bond angles in greater depth.

Another lab report that demonstrates changes in the physical world from passing water through our flow form structuring devices comes from Bio Chem Lab Inc. According to commonly believed scientific principles, the Bio Chem Lab results “shouldn’t” exist.

The results demonstrate that water poured through a structuring device that is not expected to have an impact on chemistry, surprisingly showed a reduction of 25% of E.coli in the water and a reduction of 40.2% of TDS or Total Dissolved Solids.

The anticipated results of passing through the device included changes in energetic properties, but not chemistry; nevertheless, a significant chemical change was observed. The explanation is the power and resonance of Creation manifested via the Sacred Geometry, and the double vortex which crushes and transforms solids. The implications of this are that the chemistry of water can change without adding or removing anything from water.

As the Age of Aquarius is firmly entrenched and we begin to understand the multidimensional function of Water, there will be many discoveries. Water is a mystery waiting patiently waiting for us to understand.

As humans have multiplied, toxic waste has reached every part of the earth. To solve this problem requires a different level of thinking than what got us into this mess to begin with.  Pushing toxins away is not the answer.

Fortunately, there is a compelling answer: to be our GodSelves in this illusionary physical world. When our primary identification of ourselves shifts to include the vibrational beings we are, an extraordinary future will unfold. How splendid that we have this opportunity to create a high vibrating relationship with Water! We can release the paradigm of toxins in favour of something much more magnificent.

The Exceptions to the Rule

As we have clearly demonstrated, traditional water filtration technology can’t make water safe because it doesn’t address the root of the issue. With that said, there are two scenarios where it does make sense to use traditional filters.

Unpleasant appearance such as heavy sediment or colored water is the first exception, and water that doesn’t taste good is the second.

Is your water filled with sediment or discoloration to the point where you can see it or feel it? If so, you may want a sediment block filter to reduce the majority of the issue.

Click to see our suggestions for traditional water filters.

I have a lot of iron in my water supply and it is always brown in color. Will the device fix this?

Drinking discolored water is uncomfortable, and the structuring device won’t change the colour. It will in many cases hold the iron in solution and protect you. Simple filtration will complement your structuring quite well. Typically a traditional whole house sediment filter is best for this type of situation.

I smell chlorine in the water still – what does this mean?

Chlorine is a gas. When it is exposed to air, it releases from water. If your face is close to water flowing from a faucet you may smell chlorine releasing. And remember, the chlorine is neutralised by structuring so it is not harmful to you.

On a personal note, when I first started using my Structured Water Device I smelled chlorine and I inquired about it multiple times. I was unable to wrap my head around what I now know, which is that even when I smell toxins I am perfectly safe and protected.

The most unusual part of this journey with chlorine has been the disappearance of the smell of chlorine in the same places where I used to smell it. That is what has happened for me and I don’t know why. I’m not alone in this.

What follows is an email from one of our customers:

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 4.24.18 PM

Is it safe to drink water through the device if there are known parasites in the water?

The bacteria, parasites and E.coli questions are interesting ones. We have seen and heard mixed results.

Our overall conclusion is that it is safe for some people and not for others, so one has to evaluate the risks before making a choice. If drinking structured water with living biologics in it was my only option, I would do it. However, given an option I wouldn’t, because the downside isn’t worth it.

The category of contamination caused by viruses, pathogens and bacteria is called Biologics. The issue with Biologics is that they can be life threatening quickly, so the risk is higher than with something like industrial or agricultural contamination, which doesn’t pose an immediate concern.

Many people have consumed water with known Biologics in it and not only lived to tell about it but also sent in testimonials (see the bottom of this page). And, at least one person has described being concerned that she received a bug in her stomach while traveling in India and drinking Structured Water. We have no way of knowing if her experience was related to her water, her food, or something else.

With that said, we recommend asking your own higher guidance as to whether it is safe for you to drink water with Biologics in it. If you are concerned about Biologics, there are two ways to be safe: boiling or chlorine.

What about fluoride?

Fluoride is industrial waste that is disposed of in the public water supply. Since fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, which is our access to expanded consciousness, creativity and bliss, we have a hint as to the motives behind this mass dosing of a population. There are many voices in the perceived “fight” regarding fluoride, which leads us to offer some advice.

Don’t fight against anything. Champion a new truth to manifest success.

Don’t try to remove anything from your life, including fluoride. Embrace all that is and use each discordant energy as an opportunity to remember just how powerful you really are.

The way to transmute the effects of fluoride is to decalcify your pineal gland, opening yourself up to your full potential.

The easiest way to decalcify your pineal gland is to immerse yourself in Structured Water every day. Additional practices such as yoga, qi gong, meditation or a spiritual practice of your choosing are also helpful.

The following video offers a fairly well balanced look into the fluoride issue.

The next video provides some understanding about the pineal gland. We haven’t practiced the mediation at the end of the video. If you do and have success opening your pineal gland, please let us know.

What is the technical process used to remove undesirables elements?

Our Structured Water Devices are not filters and don’t remove anything from the water. When water is structured it neutralises the toxins in the water by changing their molecular structure — or more technically, their hydrogen bond angle.

Does structured water negate the effect of meds such as Ibuprofen, blood pressure meds, blood thinning medication, etc?

Harmonious and discordant energies are in and around us all the time. Part of welcoming the Shift of The Ages is creating a new context for understanding.

Structured Water is a Living Being that gives and protects life. It is an Infinite Intelligence and the medium through which our vibrational world functions. All parts of our whole world are present all the time. This is the nature of a holographic experience.

Your vibration determines whether a discordant or harmonious energy will simply be present or will have resonance in you.

Through the medium of Structured Water, your body will choose whether it wants a  medication to cause an impact or to pass through without interaction. 

Said another way, harmonious energies can pass through you untouched as can discordant ones, and the all-knowing intelligence supporting such interactions is enlivened by Structured Water.

Will washing non organic fruit and vegetables in structured water remove all of the pesticides and will cooking in structured water remove any residual contaminants?

The first thing to Remember is that from a context of Oneness there is no such thing as removal.

Pushing away toxins (which again are simply a vibration or energy, like everything else) is the same as pushing away a part of one’s self. Every time we think we can push something away, we deny the truth about who we are. Removal is an old world concept.

Washing vegetables in Structured Water neutralises all toxins.

There is a bigger opportunity to consider when looking deeply at this question.

It feels great to buy organic because every purchase is a vote for healthier bodies and healthier farming practices. However sometimes the price difference between an organic vegetable and a traditional one brings up stress about prudent spending.

There is a way to find the perfect answer.

Remember that Water is a Living Being and that you are Higher Intelligence. Ask whether it is in your highest emotional, spiritual and physical good to eat the organic or the traditional produce and then listen for the answer. This type of approach may feel awkward at first and you might not even hear anything. That’s okay. Some people can hear the answer and if they can do it, so can you.

At one point in history we believed that no human could run a mile in under four minutes. Once one person did it, many others followed. The same is true with communicating with our higher knowing. Many, many, many will follow.


How do the devices function?

The devices are a flow form or shape that allows water to revitalise itself with the energy of Creation by interacting with Sacred Geometry and a double vortex spin.

Sacred Geometry is the fingerprint of Creation. It is a vibrational vehicle that carries specific ratios that reveal the precise way the energy of Creation organises itself. Sacred Geometry opens the heart to conscious evolution through mathematical models.

Inside the devices are structures with hexagonal imprints. The hexagon is the fundamental symbol that represents in physical form the symmetry of Creation and the simplicity of energy dynamics. This is the same shape that bees use to construct a honeycomb most efficiently.

As the water flows through both the hexagonal embossing and through the icosahedral angles, it shifts its resonance to Sacred Geometry and flows in resonance with Creation itself and the symmetry of the Cosmos.

That Sacred Geometry resonance now impressed within the water is then exponentiated (enhanced) by the double vortex flow of the water as it exits the device.

The following video offers a deeper discussion of Sacred Geometry.

As the above language may be a bit foreign to some, we’ll answer the question of the function of the devices a second time.

Our devices are a flow form with Sacred Geometry inside. Water spins through the device moving in both directions simultaneously, creating a double vortex.  Movement in Sacred patterns enhanced by the double vortex changes the molecular structure of Water, breaking up the memory of all it has passed through, neutralising all toxins and bringing harmony to everything in its path. This is the way Water moves in nature. The devices don’t add or remove anything from water. The result is that the Water resonates with Creation, carrying more energy, which has many benefits. Said as simply as possible: Our devices are a shape that acts like the bed of a mountain stream to allow Water to purify itself. As water flows through the device it goes through a pattern like this: water-flow-circles

What is in the device?

Inside the devices is a series of structures patterned with Sacred Geometry. Think of it as a flow form like the one in this video: Notice how the Water moves in the pattern of the infinity sign. The devices allow Water to purify itself by having it pass through the device. The water spins to the left and to the right at the same time. The left spin is like that of a tornado and the right spin is the mirror image. The materials used are derivatives of food grade plastics.

Do the devices require any maintenance such as changing a filter?

Nope! No maintenance required at all, ever.

Why are the devices made of plastic?

We’ve spoken with the inventor at length about the use of plastic in manufacturing Structured Water Devices. One of the most obvious aspects of those discussions is that he has a deep knowledge of materials, and that he chose plastic after careful consideration.  As environmentalists at The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. we are happy to hear that. When he speaks of his choice for plastic, he alludes to other types of materials that he is aware of that will one day take the place of plastic in his devices.

There is much work to be done between now and then, as our economy will need to change quite a bit to support the use of different materials. In the interim, the plastic that is used is food grade and it doesn’t leave discordant energy in the water. As your Structured Water leaves your device, it is spinning harmoniously in a double vortex and is clear of memory. From a manufacturing standpoint, plastic is malleable and inexpensive. At this time, those advantages mean that plastic devices will be used to facilitate spreading Structured Water to the greatest number of people with the least expense.

What types of devices are available?

The Wellness Enterprise offers all devices manufactured by Clayton Nolte of Natural Action Technologies. This includes Dynamically Enhanced as well as Original models of Portables, Shower and Mini Shower, Sink, Whole House, Garden and Commercial.

All of the devices on our website are Dynamically Enhanced. To place an order for a device not listed on our website, contact us.

What is the difference between Dynamically Enhanced and the Original Devices?

The Original Devices change the properties of water by allowing the water to flow over a series of structures that impart the resonance of Sacred Geometry into the water. As the Water remembers this resonance of the energy of Creation it spins in a double vortex. The spin of the double vortex is infinitely fast, providing exponential enhancement to the Water. Water is instantaneously transformed from ordinary water to Water carrying the sparkling brilliance of Creation. 

Because people have become increasingly exposed to electromagnetic frequencies, a new line of Dynamically Enhanced (DE)  devices was offered starting in August 2012. Both DE and Original devices allow Water to purify itself by pouring over the flow form, but DE Devices are made with proprietary materials that provide exponentially more support.

The materials in DE devices have properties that:

        • Restore our bodies and the environment
        • Eliminate and absorb things that are harmful to man and nature
        • Clean water from almost all inorganic compounds, including pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful organisms
        • Neutralise the negative impact of electromagnetic fields
        • Increase immunity to illness and disease
        • Rejuvenate the skin
        • Enhance and increase the energy of the Structured Water
        • Purify water

All devices manufactured by Natural Action Technologies are offered by The Wellness Enterprise. Water passed through Dynamically Enhanced devices is the highest quality available.

Our published materials show only Dynamically Enhanced devices, since the increase in investment compared to Original devices is minimal,  and the additional benefits are priceless. Occasionally a customer prefers the Original devices. If you are one of them, simply let us know and we will be happy to support you.

How many times should I pour my water through the Portable?

You can pour water through the Portable as many times as you like. Some people really enjoy interacting with Water this way by running it through multiple times.  All water is different so you may find you are called to structure some water more times than others. There are no limits here.

We heard from one person who structured water so many times that seeds normally requiring three weeks to sprout sprouted in 24 hours. 

If you would like a gallon of highly structured Water, pour a couple of ounces in a glass and then pour it back and forth into another glass going through your Portable each time. Once you are satisfied with the energy of the Water, pour it into the gallon. Through entrainment it will structured the whole gallon.

Do I need to put in a new filter for my refrigerator that filters cold water?

No. You can drink from your tap now. If you choose the fridge because of a temperature preference you may want to see if you can pull the filter out of the fridge. Be aware that if you leave a filter in your fridge for a really long time without changing it, bacteria may grow.  Also, drinking room temperature water is likely to be the most healthful for your body, so see if you can get used to it. But remember, the most important thing is to keep drinking water however you like it best.

How long does it take for the water to become structured using the Portable Device?

It happens immediately. Pour water through the top, and it comes out the bottom structured. It is just like the properties of resonance demonstrated in the tuning forks video above.

How long does water stay structured?

There are a few answers that may be helpful for this one.

Water stays structured for up to 300 feet in straight pipes, 7-10 days in direct sunlight, 30 days in a plastic container, and 45 days or more in an environment of calm without stress, and in natural surroundings.

If you are using Structured Water in your daily life it will stay structured under normal circumstances. We suggest structuring water just before you use it when possible. If you structure too much Water one day you can give previously Structured Water to plants or fountains or even pour it down the drain for entrainment.

The Shower Device I purchased two years ago has been magnificent until recently when it appears to have lost some of it potency. Is there some sort of maintenance required?

If you’ve noticed that your structuring device(s) seems to have less of an impact than before, it may be time to increase the amount of structuring at your home.  These means buying additional devices. If you have a Mini Shower Device, you might want to add on a Super Shower; if you have a Whole House Device you may want to add another one; etc. The reason is all about energy.

Structured Water Devices create harmonious energy which helps to neutralize the chaos from electromagnetic frequencies as well as toxins in water. A decrease in effectiveness indicates an increase in chaos. This could be caused by a new cell tower, smart meter, appliance, or electronic device in your home or neighborhood. All of these disruptive forces interfere with Structured Water’s life supporting energy.

If you are reading this prior to making a purchase, you may be better off selecting the larger of any purchases you are considering. We haven’t seen this type of reaction from more than a couple of people and it is enough to share that you may want to choose the larger devices.

Do I need to remove the lime from my shower head or will the Structured Water do that in time?

New lime is unlikely to develop and some or all of the residual may go away. If it is stubborn, you may want to clean it.

Is it safe to pour boiling water through the device or put it in the dishwasher?

Natural Action Technologies makes their devices with 100% food-grade ABS plastic. They are very durable, and testing has shown that they are capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 500 degrees. It is safe to pour boiling water through your device and to put it in the dishwasher.

How will I know if my Portable Device is broken?

Devices are guaranteed with 10 year warranty. The devices that are in stationary places such as the Whole House, Under Sink, Shower and Commercial have no reason that they would ever break. However, the Portable Devices and the Garden are more susceptible to accidents as they are typically moved about. Our advice is to treat your device carefully even though it is designed to be nearly indestructible. There are two primary things that can cause breakage. 1)  Freezing water in your device 2)  Dropping it If your device drops harshly, look to see if pieces are falling out (we’ve never heard of this happening). If they are, simply contact us for instructions about exchanging the device for a new one.

What if I hear a rattle when I shake my device?

The rattle occurs primarily from dropping your Device. Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Devices are tightly assembled. When dropped the pressure of the flow form may create an indentation on the retaining assembly. A rattling Portable doesn’t disrupt its structuring quality. For those who would like to know more about this, the canister is slightly larger on the top close to the funnel end than at the bottom end. So the flow form is tighter at the spigot or bottom than the funnel end. When the the compression ring gets dented it will allow movement of the flow form. When water is poured in to the funnel it meets a specific geometric flow connecting with the flow form regardless of where that connection occurs. In other words the geometric flow form creates a double vortex regardless of point of contact thereby creating a full measure of Structured Water. All Natural Action Devices come with a 10 year warranty. If your mind is having a hard time with a rattle even though you know the Water is still being structured properly, you are welcome to exchange with the only cost being the shipping.

Does Water lose its structure when boiled?

Temperature doesn’t affect structuring. When we structure, we increase the energy in the water without raising the temperature. When we boil, we increase the temperature without altering the structure. They are different kinds of energy.

What is the best way to clean the Portable Device?

For the most part, your Portable device will not require any deeper cleaning than a quick rinse here and there. If you like to drink juice, coffee, alcohol, or other beverages you can structure those by adding a few drops of Structured Water to them thereby avoiding pouring them through your device.  (If you want to see how a few drops of water can structure a whole container of any beverage we recommend watching the Strawberry Farm Videos )

Options for cleaning your Portable Device:

*Wash with warm soapy Water

*Wash in the dishwasher

If your device is discolored or you want to do a deeper cleaning:

*Boil enough Water to submerge your Portable Device. Turn off the stove and add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the Water. Submerge unit into Water and vinegar and leave it for a half an hour or more. Rinse and dry.

*Use boiling water and vinegar as above and include baking soda and salt.

Can you cook with Structured Water? Like grains and soups etc? Or best to just add a few tablespoons of Structured Water to finished dishes just before you eat them? How about sprinkling SW all over your food just before you eat it?

Yes! We highly recommend that you integrate structured water into all areas of your life; cook with it, clean with it, play with it, have fun with it! We recommend soaking all of your fruits and vegetables in structured water when you bring them into your house. This will prolong peak flavours, defray decay, and neutralise toxins. You can even keep a spray bottle filled with Structured Water to apply to your food or even yourself. Try spraying your crown chakra next time you are feeling off centre.

Can I add a few drops of Structured Water to a public pool and structure the whole pool?

Yes. Through entrainment (demonstrated in two videos) a little bit of Structured Water can go a long way. And, the amount of discordant energy is a consideration. The chlorine typically found in a pool and all those bodies are emitting discordant energy so it is difficult to discern exactly where the tipping point is.

Does structuring change the pH of Water?

Structured Water Devices allow the Water to balance pH. This means that the pH can go up or down and it is based on the Water providing what is most needed. This is an unusual concept to get used to and it requires us to be willing to trust Water. Experience has shown that the changes in pH actually created by the devices are smaller than what is reliably detected by litmus or other pH measurement papers. To be really sure of any changes in pH created by structuring water, you would want to measure it with a digital device. For more detail about the pH of water see our eBook “Beyond Alkaline Water.”

Where can I learn more about lab reports and other Structured Water science?

The latest scientific research about structured water is available here: Scientific Minds Want to Know

What can I do to test Structured Water myself?

The most sophisticated scientific instrument in the universe is the human body. By Remembering how to harness this innate power, you can answer every question you’ve ever asked. For those who are still relying on physical testing equipment,  GDV Meters, Tensiometers and Brix Meters are recommended. Additional information can be found here: 25_Tests_that_Show_the_Benefits_of_Structured_Water

If I put one glass of water through a Structuring Device and another I don’t, what differences will I see in that water if I take it to a laboratory? What kind of energy are you talking about when you say it alters the energy of the water?  And what do you mean by changes the hydrogen bonds angles — what does that mean and how does that happen?

If you take the sample to an appropriate physics laboratory or testing facility, you’ll see definitive, dramatic, and measurable results.

There is only one type of energy. Remember Einstein’s Equation: E=mc2. Energy is mass is energy. All physicality IS energy (and energy only). Regular water (tap and bottled) has a hydrogen bond of 104.5 degrees. Structured Water has a hydrogen bond over 114.5 degrees. Water adjusts to its environment billions of times per second. When the environment carries the resonance of Creation the Water shifts into harmony and this is reflected in the hydrogen bond.

“There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.” Albert Einstein


What are the benefits I will receive from a structured water device?

A list of some of the benefits that people have experienced includes:

        • Increased Energy and Vitality
        • Mental Clarity
        • Spiritual Clarity
        • Expanded Access to Source/God
        • A Living, Moving Relationship with Water
        • Expanded Love in their Relationships
        • More Confidence
        • More Self Love
        • Easier Resolution of Obstacles
        • Better Health
        • Improved Skin
        • Thicker, Fuller Hair
        • Hair Returning to Natural Color
        • Better Digestion
        • Improvement in Acid/Alkaline Balance
        • Eating Less
        • Disappearing Scars
        • Better Circulation
        • Feeling Warmer
        • No More Asthma
        • Allergy Relief
        • Increased Sunburn Resistance
        • Proper Hydration
        • Improved Eyesight (prescription reduced for the first time ever)
        • Better Sleep
        • Enjoying Drinking Water
        • Better Taste
        • Kids Drinking Water Now
        • Reduced Mineral Deposits on Fixtures
        • Better Tasting Food
        • Longer Lasting Produce
        • Healthier Plants
        • Faster Growing Grass
        • Reduced Use of Shampoo and Body Wash
        • Something so Divine and Delightful that there Aren’t Words to Describe it
        • Overall Better Feeling of Body Function and Wellbeing

You may have noticed the benefits have a great variety. Do you wonder why? The answer couldn’t be simpler. Einstein said “the field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” What this means is that the energy field connecting everything determines the physical matter we experience. Structured Water Devices interact with the energy field, bringing it into coherence and resonance with Creation. When the vibrancy of Creation is present anything can happen. To learn what other people just like you have experienced we recommend reading their words. Open yourself up to the magic and mystery of the resonance of Creation pulsing through every aspect of your being and then you can tell us what benefits you receive.

Will I experience physical changes from using Structured Water?

A lot of people experience physical changes.  This includes everything from better fingernails to disappearance of chronic disease. You can read their stories here.

Will I notice a change in the taste of my water?

People are creatures of habit, and when we experience change, our first thought is often that the experience is unpleasant. Yet, experience has shown that many times change brings about amazing things we never would have considered previously. While a significant majority of people love the taste of Structured Water instantly, some people have a different experience that is important to address. Water quality differs town by town around the world and sometimes even home-by-home around a town. People become used to a certain taste, and when it changes, some say they don’t like the new experience. What we notice most often afterward is that the person quickly becomes used to the new taste and actually comes to like it better. We think this is because Structured Water has increased energy, and when we offer our bodies increased energy, most people align with it very quickly. Personal experience has shown us that sometimes water doesn’t improve as much as we would like it to from one pass through the Portable Device. Recent travels to Las Vegas demonstrated that when the energy of water is really compromised (think Las Vegas which is the opposite of natural when we are talking water), the taste improves more with additional passes through the Portable Device. Often we pass water in these types of places through the Portable Device many times before being satisfied with the improvement in taste. So, if you are in a place with strongly compromised water, try passing it through the Portable multiple times. Our best advice is to experiment with your new Water for a while. As you feel the difference and see it in your plants, and drink more of it, we are confident that you will begin to love your Water so much that you will never drink anything else.

The taste of the Structured Water seems to have gotten a little better or I’m just getting used to the odd taste?

Glad to hear it. You may want to set an intention that your body align with the highest and best Water habits possible and then let your body show you how it wants to immerse in Water.

I use water direct from the tap (which I didn’t do before, because I live in a house where the water pipelines are really old).  I use the Portable Device for it. But the taste of the water is strange. And the water is not really clear after I utilised the Portable Device.  Any suggestions?

Structuring water neutralises everything in water energetically so you are safe drinking the water. With that said, sometimes people prefer to combine a traditional filter with a structuring device to get the taste and appearance of water that they most desire. If you would like to complement your Structuring Device with a tradtional filter, we have  several recommendations for products that can easily be purchased from places like or Home Depot.


Factors to consider when choosing the best device(s) for you have to do with lifestyle, convenience and budget. Portable Device portable-unit-isolatedThe Portable Device is adaptable to any situation, making it the most versatile and popular choice. No matter where you are, the Portable will serve you well as it transforms any source of potable water into the optimal source of energy and vitality for your body. Whether you hold it up to a faucet, swirl it around to structure the water in your tub, or do the “Pinkie Pour” to fill your reusable container from a water fountain the Portable is flexible enough to be used in every situation. The Portable also comes with the lowest price, making it the easiest choice for everyone. Experience has shown that if your first purchase is a Whole House, Shower, or Sink Device, you’ll end up buying a Portable too, because once you are accustomed to Structured Water at home you won’t want to be without it when you go out. Key Strengths: Versatility, low price. Most Popular Uses: For everything. Drinking water, structuring a bath, pool or hot tub, watering plants, washing produce, cooking, travelling etc. Most Likely to Purchase: Everyone who drinks Structured Water. Unlikely to Purchase: There is no good answer for this one. We can’t imagine living without it.  Surprising Fact: We took a suitcase full of them through airport security once. They had no problem with the devices and even wanted a demonstration. Would you like to see the Portable in action? Here’s a video demonstrating how simple it is. Shower Device shower-unit-isolatedShower Devices have a couple of other potential uses besides the obvious. For starters, when installing, consider showering without your shower head for a week to see if you prefer the heavy and direct stream of Water. You can always add the showerhead back anytime. Some like to fill their drinking containers directly from the shower. This is best done without a showerhead. The photos show a Shower Device installed with a shower head and one without. Shower_Device_With_Showerhead Shower_Device_Without_Shower_Head Key Strengths: Provides bathing and drinking water for those focused on keeping cost low. Most Popular Uses: Showering. Some people also fill their drinking containers from it. Most Likely to Purchase: Those renting or living in condos (not purchasing a Whole House Device) desiring the benefits of bathing in Structured Water. Unlikely to Purchase: Those with a Whole House Device, those who only take baths, and those with shower head hoses that prevent access to the water pipe. Surprising Fact: It feel so good to shower in Structured Water that many customers tell us they don’t get out until the hot water runs out. Under Sink Device sink-unit-isolatedIt is a wonderful feeling to turn on the faucet and have Structured Water come pouring out. Sink Devices make it easy to soak all of your fruit and vegetables, extending peak freshness and shelf life. Cooking with Structured Water adds flavour to soups and stews as well as enhancing your favourite beverage such as tea or coffee. Key Strengths: Unlimited amounts of Structured Water pouring from any faucet. (Convenience.) Most Popular Uses: Everything you use Water for in the kitchen, bathroom or office. Most Likely to Purchase: Those who don’t buy a Whole House Device and want the convenience of Structured Water flowing from the faucet. Unlikely to Purchase: Those with a Whole House Device or those who choose to save money by using the handheld Portable. Surprising Fact: Patrick’s first “plumbing” project was installing one of these. If he can do it, you can do it. Garden Device Do you have an outdoor hose and want to see the magic of Structured Water in your produce? If yes, then the Garden Device is the one for you. These are unnecessary if you have a Whole House Device, but for everyone else they are a dream come true. You’ll love your garden even more as it produces abundantly. The following photo is from Patrick’s farm stand that he had to open after he started using Structured Water in the garden. There was just so much food that his family could eat. photo_opening_day_at_the_farm_stand Key Strengths: Nature doesn’t require convincing. When you give Structured Water to your plants they’ll thrive and you’ll be amazed. Most Popular Uses: Gardens and outdoor watering. Most Likely to Purchase: Those without a Whole House Device who use water outside. Unlikely to Purchase: Those who have a Whole House Device or little outdoor water usage. Surprising Fact: Patrick’s corn was three feet taller than at a local farm once he began gardening with Structured Water. Whole House Whole House Devices create an energy field in and around your home. They impact everything. The people, plants, land, animals and even appliances will all benefit from the harmonious energy emanating from your Whole House Device. When you have the Whole House you’ll be bathing in the Energy of Creation at all times. With a Whole House Device there is no need for a Shower, Sink or Garden Device. For homes larger than 4000 square feet a second device may be advisable. The best way to tell is to muscle test, ask, and note what you hear, or you can schedule an appointment with an intuitive to ask for you. We all have the ability to make choices with the support of our highest guidance. commercial-small-isolated Key Strengths: You’ll save money as you extend the life of your appliances, your produce and yourself by investing in a Whole House Device. Most Popular Uses: All manner of Water usage for homeowners. Most Likely to Purchase: Homeowners who care about health, vitality, longevity and spiritual fulfillment. Unlikely to Purchase: Condo and Duplex owners, those who plan on moving soon. Surprising Fact: It is easy to take a Whole House Device with you if you move. After purchasing your Whole House Device from The Wellness Enterprise you will receive instructions regarding the size of your pipe. Watch for the email, as it covers everything you need to know. We recommend hiring a licensed plumber to install your Whole House Device. If you’d like to know more about the process, there are videos available on the Installations Page.

Would the whole house system be enough to water my garden and change water in my pond?

You can pour an unlimited amount of water through the Whole House Device so we recommend using it for every application you can conjure up.

What is the difference between a whole house & a commercial device?

Size of pipe and cost. Commercial Devices are for pipes 1.25 inches (31.75 mm) or larger. Whole House Devices are for pipes 1 inch (25.4mm) and smaller. Commercial Devices cost $2199 compared with $1499 for the Whole House Devices. Commercial Devices provide added benefits only when the diameter of the pipe is 1.25 inches or greater. There is no advantage to putting a Commercial Device on a pipe with a 1 inch diameter.

I’m interested in getting the Whole House Device. However, I’m not sure about the pipe connection. Is there a particular size you would recommend for Australian use?

Yes. This is very easy. ALL Whole House devices shipped outside of the U.S. have universally adaptable fittings. We recommend you hire a licensed plumber, hand them the device and they will know what to do.

I’m thinking of buying the Portable and also one for my tub that doesn’t have a shower attached to it. Which one would I buy?? Thanks so much!!

The Portable Device is versatile and can be used for any application including structuring the water in your tub. Simply fill the tub with water and then swish the device around in the tub. To understand this more deeply read Natural Action Technologies article about entrainment HERE. There are two other ways to structure water in a tub. The first is to purchase a Whole House Device which will structure all of the water on your property and in your home. The second is with a Shower Device. You can pour some water from the tub faucet and some through your Shower Device to structure a tub full of water.

Does the Sink device have the same power as the Whole House Device?

The Sink, Shower, and Garden devices all have the same power which is half as much as a Whole House Device. Ultimately, the Whole House device will have a greater impact because all of the Water in your home and on your property will be structured.


Many of us have quite a few questions when it comes to installations. We know because we had the same questions. We accompanied local plumbers as they installed devices and found out the process was much easier than we anticipated. FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES please note there are specific instructions for you regarding installing Whole House and Commercial Devices. If you have purchased one of these devices for installation outside of the U.S. please start here.

How do you install a Shower Device?

Shower pipes are ½ inch(15 millimeter). You can install the Super Shower Device worldwide on your existing fittings with ease.

Simply unscrew your existing showerhead. You may be able to do this by hand, although in most cases a wrench is necessary. Then, twist the device onto your pipe and you are finished.

If you wish, you may add your showerhead back to the end of your device. Many people enjoy showering without a showerhead on their device. You can always try it without  and add your showerhead back if you prefer.

Two tips for the shower installation:

The fittings come wrapped in Teflon tape. If the seal isn’t acceptable at first, you can add more Teflon tape. For those who require raising their showerhead, a Riser (see photo) is available for $35 by contacting us.


For further information read the Super Shower Instructions. If you are looking for the Mini Shower seen elsewhere, we do offer it by special order. We don’t publish the Mini Shower because the Super Shower seen on our website has twice as much power for a small increase in price. Also, the Super Shower and the Mini Shower are equally easy to install so there is no advantage to the Mini for travel.

How do you install an Under Sink Device?

Installation is most often completed without a plumber. Each device comes with two connector hoses that are usually adaptable to existing connections. Here is an example of one of the hoses: Under-Sink-HoseFor orders shipped in the United States, one hose has 1/2 inch fittings on each end and one hose has a 1/2 inch on one end and 3/8 on the other. If your sink was manufactured very recently it may have only one connector. In that case, you can take the device and a picture of the attachments under your sink to a hardware store. We did this once and ended up resolving it for $5 with this: Under_Sink_Adaptor Most people  install  Under Sink Devices themselves. The photo with the blue background shows plumbing under a sink. The photo after that shows an installed Under Sink Device.
Under Sink Installed Notice in the first photo with the blue background that there is an oval valve with a silver hose attached to it. The first step is to turn off the water by turning the oval valve. Then, remove the existing silver hose by loosening it with a wrench. Note, one end of the silver hose is visible and the other is not. We want you to know that the only part of installation that can be difficult is if the part of the hose that isn’t visible is hard to reach with a wrench. It can nevertheless always be done. Once the existing hose is detached, connect the device to the silver hoses in the box and install them in place of the hose that you removed. Typically, the cold water line is chosen, although the Device will function on hot or cold. Different hoses are sent to various parts of the world. If the hoses that were sent you don’t fit with your plumbing, we apologise. The solution is to take pictures like those shown above along with the device and hoses to a local hardware store. They will supply any adaptors that are necessary. An example of one that we purchased for $6 is shown below. Under_Sink_Adaptor For further information read the Under Sink Instructions.

How do you install a Garden Device?

The Garden Device may be easily threaded onto a standard garden faucet or hose. Simply thread the female end onto the faucet and the hose onto the male end. Garden spigots are standard around the world. The Garden Devices shown on our site are the “small garden.” If you would like a “large garden” contact us. small-garden-isolated Garden_Installed For further information read the Garden Device Instructions.

Do I need a plumber to install the Whole House device?

We recommend a licensed plumber install your Whole House Device. Most Whole House installations take a plumber about 15 minutes and cost between $50 and $150.

How much space is needed to install a Whole House Device?

Plumbers know how to install something as simple as our devices without any hassle. In most cases, 19 inches (1/2 meter) of pipe will be removed and the device inserted in its place. If that amount of pipe is not available in a straight line, the plumber will access your available space with elbows and other fittings. It is quite straightforward, and your plumber will handle it easily.

Are there videos to help me understand the installation process for a Whole House Device?

I am concerned about excessive water pressure breaking my Structuring Device, how much pressure can they handle?

The manufacturer is comfortable with 300 psi and thinks 500 psi is reasonable, even though it hasn’t been tested.

Do I have to drain my hot water tank before installing the Whole House Device?

The manufacturer recommends flushing the hot water heater prior to installation. In practice, many plumbers prefer to avoid this step. The reason is that many hot water heaters are older and the valves are stuck. If the seal is broken, it sometimes causes unwanted problems. So, be aware of this before flushing.

If you choose to flush – which is a good idea – you can expect to remove a few buckets of water and that should be enough.”Draining” the hot water tank doesn’t mean emptying the whole thing. Observe the water as you drain it and if it appears to be full of sediment, keep going. When it is clear, it is time to stop. 

You may want to repeat the process a few times in the days and week or two after installing your device.

We recommend leaving the issue to your plumber’s discretion.

How long does it take to install a Whole House Device?

In general, plumbers are unfamiliar with our devices and it doesn’t matter because they are very familiar with the fittings. The Whole House and Commercial Devices are installed in 15 minutes in 90% of cases. We recommend choosing a licensed plumber for your installation.

Can I take my Whole House Device with me if I move?

Yes. It is easy to remove your Whole House Device and take it with you. You can replace it with a “blank.” For more information, contact us.

Is it best to install the device above or below the earth? Is the device safe in the hot sun?

The devices are designed to last longer than their 10 year warranty. The more they interact with the elements, the more they will degrade. Inside the home is ideal. However, if the best place to access your main water pipe is outside then install it there. For underground installations, wrap the device so it doesn’t touch dirt directly. For above ground, build a cover to keep the device in the shade.

Are there any problems with underground Installation?

Structured Device Installed in Protective Cover

Over the years, the brass fittings may begin to corrode. It is best to wrap them in tape or plastic to slow that process down. They will still last for years, and their condition will be better if they are wrapped. This photo shows a  black case that one customer created for their device with $40 in parts from Home Depot.

Do you recommend installing a Whole House Device on the hot water line, the cold water line or does it have to go on where all of the water flows through it?

The most important consideration when installing your Whole House Device is accessibility. The ideal scenario is to install it where all of your water flows through one pipe. If the only places that occur on your property is underground, then it is advisable to consider an accommodation such as installing it on the hot or cold water line.

The cold water line is preferred, since even when the hot is turned on, the cold is usually on too.  So, with a cold water line installation you will be drawing Structured Water directly most of the time.

If it is the only option for one reason or another, you can install your device on the hot water line. The water going through your cold water line will be structured through entrainment.

Choosing a Whole House Device is the important part. Once you make that choice, every water line will do.

Will my Whole House Device have a problem with freezing?

When it comes to freezing, the Whole House and Commercial Devices are similar to the rest of your pipe. If your pipes don’t freeze, your device is likely to not freeze. If your pipes do freeze, it is advisable to install your device in a different location.

What product information is available for Commercial Devices?

The principles shown for installing a Whole House Device are the same as for a Commercial Device. If you would like to watch a video about Commercial Devices specifically, click here.

What about for well installations?

If your water comes from a well you have an extraordinary opportunity to amplify harmonizing energy all around you and everyone who shares the same aquifer. You can help nature to restore water to its highest vibration by pouring structured water into your well. A “Drip Line Kit” allows you to send a little bit of structured water into your well every time you draw water from it.  To see if a Drip Line Kit will function with your well, review the installation instructions below.

Drip Line Kit Instructions

How do the Drip Kits for wells work?

A Drip Line Kit lets a small amount of Structured Water pass through the pipe casing and back into your well or aquifer. This has a field effect on the surrounding area which can positively impact various sediments and odors coming up from the well. Below are images for what the kit looks like and a diagram of one installed. photo_well_dripline_kit 2015-02-23_2135Click here to see drip line kit installation instructions. Click Here to order a drip line kit.

Can a Whole House Device provide Water to a pool?

Yes. You may pour unlimited amounts of Structured Water through your Whole House Device. If you use a hose attached to your house for filling or adding water to your pool, then it will Structure the pool water. Another solution for a pool is to put a Whole House Device or a Commercial Device on the circulating water line of the pool. This will cause all of the water to be structured as it passes through the filter.

Can I structure a whole swimming pool with just a few drops of Structured Water?

Yes. If this sounds a bit unbelievable to you, you’re not alone. Watch the videos about entrainment and you’ll open the door to understanding everything as energy. We’ve recently found a new way to demonstrate this. To see for yourself, add one drop of an essential oil to a glass of Water. Watch it spread throughout the glass, taste it and you’ll know for yourself.

How will Structured Water impact the water in my swimming pool?

With Structured Water in your pool you are likely to feel energized and refreshed while using less chemicals. Depending on how much your pool circulates and where your device is (the best location is on the filter system) you may be able to go for days or even months without having to add any chemicals at all. Here is the story of one pool owner with some facts and figures.



How much money can people save using Structured Water Devices?

The short answer is it depends and in most cases it is thousands of dollars. There is a strategy that many businesses use to drain the money out of your pockets and deposit it into theirs. We call it Drip Torture for Your Wallet. How it works is they offer a solution that appears inexpensive but really costs a lot more over time. Businesses are perfectly content to sit back and make their money consistently, year after year, even if it is less than they could make if they went for the most money up front. When it comes to water purification, the most expensive version is bottled water. A family of four that spends $1 for each plastic bottle spends over $940,000 in their lifetimes. In a similar fashion, the cost for a family of four that choses “inexpensive” Brita water filters is $23,504. That $8 Brita replacement filter looks so cheap, but the real story is that Brita designs the filters to treat only 40 gallons. It’s not that Brita can’t make them to filter more water — it’s that they are designed to filter less so the company can sell more. $8 at a time really adds up over a lifetime. In addition to the direct out of pocket costs for traditional water filtration, there are indirect costs as well. By now hopefully everyone is aware of the massive waste created by plastic water bottles, but what about traditional filters? It is a step in the right direction that every Brita filter saves 300 water bottles, but it would be so much better if people chose Structured Water Devices that can replace all plastic water bottles and all Brita water filters with a one time purchase backed by a lifetime warranty. Structured Water Devices are built to treat all of your water for your whole lifetime. They have no replacement parts and require no maintenance. They cost between $399 and $1499 and can structure unlimited amounts of water. So instead of paying $1 per bottle or $8 per 40 gallon filter, you can purify all of your water with one device forever. Redirecting the money spent on plastic water bottles and traditional filters for less than a year and a half would allow every family and business to purchase one Structured Water Device which might just last a lifetime.

(Assumption for this analysis: Lifespan of 80.5 years, 1 gallon a day consumed, cost of Brita $8 per 40 gallon filter, cost of 16 ounce water bottle $1.)

For those interested in a more comprehensive look at this issue, there are deeper layers. Consider for example that bottled water and traditionally filtered water are virtually devoid of energy. A surface level understanding of this notices the connection between lifeless water, the 94% of people who are dehydrated and trillions of dollars in healthcare spending. Tim Vest, the CEO of  Active Life Systems (a co-op offering an alternative to health insurance) said: “85% of our health care costs would be saved if everyone were hydrated.” Even though long lasting Structured Water Devices can save families many thousands of dollars, there is an ever greater benefit to consider. As the world is going through astounding transitions, Water is revealing to us that it is Infinite Intelligence. Water is a Living Being carrying the resonance of Oneness. As people become more sensitive to the extraordinary possibilities we are able to co-create with Water, we align with our purpose and we experience immense love and joy. And that, my friends, is priceless. In physical reality it is tempting to forget the importance of the energy field — that the field is the only thing that matters.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” Eden Phillpots (1862-1960, English author, poet and dramatist)


How does Structured Water influence health and wellbeing?

The following video demonstrates Live Blood Cell Analysis before and after a person consumed Structured Water. Gerri Kier, CNHP, who performed the analysis, was astounded by the difference Structured Water makes. The first segment of the video demonstrates spontaneous cell death, and as the video continues you can see how the cells are literally disappearing. In Gerri’s professional opinion: “… this will eventually lead to the death of the person.” The video then reveals the difference drinking Structured Water can make in as little as 48 hours: cells  are shining with light and no longer disappearing. Oxidative stress has been relieved in a very short time.

“In over ten years of examining live blood, I have never seen anything as positive or dramatic for improving cellular health as the impact of drinking Structured Water. Structured water does more for cellular health in 48 hours than the best therapies can produce in a month.” Gerri Kier, Certified Natural Health Professional

When you drink Structured Water, you open the door to the possibility of vibrant health and wellbeing.

Is there an adjustment process when first Structuring Water?

People have experienced differences in urination, energy levels, digestion, clarity of thought and brain function. They report softer skin and hair, detoxification, fewer headaches, etc. It is all a normal part of the experience. As you adjust, our advice is to make it a habit to ask your body what kind of water it wants each day. Some people will benefit from having a slow and gradual on-ramp to Structured Water, while others will accelerate quickly and never look back. There is no right or wrong way to do it, and the most important rule of thumb is to trust your own intuition. For most people, these issues resolve in days. For some people it may take a few weeks. Structured Water brings coherence to the energy field that surrounds all that is. Because it is interacting with the root of everything, it is possible that *anything* in the physical world may change. For some this has included better skin, nails, hair, digestion, vitality, circulation, changes in hair color, improved eyesight, etc.

I know I am dehydrated because I never liked to drink water in the past—wow has that changed.  I am so thirsty and my lips are dry. Is a side effect of getting re-hydrated, having headaches?  I usually don’t get headaches.  Does SW create a cleansing reaction and start moving toxins around the blood brain barrier?

Changes in urination, hydration, headaches, and detoxification are all common reactions to changing the water you are made of.  Most issues resolve within days or weeks at the most. If any symptoms are particularly uncomfortable for you it may be a good idea to back off of the amount of Structured Water you are drinking on a daily basis, at least initially. You may want to develop the habit of asking your body how much water it wants, and then being quiet and listening.

Why aren’t I receiving the same benefits other people receive from Structured Water?

You are not alone. Some of our customers take longer than others to feel the benefits of Structured Water. The first thing to know is that your Device and the Water are functioning. Everyone we have tested using Live Blood Cell Analysis and Gas Discharge Visualisation measurements has experienced measurable benefits, so we know it is happening even if you can’t discern it yet. Here are some places to look to expand your benefits:

        • Immersion. Some people feel the difference in Structured Water in their first sip. Others take much longer. A way to support the process is with Immersion. Make sure you are drinking Structured Water from the time you wake up until you go back to sleep. Spread Structured Water to your plants, your bathing, your yard, pools or ponds near you, your car radiator, and your mind. Using and thinking about Structured Water illuminates the benefits.
        • External Forces. Observe your life and notice signs of toxicity. These may be occurring anywhere, including your physical environment, relationships, or even the way you think. If there is a major force of toxicity in your life, Structured Water is likely drawing your awareness to it and encouraging you to see new possibilities. Shifting a major aspect of your life takes courage and doing so often provides immeasurable benefits.
        • Timing. Our journeys are individual. Some people feel the call to immerse themselves in Structured Water and their life is never the same, while others can take a year or more. Patrick has experienced profound dimension altering occurrences since starting with Structured Water although he didn’t notice anything during the first four months, so be patient and keep asking Water to show you.
        • Go Within. At The Wellness Enterprise we are your partners, friends and guides, but even so, nobody can really illuminate your journey for you. Remember the answers to all questions you have about Water and everything else are within you. When you quiet yourself and ask Water to show you the way. It will. The question is, will you hear the answer? Patrick often repeats the name “Yakumama” (i.e.mother water) as he calls forth the Spirit of Water.

What can I do if I can’t feel the Spirit of Water?

With your purchase from The Wellness Enterprise you received Water Magic 101. Revisiting the lessons will assist you with awakening your sensitivities. We have also added a new partnership with The Infinity Wave, which IS the energy of Water. To feel it for yourself, click here.

What can I do to improve my hydration?

Many times we ask questions that are focused purely on the physical and it is important to recognise that all physical manifestation begins as a vibration. First we will answer about hydration and then we will expand the context. Your body is a system and the most important substance in that system is water. To keep your system functioning at an optimal level, you need to continuously supply the raw materials needed to sustain the system. If you are like most people, your system is probably crying out for water. The question is can you hear it? The easiest way to get the most out of your system is to start drinking water when you wake up in the morning and keep going all day long. Thirst is an indication that you are already behind. Drink steadily and drink often. Here is our Hydration Checklist:

        • Make sure you have water that you love
        • Rise, Shine, DRINK WATER! Start your day out right by drinking water early and often
        • Drink ahead of your thirst. If you get thirsty you have fallen behind
        • Hydrate in sips instead of gulps
        • Keep a container you love with you so you don’t run out of water
        • If you are still Remembering your love for Water, you can add some pizazz by adding lemon or fresh fruit to it

Hydration seems like the most important thing when we are focused only on the physical, but there is so much more to the Cosmos than the physical. Our inner and outer worlds are mirror reflections of each other. As important as Water is in our physical bodies, it is equally vital for our energetic selves. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that you have the capability to develop a direct high vibrating relationship with Water. A good place to start is with immersion in Water. When you focus on immersion, rather than just drinking Water, the way you think will begin to shift. Water is a Living Being and when you focus on a dialogue with it your sensitivity will expand.

Does Structured Water rebalance hormones (e.g., cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, etc.)? If so, how exactly?

We don’t yet have evidence that it directly rebalances hormones. Immersing oneself in Structured Water begins to balance the body as a whole, restoring hydration, improving oxygenation and absorption of nutrients, increasing immune strength, connection to the unified field, and more.

Does Structured Water have any impact on cancer (or any other illness)? Any research on this?

We don’t make any claims about how Structured Water impacts cancer. Given the uncertainty of a disease like that, you are encouraged you to seek the opinion of your doctor. With that said, we do share the experiences of others. Many people have reported increased health and vitality after immersing themselves in Structured Water. It is a little bit like running an engine or a machine on the wrong kind of fuel and then switching to the right fuel. Running a body on Water that emulates nature produces amazing results for many people.  From a detailed and scientific perspective, Structured Water supports the body by offering an efficient transportation and waste removal system. With a body in flow, the ravages of disease are no longer a match, and good health is often the result. There was a study on Kidneys and Dehydration.

Could structured water help with sleep apnea?

We don’t have any data directly related to sleep apnea. Since you have a money-back guarantee, you could try it out and see for yourself whether relieving sleep apnea is among its many, many health benefits.


What effect does Structured Water have on animals?

Farmers using our devices have experienced the following: Less disease. Large scale dairy farmers have experienced healthier animals and therefore less need for antibiotics. Safer Water. A well on a dairy farm that had E.coli affecting the cows installed a Structured Water Device, and the E.coli disappeared from the tests. Reduced water consumption. Structured Water is more efficient so less is required for the same purpose. Calmer Animals. Animals are just like people. Proper hydration balances emotional states. Reduced smell from feces. Thank goodness for this surprising benefit. You might not want to be the tester on this one and it is good to know structured water is so effective. Accelerated growing rate. Plants, animals, people — it’s all the same.  Biology does better with Structured Water.

Decreased chick mortality in a poultry farm.

How do crops respond to Structured Water?

They grow bigger plants with larger and better tasting produce. Studies demonstrate crops have increased by 27-44% when given Structured Water and there is more to the story than that. The following videos demonstrate entrainment. This automatic synchronization occurs because Structured Water is a harmonious energy that spreads even beyond the area where the physical water is used.

Are visual demonstrations of the success of Structured Water available?

Yes. Lots of them. Of course Patrick’s favourite are the pictures with his kids. Our corn on the right was substantially more productive than the local farm. July-15-corn-at-local-farm-300x225 July-15-our-corn-300x225 LAWN_EXPERIMENT Structured-Rose-Test

Will Structured Water enhance the nutrition of the food I eat when it has been a part of the preparation or cooking process? Will it help to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables that I rinse with structured water before eating them?

Sugar content measurements demonstrate improved food value from Structured Water. Growing with structured water is ideal and simply soaking your food when you bring it home has a harmonious effect. Pesticides are not removed by Structured Water. They are alchemically shifted. Toxicity is neutralised by Structured Water.

How much of my farm can be covered with a single Structured Water Device?

Structured Water moving inside pipes creates static electricity and electricity neutralizes structure. Structured Water moving inside of pipes maintains its Structured status for approximately 300 linear feet. When the Water flow is stopped, all the Water in the pipe will be Structured instantaneously.

If the water pulses (as in a harmonized drip water system), that distance may be extended significantly, since the Water encounters less resistance. There have been reports of structuring covering 2000 feets under these conditions.


What is Water Magic 101?

Water Magic 101® is a jam-packed resource loaded with tips and information on how to bring the real magic of Structured Water into your life. This course, valued at $497, is offered gratis as a Bonus with purchases of Devices through The Wellness Enterprise and our Water Ambassadors. This highly praised 30 day course answers questions people have as they awaken to the possibilities of living in harmony with Water.  It may be a new concept for you to understand if you are just beginning to integrate Structured Water in your life, but these devices are a lot more than sacred geometric shapes that change water molecules. With integration in your thoughts, habits and beliefs, Structured Water is an opening into an awe inspired life filled with sparkling brilliance.

I can’t find the Water Magic course in my email.  Do you know where it is?

Check your Promotions Tab or Spam Folder.  You can also do a search by subject line “Welcome to Water Magic 101!” to locate the first Water Magic email. To begin the course, open that first email and click the “I Agree” button.


How do I explain Structured Water to skeptics or those who have tough scientific questions?

Start by sharing from your heart about your personal experience. Communicating this way affects people deeply. After that, you may want to leave the rest to us. We love talking about Structured Water and have spent years refining our language to communicate this life altering technology to everyone. is available to all and a good place to start. It is jam packed with resources that will help everyone understand Structured Water. The two most popular pages for understanding the way our devices function are the Frequently Asked Questions and Scientific Minds Want to Know. You can also share our videos and invite people to listen to and participate in our live calls.

Is it true that there is Water on other planets?

In 1998 a special satellite was launched called the Submillimeter-Wave Astronomy Satellite (SWAS) to detect radio waves emitted by water molecules in space. According to leading scientist Gary Melnick of the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge: “We’re seeing water everywhere. Every region we’ve looked at so far contains water.” This is supported by observations of Halley’s comet in 1985 at Kitt Peak Observatory showing that the major constituent of the comet is water.

Do you offer payment plans?

There are at least three options for payment plans. We sometimes have payment plans on products in our shop.  If you are interested in a payment plan,  contact us and tell us how we can support you. If you structure an offer that is reasonable for us we are likely to accept it.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. We created our Ambassador Program to share Structured Water. It takes about five minutes to sign up and is very simple. There is no investment required. You provide introductions through links or by sharing our contact information and we do the rest.

What is your money back guarantee?

For those who buy from us, we are willing to do what it takes to make things right. This includes an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee and, more importantly, unlimited loving support as your awareness expands about what is possible with Structured Water in your life. If your experience with any of our products is anything other than delightful, please join one of our live Water Magic calls and tell us what’s happening. We’ll talk about your situation and provide education and loving support. With a guarantee like this, you have nothing to lose, so try Structured Water and let us take all the risk for you.

Do you have any information in Spanish?

Claro que si :). Oferta Especial  Experiencias de Otros Youtube Videos con Subtitulos

Is water straight out of the mountain structured?

Under ideal, pristine circumstances, yes. However today water is exposed to so much adversity that it is not as pure as it once was.

What are the Chinese Characters on the Portable Device?

The Chinese characters mean “natural action.”  It helps to think of it in the sense of flowing with nature without any resistance. It is like a free flowing action.

What is the best type of water bottle?

The most important thing is to choose a water bottle you love. How your bottle looks and feels to you is as important as how your water tastes as you sip from your bottle.

We’ve always thought highly of stainless steel bottles as they have a very clean taste (after an initial scrub to remove machine oil residue from manufacturing) and they are durable. Our preference changed when we found the Harmonizing Glass Water Bottle. These bottles are now our favorite. They are fun to use, beautiful to look at and don’t alter the taste of water. In addition, they are adorned with sacred geometry designed to awaken dormant DNA! Not bad for a water bottle.


“In my search for the definition of life, my mind, spirit and senses have continually guided me to see water as a loving, living, creative entity.” William Marks, The Holy Order of Water “Water is always working to create conditions conducive to life.” William Marks, The Holy Order of Water “When water comes into contact with soils, metals, or minerals that are acidic, the water does it best to neutralise the acid. Why? Because acidic conditions are not conducive to abundant life or great variety. The same law applies when water comes into contact with anything that is too alkaline.” William Marks, The Holy Order of Water “Plain and simple, the vortex energy found in water may actually be the original creative force — the swirling mist of water that has always existed and is responsible for creating and continuing to create all things. As we are beginning to learn, this timeless swirling mist may also represent a form of intelligence. It is this source of creative energy that humans from the earliest of times have attempted to understand and relate to as they gave it a variety of names.” William Marks, The Holy Order of Water “When flowing water … meets with obstacles on its path, a blockage in its journey, it pauses. It increases in volume and strength, filling up in front of the obstacle and eventually spilling past it…. Do not turn and run, for there is nowhere worthwhile for you to go. Do not attempt to push ahead into the danger … emulate the example of the water: Pause and build up your strength until the obstacle no longer represents a blockage.” Marsha Sinetar from the ‘I Ching,’ presented in ‘To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love: The Spiritual Dimension of Entrepreneuring’


How does Structured Water differ from alkaline water/ionised water?

This topic is so important that we wrote an eBook about it:

How will the Structured Water Devices interact with other water treatment products such as softeners or filters?

Structured Water Devices complement all other water treatment products. If you prefer, you can uninstall or bypass other filters or softeners to test out Structured Water alone for a month or so.  During this month, you may be amazed as your preferences and habits shift into alignment with immersing yourself in structured water without concern for anything else. Some people choose to keep softeners or traditional filters in addition to their Structured Water Devices. There is no harm in doing so and these choices are about individual preference. There is no need to have a traditional filter or softener once you have a Structured Water Device.

What if I still want to have some kind of sediment filter on my waterline?

If you want to have one, do. Structured Water Devices can accompany any other treatment system harmoniously.

How does structured water differ from reverse osmosis or distilled water?

Structured Water is understood with physics and deals with the energy of water. Distilled or reverse osmosis is understood with chemistry and deals with removing things from water. Please note that although the video is directed towards reverse osmosis, the same concepts apply to distilled water.

Is scalar energy similar to structured water?

Scalar energy accesses the zero point field. Everything accessing this field expands awareness about Oneness and the Infinite, so Scalar energy is likely to be beneficial. Scalar energy accesses energy in the vacuum of space, which is Infinite. This Infinite vacuum is the same energy that is accessed when we immerse ourselves in Sacred Structured Water. When we structure water using Sacred Geometry we open the door to accessing the energy that connects all that is. There are no limits to what is possible when we access Infinite energy. The benefits may be felt in the body and surely they will extend much further into the realms of our most expanded selves.

How does your Structured Water compare with Grander Water?

There are many ways to structure water including sunlight, prayer, focused attention, crystals, Sacred Geometry, vortex, prill beads, and many more. The Grander System functions on the principle of entrainment. A small amount of Structured Water is encapsulated in their device. Water that passes by it is entrained. We have never experienced Grander Water personally, however owners of Grander Systems have purchased Nolte Devices from us after not being completely satisfied with the Grander System. The Nolte Devices pass water through Sacred Geometry and a double vortex, reinvigorating the resonance of Creation. With its enthusiastic response to Nolte Devices, the marketplace has demonstrated its preference.

How does Structured Water compare with the water from Vitalizer Plus?

There are quite a few reasons why we sell Structuring Devices manufactured by Clayton Nolte and Natural Action Technologies and we don’t sell the Vitalizer Plus. First and foremost, we are certain about the quality of the Water produced by Nolte Devices, which use Sacred Geometry and double vortex spin to create Water that is vibrant and alive and carries the resonance of Creation in an Infinite state. The process is elegant, simple and effective. The Water from the Vitalizer Plus could well be great, too — and for a number of reasons we have never found out. For example, it is convenient to simply turn on the faucet.

What are your thoughts on Double Helix water?

Patrick’s personal experience with Double Helix water and their thermal imaging showed that he actually became less hydrated by using their product.
Double Helix Water Results

Double Helix water Results:

Sacred structured water is returned to being the messenger of the Divine by spinning the center of the water molecule. This spin is infinitely fast, contains infinite density and is essentially immeasurable. This infinite force that is activated by restructuring water is at the heart of why so many people love the Structured Water Devices we sell. This force can’t be replicated by anything that comes in a plastic bottle or requires the customer to buy it over and over again. Save your money, drink Sacred Structured Water and connect with the Infinite.

What do you think about the Adya Clarity Webinar?

First, notice how you feel when you think about and interact with a product/company. While it may be confusing to wrap your mind around different products, it is fairly easy to feel whether your emotions are harmonious or fearful when interacting with the product and considering it. If you are feeling like a product is “really great and you have to get it right now or the deal will be gone or your life won’t be as good” then the limbic part of your brain has been stimulated by fear. Adya Clarity has some very good marketers promoting their product and there are some techniques they use that are worth discerning. Let’s start with the webinar format. It gives the impression of a time sensitive offer and a big audience watching. It is actually an automated technology tool that is running for you at the time you watch it. There may be others on at the same time, but that is coincidental. If you look carefully at the Adya Clarity webinar promoted in 2014, you can see that it is actually designed to keep running until 2016. And now to the water… Dr. Pollack does indeed teach about the fourth phase of water. We have read his book several times, taking in a few pages at a time repeatedly for months. The conclusions in the Adya Clarity webinar are different from what we understand. There are many ways to structure water. This is certain. The question we ask is: Is there a best one for you? Adya Clarity may be a good answer. You can’t know for sure unless you spend the money to find out. The webinar has a beautiful visual demonstration of solids dropping to the bottom of a glass of water and lakes clearing. Clearly something is happening  and it is reasonable to assume Adya Clarity structures water. The black mica story is a good one. And, there is something about it that keeps us away. We about the world from the perspective of life providing everything we need right here and now. It doesn’t make sense that the earth was created to have the one thing we need to treat our water concentrated in only a few special locations and that the rest of us have to have that substance shipped to us every few months for the rest of our lives. That type of thinking is grounded in scarcity and profiteering which is incongruent with knowing Water as a Living Being and trusting that All is Well. As a business, we love the idea of having a product to sell that keeps customers coming back over and over again. However, our business is located on Earth and as environmentalists Adya Clarity just doesn’t make sense. Everything in life is energy and we are certain that our structuring devices provide a harmonious energy. There are other ways to create harmonious energy and we will continue to learn about them with an open mind. If we find a better one, you can count on us to tell you about it. The most important thing you can do for yourself is remember that all of the answers to all of your questions are within. If you are interested in different products, you have an opportunity to hone your sensitivity to harmonious energy.

Do you have any comment about Dr. Pollock’s work?

Did you know there are four phases of water, not three? That means in addition to ice, liquid and steam there is a phase of water called Exclusion Zone (EZ) water and the most interesting property of EZ water is that we can add energy to it and that energy is stored like in a battery. This is important because more energy in water means more energy in you. You can learn more about this by watching a video featuring Dr. Gerald Pollock, the head of the Bioengineering Department at the University of Washington. Dr. Pollock has also demonstrated that water is not just H2O. It comes in many different configurations and there is more to the story than hydrogen and oxygen. A key to real understanding is that the bonds behind hydrogen and oxygen are changing constantly. This is important because it shows that water is alive and conscious and always changing. Tap, bottled and filtered water diminish the lively properties of water while structuring it restores nature’s vitality. Many who promote structured water refer to Dr. Pollock as scientific proof. It is important to note that Dr. Pollock’s experiments are conducted by structuring water with infrared light which is not a part of any commercially available drinking water system that we are aware of. His conclusions are helpful for proving the existence of structured water and may have less to do with the Water we immerse ourselves in as we drink, bathe, share, and grow.


Here are a few documents that illuminate structured breathing:





We’ll be adding a lot more information about this soon. The short answer is the Infinity Wave is Water in an energetic form. Previously the Infinity Wave was offered through telesummits like Healing With the Master with Jennifer McLean and now it is offered for free by The Wellness Enterprise and our new venture GodSelf. To receive the free offering of the Infinity Wave, click here.