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Structured Water FAQ

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Structured Water FAQs

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What is Structured Water? 

Structured water is pure water found in nature. It’s water from clean springs and streams and the water in fruits and vegetables like cucumbers and melons. Structured water is the optimal source of hydration, energy and vitality because it’s the water your cells need to function, heal and repair.  Your body was designed to use water as the ultimate fuel. 

According to Bioengineer Dr. Jerry Pollack “…living water is a newly identified phase of water that’s not quite liquid, vapor, or ice. [It’s] identified by an extra hydrogen and oxygen atom, so the molecular structure is H302.” Structured water is electron-rich, 10% denser and has more oxygen than regular H20.

To learn more about Dr. Gerald Pollack’s work, click here.  

What are the health benefits of structured water?

Structured water has many health benefits because it has increased oxygen and an electromagnetic charge. Your body needs structured water to hydrate efficiently, dissolve chemicals and detoxify. The negative charge of structured water allows your cells to communicate with each other and fulfill their role as nature’s internal filter.

How does water get structured?

Water that’s not from a pure source like a mountain stream or spring, can be restructured back to its perfect state. Water can be passed through various types of vortexing devices and reshaped into geometric patterns. As the water flows through the devices, the molecular structure of the water changes. Distorted patterns in the water are then neutralized. 

Usually, we don’t think of anything in nature as having a geometric shape, but there are geometric patterns everywhere in nature, shells, leaves, plants and flowers to name a few. Structured water devices don’t add anything or take anything away from water, they bring harmony to the water as if it was in it’s natural, perfect state. Water structuring devices allow water to restore itself as if it had been in a mountain stream.

Do I need a water filter if I have a structured water device?

The answer is, it depends. Filters are found everywhere in nature. Water itself is a filter. Water, in fact, is known as the universal solvent. As water shifts through its spectrum of states or phases, from vapor to liquid to gel to ice, each of these transformative states filters out different kinds or sizes of particles so that by the time water reaches its ice stage it’s crystal clear.

Water structuring is a physics-based process. Water filters that remove elements from water are chemistry-based.

Here are four instances when a water filter is a good complement to a structured water device:

  1. Taste and Odor: If your water is unappealing because of taste or smell, it’s unlikely you will drink enough to hydrate yourself.
  2. Detoxification: If you are experiencing toxic overload or have a compromised immune system.
  3. Water that is supersaturated: If your well has a lot of organic matter.
  4. Your Values and Beliefs : You feel safer and better about your water if you have a chemistry based water filter and physics based water structuring device.

The important part of treating your water is making sure it has electrical charge from a physics-based water structuring device. Whether you choose a chemistry based water filter or not, know that structured water devices function harmoniously with all chemistry based filters. They complement existing softeners and filters you have and any additional ones you would like to install.

Most people think that chemistry-based whole house water filters are essential for eliminating toxins from your water. Could it be that’s not really the case? We’ve written this article about the topic so that you can decide for yourself.

If you would like to learn more about water filtering, you can find reliable information here at the Hydration Foundation.

What do structured water devices look like?? 

There are many different types of structured water devices, including the first Certified Structured Water Devices, the AQUA ENERGIZERS™. Some are industrial-looking and may be installed in a home, or garden, like a traditional plumbing product. 

All structured water devices offered by The Wellness Enterprise use vortexing and geometric patterns to reshape water. Some devices use precious gems and minerals to add electric charge to water.  

How long does structured water stay structured?

Testing has shown structured water stays structured for years after passing through a structuring device. Under any normal circumstances when you fill a container with structured water and then use the water within a reasonable period of time, it will stay structured. Our preference is to structure water as close as possible to when we consume it. You can learn more about this in our blog: How Long Does Structured Water Stay Structured? 

How many times do you need to run water through a structured water device?

One pass through the device is sufficient. Passing water through the device multiple times can provide additional energy, however, it is not necessary.

How long does a water structuring device last?

Structured water devices are engineered to last a lifetime and each one comes with a manufacturer’s warranty between  5 to 10 years.  Nature’s vortex and sacred geometry never go out of style and with proper care you could be passing your structured water devices from generation to generation of your family.

Do you have any evidence that structured water removes toxins?

The AQUA ENERGIZERS structured water devices enable water to transform toxic compounds into non-toxic states. Our results confirm the work of Dr. Jerry Pollack, that water in the structured or 4th phase controls contaminants. Water is indeed the universal solvent, meant to do the repair work of nature. You can replicate the test yourself with a simple kit available at places like Home Depot! See the test results here.

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