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Dr. Thomas Cowan on the Importance of Structured Water

“Health is the state of perfect intracellular gels.” Experience the significant relationship Dr. Thomas Cowan has unveiled between structured water and blood flow, cancerous tumors, and epigenetics. This information goes well beyond traditional hydration. Water, and its unique structure, is pivotal to life itself.
Dr. Thomas Cowan Structured Water

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“Health is the state of perfect intracellular gels.”

Who is Dr. Thomas Cowan?

Dr. Thomas Cowan, a world-renowned medical doctor, has repeatedly linked overall health to the integrity of structured water in the human body. His contributions to integrative science are rooted in his raw passion, vast knowledge of the human body, and deep appreciation for Dr. Weston A. Price, Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, and anthroposophical physician Dr. Otto Wolff

Aside from his degree in biology from Duke University and completion of medical school at Michigan State College of Human Medicine, Dr. Cowan is also a gifted author, speaker, gardener, and friend amongst his peers. As one of the founders of the Weston A. Price Foundation and vice president of the Physicians Association for Anthroposophic Medicine, he has put tremendous effort into finding the root causes for many illnesses. 

Throughout his lifetime, Dr. Cowan has never shied away from challenging the current doctrine regarding the mechanics of the human body. In his mind, many of the textbook answers to real world problems are faulty. His intuitive questioning and search for truth has led him to the foundational character of structured water in the human body, the natural world, and life itself. 

The physiological significance of structured water has provided Dr. Thomas Cowan with the answers to many of his lifelong questions. What may seem like bold claims in the field of science begin to make perfect sense when Dr. Cowan demonstrates to his listeners how structured water acts in the human heart, naturally occurring sickness, and the reversibility of cancerous tumors. 

The Most Powerful and Natural Water Structuring Device: The Human Heart

During his career, Dr. Cowan has authored and coauthored many powerful books. Three of those books highlight the nature of structured water in the human body. Finding the true function of the heart, determining the role of childhood illness, and exposing the origins of cancer have all led Dr. Cowan to the foundation of health: the integrity of your water. 

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, the first of Dr. Thomas Cowan’s trilogy, explores the heart’s true function. Contrary to popular belief—a phrase synonymous with all things Dr. Cowan—the heart is not a pump. Instead, he argues that the heart’s primary purpose is to create vortices. He explains how the flow rate of blood is equal in both veins and arteries, meaning that the blood enters the heart just as quickly as it leaves. If a pump were present, blood would leave the heart faster than it entered, but that is not the case. Instead, Dr. Cowan attributes blood’s movement to propulsion in the blood vessels. 

Free Flow: Did You Know Blood Moves without a Pump?

Leading water scientist, Dr. Gerald Pollack, recently discovered how a negatively charged gel layer is formed when energized water is in contact with a hydrophilic surface. The hydrophilic, or water-loving, material used in many of the experiments was nafion tubing. Dr. Pollack’s discoveries gave Dr. Thomas Cowan the answers he needed in finding out what actually makes blood flow throughout the human body.

“...separation of electrical charges—again, the natural and inevitable consequence of the interaction of a hydrophilic tube and water—the bulk water will begin to flow from one end of the tube to the other and then out.”

Without having to use a pump, Dr. Cowan teaches how water naturally flows when placed inside of nafion tubing. Coincidentally, this material is similar to what makes up blood vessels. Blood travels from a full stop at the capillaries back to the heart at a healthy rate because there is natural, constant flow instigated by propulsion. 

How does the heart create vortices? 

Dr. Thomas Cowan’s research shows that blood flowing into the heart, via propulsion by the negative gel layer in blood vessels, is then pressurized into the first two chambers. During this process, the two chambers act as a hydraulic ram and create negative pressure that propels blood out of the pulmonary valve in a vortex motion. The suction forms the same type of swirling vortex that is seen curling around rocks in a flowing stream. This process is then repeated when the blood returns from the lungs and enters the remaining two chambers of the heart. Blood then travels throughout the entire body structured, energized, and oxygenated.

Water in Your Body is Much More Than Hydration

Dr. Thomas Cowan Reveals How Vaccines and Illnesses Affect Your Water

In his second book, Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness, Dr. Thomas Cowan explores how adverse, cognitive effects of vaccines, rather than some kind of genetic mutation, are largely due to the disturbance of intracellular water.  

In most naturally occurring illnesses, inflammation brings heat that melts intracellular gels into liquids. These liquids then exit the cell and carry away the toxins that were causing the inflammation. 

Vaccines spark inflammation in the human body like an illness. However, chronic inflammation, as in the case of heavy vaccine regimens, has shown to cross the blood-brain barrier, leaving the recipient with liquifying intracellular water in the brain. Dr. Thomas Cowan believes this finding to be a strong correlation to the autism epidemic. 

A naturally occurring fever raises the body’s temperature, liquifies intracellular gel, and detoxes the body back to health, but a vaccine does not allow the body to return to homeostasis as efficiently. In short, a fever can be beneficial for the body in an acute situation but an autoimmune disease, or heavy vaccine administration, leaves the body in a chronic state of detoxing via gel liquification. Unlike an acute illness, the cells struggle in recovering back to full health. 

Dr. Thomas Cowan Explains How Structured Water in a Human Cell is Ultimately Responsible for Maintaining Homeostasis

There are many biological functions of the human body that must be tightly regulated in order to maintain homeostasis (the capability to restore equilibrium). One pivotal area in overall health is the amount of sodium and potassium that is kept inside and outside of the cell. The separated amount, or gradient, of each electrolyte produces the electrical charge responsible for keeping cells energized, strong, and properly spaced out within the body. Failure to keep this gradient healthy can result in cellular malfunction, various forms of disease, and overall breakdown. Thankfully, the sodium-potassium pump in each of your cells keeps this electrical gradient healthy… Or does it?  

Opening a biology textbook at your local library would lead the reader to believe that the sodium-potassium pump, that is planted in the membrane of each cell, is responsible for keeping the cell’s electrical charge in an optimal state. However, Dr. Thomas Cowan has found that this widespread assumption is ultimately false.

Rethinking Electrolytes and Cellular Health

Dr. Cowan cites the work of Gilbert Ling to exemplify the importance and sensitivity of electrolytes in human cells. Mathematically speaking, Ling discovered that the function of the sodium-potassium pump that is found in current biology textbooks is, in fact, faulty. This pump is simply incapable of keeping the sodium and potassium at healthy levels inside and outside of the cell. Dr. Cowan elaborates:

“While there is a pump in the membrane, it would have to have access to between fifteen and thirty times more energy (in the form of ATP) than is actually available in order to be responsible for the distribution of sodium and potassium.”

There is simply not enough energy in the cell to run the sodium-potassium pump. So what is keeping the cellular charge healthy? Structured water.

Under a microscope, structured water resembles a honeycomb pattern; the water molecules make up a series of hexagons. The structured layout acts as a natural sifter to allow in potassium and exclude sodium from the cell. Dr. Cowan elaborates on how ‘…the cell is precisely configured to “trap” the potassium (in the form of K+) inside the cell and exclude the sodium (in the form of N+).’ This self-sustainability maintains a healthy charge throughout the cell while utilizing no additional energy. Talk about going green! 

This electrical gradient in your cells has many powerful implications in the human body, both in health and sickness. As explained in the following paragraphs, serious illnesses that are unexpectedly brought on can be consciously reversed if this electrical homeostasis is appreciated.

What Wikipedia Doesn’t Know About Structured Water: Epigenetics

“The environment is everything that isn’t me.”

Your environment is crucial to your health. For example, the music you listen to has a frequency that can drastically affect your water structure on a cellular level. In fact, this type of science begins to touch on the quantum level. The change in frequency alters the unfolding of genes within your cell. That same idea of environmental frequency, or resonance, can also be seen in words, tone, color, and intention. Most people have not heard of how inanimate objects, emotions, internal thoughts, and belief systems all have unique frequencies that affect your physical body in various ways. These epigenetic influences, by definition, form an environment inside the cell that will impair or improve genetic unfolding. But why would frequency and structured water be important when talking about your genes?

Why Dr. Thomas Cowan Believes Water is the Foundation of Life

Well, the transcription and translation of DNA into proteins is dependent upon the timing of genetic unfolding. A hormone, for example, can bind to the intracellular water and alter the environment of the cell. This change in the intracellular state can direct parts of DNA to be unfolded producing a certain protein that performs its function in the body. 

In short, the communication within a cell is specific to the water inside the cell. Information is brought in by an outside source, and the structure of the intracellular water determines the timing and route taken by the outside influence to get where it needs to go. Dr. Thomas Cowan writes:

“This explains why water is the foundation of life: It has unlimited flexibility and an unlimited ability to bind with outside influences.”

Thoughts, beliefs, diet, music exposure, and beyond can directly influence DNA sequencing and so much more.  

To see this phenomenon in action, Dr. Masaru Emoto was able to capture the physical changes in water’s crystalline structure when exposed to various words, thoughts, and intentions. All of these epigenetic factors change the physical environment of the cell and affect its overall function. The beauty of this phenomenon comes when you are able to surround yourself with structuring influences in your food, water supply, thought life, natural light source, and overall environment. 

The Most Important Cancer Research You’ve Never Heard of: Structured Water

Dr. Cowan believes that the cancer epidemic continues to grow despite the expensive efforts of the War on Cancer. The genesis of this epidemic, however, did not stem from mutating DNA, oncogenes, or a lack of effort by cancer researchers. In his third book, Cancer and the New Biology of Water, Dr. Cowan writes that the reason cancer is at such a high rate is due to the misconception that the nucleus is where cancer originates. 

Cancer, according to the genius work of Otto Warburg, originates from insufficient mitochondrial function. However, Dr. Thomas Cowan adds that the integrity of the intracellular gel is what allows the mitochondria optimal space and nutrients to remain efficient. In a cancerous cell, the energy supply is not enough to keep the cell healthy. This causes there to be an imbalance of electrolytes. Sodium and potassium are then distributed unevenly and the charge of the cell is altered. 

The Formation of Cancer

As explained in the above paragraphs, a healthy cell should trap potassium and exclude sodium, but a sick cell cannot perform this function. Thus, cells that are starved of energy generate a weaker electrical charge, causing them to clump together. As Dr. Thomas Cowan made clear at the Hydration Solution Summit, this clumping is what causes cancerous tumors to form.

One of the myths that Dr. Cowan educates people about the sodium potassium pump that is thought to facilitate water entering our intracellular spaces. In the video below, Dr. Cowan talks about the work of Gilbert Ling and the fallacy of the sodium potassium pump. It might surprise you to hear that the real mechanism for intracellular hydration is structured water.

Without healthy intracellular water, there is poor energy production, nutrient supply, spatial orientation, and a high risk of developing cancerous growths. Yet, Dr. Cowan drives home the fact that we are ultimately able to choose the health of this structured water in our cells. Our surroundings can only be chosen to an extent, but even the circumstances that inevitably harm our intracellular water can be remedied. 

In Dr. Cowan’s mind, cancer is the product of poor water structure, not the mutating terror that many scientists have believed it to be. It is a perversion of good cellular health, and following the steps towards restructuring your damaged water will drastically improve your overall life. 

How to Structure Your Water

Quality in agriculture, diet, and lifestyle has greatly diminished in recent decades. However, positive changes in these areas, starting with your everyday choices, will reap lasting rewards. Dr. Thomas Cowan urges his listeners to dig deeper into these aspects of health in order to regain water’s structural integrity. This will remove toxins, increase energy, soften joints, transfer information, and improve overall vitality. 

One of the greatest methods to restore this type of natural healing in the body is returning to traditional ways of eating and drinking. Water from an ancient spring had naturally occurring structure, minerals, and energy. Juicy fruits and vegetables have structured water inside their cells that aid in water consumption and rejuvenation. Eating your water is an important step to take when working towards optimal hydration.

This traditional lifestyle is why Dr. Cowan is such a firm believer in the Weston A. Price Foundation and the work of Rudolf Steiner. The legacy of these men sparked organisations that now work to add nutritional value to the modern water and food supply. For example, Reverse Osmosis systems are terrific at stripping toxins from municipal water, but they do so well of a job that they also strip that water of vital minerals. There are simply better ways to filter, and even transform, the water that you drink. Returning to traditional ways of living means bringing water and food back to the high nutritional value they held in the ancient world.

So How Do You Get Access to Structured Water 24/7?

The Wellness Enterprise provides you with the first lab-certified water structuring device that restores your water supply back to traditional, life-giving standards. What was once stagnant, demineralized, chaotic water becomes integrated, symmetrical, and energized. Realistically, you cannot always have a naturally structured water supply straight from the earth, but The Wellness Enterprise has paved a way to restore your stagnant water supplies back to that same ancestral quality. The best part is that you are able to structure your water anywhere you are. We are bringing the ancient spring to you! 

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