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Dr. Gerald Pollack

The most important scientist you've never heard about
Dr.Gerald Pollack Structured Water

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Three Reasons Why You Need to Know the Name Dr. Gerald Pollack

  1. Dr. Gerald Pollack is the winner of the first Emoto Peace Prize for his scientific research of Structured Water.
  2. Dr. Pollack discovered the revolutionary 4th Phase of Water – H3O2.
  3. H3O2 is a critical component in your cellular health and preventive health care.

You’ve probably heard over and over that your body is mostly water, anywhere from 70-90% depending on the source. Well, it’s true, your body is mostly water, but as it turns out, it’s not H2O.

H3O2 - The 4th Phase of Water

Dr. Gerald Pollack is a biomedical engineering research scientist from the University of Washington that discovered a new state of water beyond liquid, solid and vapor. H3O2, sometimes called gel water, structured water or exclusion zone water (EZ water), is in between a solid and a liquid. An extra hydrogen molecule and an extra oxygen molecule make it silkier than H2O. This matters because that 70 – 90% you’ve heard about in your body is actually H3O2. That’s why water doesn’t come gushing out of you like a hose if you get a cut. Your cells are full of the thicker, H3O2. 

In his book Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life, Dr. Pollack explains that water is central to every process that your body goes through. Water enables transitions from one state to another, regardless of whether it’s your nerves, muscles, cells or carrying DNA. Did you know that when you get a blood test, your doctor can tell how well hydrated you are at a cellular level? If you are dehydrated, all of the numbers for your other blood markers will be out of kilter. If you’re properly hydrated, your blood test will reveal the true health of your organs and other bodily functions.  

Dr. Pollack coined the term exclusion zone water or EZ water because he recognized that the H3O2 in your body was structured and could exclude even the smallest particles. In short, that means that the water in your body can act like a natural filter. If the water in your body is acting like a filter, then it’s preventing impurities from penetrating your cells. And of course, being healthy at a cellular level is the essence of disease prevention.

Water in Nature

Water in nature is naturally structured even though you can’t see any form in it. At a molecular level, under a microscope water has shapes that are organized in geometric patterns. Spring water, waterfalls and glaciers are structured. And the water in fruits and vegetables is naturally structured. What Dr. Gerald Pollack has revealed to us is that if we want to get our bodies into alignment with nature and health, we need to be thinking about hydration with structured water.

How Water Can Be Structured Outside of Nature - The Pollack Methodology

Various types of water structuring devices can be used to reshape water and restore it back to its original, natural state. When water flows through specialized systems utilizing geometric patterns, it’s reenergized and transformed into H3O2. 

Dr. Gerald Pollack clearly states on his website that he may not be affiliated with any companies that are using his name. However, The Wellness Enterprise is proud to say that our AQUA ENERGIZER™ line does indeed have certification from HyFo Lab, LLC. The HyFo Lab testing protocol is based on training and inspiration from the Pollack Lab, University of Washington.  verifying the water structuring. That certification scientifically verifies that the AQUA ENERGIZER line produces the H3O2, which enables the highest level of intracellular hydration. 

You’ve probably had “8 glasses a day” drummed into your head for a long time. It’s really not about the quantity of water but the quality of the water that you drink. We’d love to introduce you to our AQUA ENERGIZER line, the First Certified Structured Water Devices. We’re committed to helping you be the healthiest version of yourself with restorative, energized, structured water.  

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