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AQUA ENERGIZER™ Structured Water Portable Device

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The AQUA ENERGIZER™ Portable Structured Water Device is the first scientifically verified and certified structured water device in the world. Each unit is hand-assembled from copper, quartz, and minerals.

The Portable is handheld and easy to carry around. With it, you can drink energized, healthful water when you’re out and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant, at work, or on the road traveling. In your home, you can use it at all sinks and faucets, for your pets and plants. It is also very pairs very well with a water pitcher if you are looking for a portable filtration and structuring solution. Your mind will be at ease as you use your Portable Device to turn ordinary tap water into the fuel your cells crave.




P.S. It’s worth the wait.




This new generation of Portable Structured Water Devices, based on the latest scientific breakthroughs, is here to boost you to optimal hydration while receiving the natural action of the ancestral elements of supercharged water. Prepare yourself to experience water like never before with the Structured Water Portable Device. Experience the crisp clean taste and more energy than ever. To learn all about the AQUA ENERGIZER™, click here!


  • Weight: 13 ounces
  • Length: 6.5 inches
  • Materials used: Copper, Quartz, Minerals
  • Water Pressure: Approved for up to 80 psi

Use and Care

Please follow these instructions for proper use and care for the Portable Structured Water device.

Please note we recommend you only pour water through your Aqua Energizer. If you choose to pour other liquids through it, a quick rinse immediately afterwards is the best practice. Also, the only Aqua Energizer that may require cleaning is the portable. The other devices are all maintained in a clean state by the water that flows through them.

There are a variety of options for cleaning your Aqua Energizer and you are free to choose the option that feels best to you. There is no right or wrong option, just a choice for you to make based on your preferences.

We’ll start with the simplest first. One of our customers taught us that he cleans his portable device with his waterpik. The combination of the simplicity of cleaning with water and pressure is really appealing to us so you might want to start by giving this a try.

If you are after a more thorough cleaning and the issue is not resolved by water under pressure, we recommend beginning by plugging the bottom of the unit with your index finger. Fill with distilled vinegar. Cover the top with your palm. Shake for 20 seconds. Pour out the vinegar. Pour distilled water through the whole unit to rinse. Cover the unit in a glass of distilled water for an hour or more. Remove from the distilled water and set unit on its side to dry. Place the unit under the sink faucet and flush with warm water until water is clear.

If you have Extra Hard Water and notice extra mineral build up on the outside of the device, do the following:

Add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of salt to a container of water. Place the Portable device in a container of water. Leave the unit submerged for one hour. Then rinse thoroughly with distilled water. Pour a small amount of fractionated coconut oil to coat the inside of the unit and prevent future issues. Rinse once more with distilled water.

For the strongest cleaning possible for items like mold, mildew or bacteria:

As seen in countless settings around the world including restaurants and hospitals, the safest thing and accepted standard for cleaning mold, mildew or bacteria is killing them with chlorine (or bleach). While we would prefer not to pass chlorine through Aqua Energizers, the reality is there is a little bit of chlorine in almost all water and what we are recommending is simply increasing the concentration for a moment.

Please follow these steps to clean your Portable Aqua Energizer. Please note, there is no exact way, right way or wrong way to do this just like we all wash dishes or clean our kitchen a little differently:

  1. Mix chlorine (or bleach) with water in a concentrated amount and pour it into the Aqua Energizer. Leave it for as long as you like from seconds to hours. Fill the whole inside of the portable or just put in an ounce or two and shake it up.

  2. Remove the chlorine water mix

  3. Rinse thoroughly

  4. Prepare a Re-Seasoning Mix with:

2 parts white vinegar

1 part himalayan salt

4 parts warm water

The water in the Re-Seasoning Mix should be warm to the touch but not hot or cold. Think hand washing water temperature. The purpose of the water is to serve as a carrier. The white vinegar serves to aggressively get the chlorine out. The salt, loaded with trace minerals, is what re-seasons the Aqua Energizer. Together the mix removes residual chlorine and restores the natural surface.

  1. Pour the Re-Seasoning Mix into the Aqua Energizer, cover the ends and shake vigorously for as long as you like

  2. Rinse thoroughly and resume normal use


Is there any reason to be concerned about copper toxicity?

The amount of copper which might be dissolved is in the parts per billion. Copper is used internationally as the gold standard for pumping due to its safety. This is a result of the low toxicity of copper to humans and its high toxicity to human pathogens. We have chosen copper for our housing in order to meet the highest standard for plumbing materials internationally.

In an effort to further understand this position and check our work, we consulted with one of the world’s foremost experts in copper, Morley Robbins of the Root Cause Protocol.  Mr. Robbins assured us not only of the safety of our devices but also of the grave misunderstanding of copper toxicity by the public.  Mr. Robbins publishes extensive information on the importance of copper in energy creation and exhaust removal in the human body.  For further information we highly recommend visiting his site:  Root Cause Protocol

Does the AQUA ENERGIZE™ mineralize water?

Yes. Mineralization is the scientific process of making minerals bioavailable. The AQUA ENERGIZER changes the oxidation state of minerals in water changing them from undissolved to dissolved thereby making them bioavailable. AQUA ENERGIZERS also imprint the frequency of a wide range of trace minerals onto water.

For those who are more scientifically minded, here is a further explanation:

By generating H3O2, a bonding site on the oxygen molecule is freed up. This allows for the powerful electronegativity of oxygen to exerts itself on other chemicals and elements which can be either dissolved or in colloidal suspension in the water. This results in the mineralization of many prevalent compounds including carbonates, decreasing turbidity and increasing the TDS of calcium and other essential mineral nutrients.

Can I pour boiling water through my AQUA ENERGIZER Portable device?

We don’t recommend pouring boiling water through your device. In our testing we discovered boiling water can cause the outer coating to become sticky before it cools and becomes normal again. Over the long term this may lead to deterioration in the coating. As such we recommend you make your coffee or tea by pouring cold water through your portable and then heating the water.

Why does my device rattle when I move it?

AQUA ENERGIZERS are engineered with natural materials that change as conditions change. For example, the outer copper shell expands and contracts with changes in temperature. As a byproduct of these changes in the materials a noise from crystals moving can sometimes be heard when handling an Aqua Energizer device. These noises are normal and part of the design. Aqua Energizers have been tested extensively under normal shipping and life conditions. The only time you need to be concerned that a device may not be functioning properly is if a crystal ball comes out of the device.

What is the outer coating of the AQUA ENERGIZER made of?

The outer coating is a bioplastic produced from plant derivatives and imprinted with amorphous silicate and trace minerals. Amorphous silicate is a specific structure of silica that is used as a non-toxic additive to coatings for the purpose of increasing the structural integrity and resilience of the coating. AQUA ENERGIZERS have been tested thoroughly including chipping the outer portion of the device and we have verified that chipping in the blue outer shell does not impact function.

What if my device gets a chip on the outside of the ormus mineral coating?

Part of the cause for the functions of the AQUA ENERGIZER is our adherence to the natural principles and commitment to ensuring we don’t create a product that is made of harmful chemicals. All of our ingredients are natural and as such, they are subject to blemishes and changes, just like nature herself.  We choose to only use natural materials and not seal the AQUA ENERGIZER structured water portable device with a chemical that would keep the outside unblemished but would combine a toxic element into the natural elements we are so dedicated to providing you with.

In resonance with the principles of an all natural device, the outside of the AQUA ENERGIZER are covered in this beautiful blue ormus. Ormus is made from sea water, morning dew and ash. It is then blended with plant resins and adhered to the outside of the devices. The result is an abundance of mineral information that is imprinted on the device and available to your water as it passes through the vortex. The ormus serves as a dual function as it provides mineral information and beauty at the same time.

What we have discovered is that the living ormus on the outside of the AQUA ENERGIZERS is that when we remove a portion of the ormus from the outside of the device, the color sometimes comes back. Frankly we have been in awe of this as it illustrates the living nature of the elements we are working with. In this world, where almost all products have been engineered to be soul-less, we encourage you to recognize that part of the living soulful nature of the coating of the AQUA ENERGIZERS is that it will change over time. If your AQUA ENERGIZER is chipped, it will not affect the function but it will give you the opportunity to see whether the space fills in overtime.  Enjoy these living soul filled devices and if you need something with a perfect unblemished finish, we recommend you purchase a different product.

How does the Mineral Information imprint into water?

Dr. Masaru Emoto taught the world about imprinting information on water.  Through water crystallization photographs Emoto demonstrated that words on the outside of a water bottle impact the crystalline structure of the water inside the bottle.  To see examples of these images and explore Dr. Emoto’s work in more detail click here.

While many people around the world tape words like “love” to their bottles we’ve always been reluctant to offer a product with human words on it.  The reason is quite simple: morphic fields.

Ruppert Sheldrake teaches the concept of morphic fields explaining the way energies congregate around a word. For the AQUA ENERGIZERS we didn’t want to put a word written on them and then in turn have all the associations that humans have with that word be transmitted to the water inside.

That’s because while human words can carry complicated vibrations, there are natural elements that are eternal that carry harmony and coherence. This is why we are such big fans of sacred geometry and spending time in nature. There’s no substitute for the infinite communication created by the Creator (God, Universe, The Divine, you choose your version). In our experience the language of the Creator is communicated through vortexing and sacred geometry, movement and shapes.

In resonance with these principles, the outside of AQUA ENERGIZERS are covered in a beautiful blue ormus. This ormus is made from sea water, morning dew and ash. It is then blended with plant resins and adhered to the outside of the devices. The result is an abundance of mineral information that is imprinted on the device and available to your water as it passes through the vortex. The ormus serves a dual function as it provides mineral information and beauty at the same time.

What is the intention of the Ormus coating on the device?

The Ormus coating on the Aqua Energizer is intended as nutritional information for drinking water. It is responsible for the sweet taste that many people experience. Our intention is to continue to explore with natural materials and to deliver as many energetic and physical benefits as are fitting for water and achievable.

The AQUA ENERGIZERS are certified for how much pressure water?

AQUA ENERGIZERS units are engineered with heavy gauge copper with a service working pressure of 420 PSI which under normal water pressure and use conditions (40 PSI, no substantial corrosive effects) offers a life expectancy of up to 100 years.

The units are certified to work at 80 psi which in most areas is the highest pressure allowable in homes. Using the device at 80 psi offers a life expectancy of 50 years. While our intentions and materials are chosen to support you for the longest time possible, please be aware that these are expectations and not a warranty. The warranty for the AQUA ENERGIZER is 7 years.

Why does my AQUA ENERGIZER™ look a little different than others?

Each AQUA ENERGIZER™ is hand crafted to bring you the best form of energized and hydrating water possible. It is like an unreplicable piece of art. Thus, each device is unique with imperfect design outcomes that are a result of the devices being hand assembled with all natural materials.
There are often slight variations in colors between devices depending on the particular batch produced. The different colors and patterns on each batch are illustrated by nature at the time of creating the outer coating, or ormus. This is part of the unique process of making your device. The color of the ormus has no effect on how the device structures your water, rather it has the imprint of Nature to enhance the mineralization of your water.
The natural materials used by the inventor of the AQUA ENERGIZER to create the ormus are meant to imprint the trace mineral frequencies they contain into the water as the water passes through the device. The beautiful coating is like the Dr. Emoto images you’ve most likely seen. According to Dr. Emoto, everything that exists has an energy frequency that can be carried in water, which is why the AQUA ENERGIZER only uses natural components in its design. Because of this, if the AQUA ENERGIZER hits a hard surface, it can chip, but this does not affect the function of the device at all. It will still structure and energize water as it was created to do.

Does the AQUA ENERGIZER™ filter out biologics or bacteria in my water?

At this time, AQUA ENERGIZER™ Structured Water Devices are manufactured for the potable water market.

There is a type of contamination in water that comes from viruses, bacteria and pathogens. Together these are known as biologics and they are considered living contamination. Chlorination makes water potable by killing these living forms of biological contamination.

In the future we hope to offer AQUA ENERGIZERS for biological contamination. Unfortunately, it may be a while before we do so as specific (and expensive) medical grade testing will be required before a biologics claim can be made.


Drink and energize in peace. This Structured Water device is sustainable and doesn’t use any material that can harm mother earth. It replaces a lifetime of plastic bottles. No plastic is used in the manufacturing process.

Ayurveda and Copper

Ayurvedic medicine, along with Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, developed more than 3.000 years ago in India. A core principle of Ayurveda is the balance of the universal elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. The way these elements are distributed in your body forms a Dosha. Throughout their millenary research, the ayurvedic doctors were able to identify 3 types of doshas: Vata, the combination of space and air; Pitta, fire and water, and Kapha: water and earth. A healthy body has the doshas in perfect balance.

Ayurveda medicine traditionally uses copper vessels to store water and they believe that this metal played an important role in balancing the doshas. Copper has been used for thousands of years to purify water as well since it is able to kill harmful microbes, fungi, and bacteria. This process is called the Oligodynamic Effect. The Ayurveda tradition additionally evidenced the healing properties of copper, is one of the firsts examples of supplementing the human diet with trace minerals. Modern scientific researches have supported many of the ayurvedic techniques and have evidenced that copper plays an important role in cardiovascular health, neuron signaling, immune system, collagen production, among others.


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