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Regenerative Agriculture and Water

Regenerative Agriculture

This year Netflix premiered the documentary “Kiss the Ground” about Regenerative Agriculture. It’s becoming more apparent that our agricultural practices can be the solution to problems like global warming and gut health. Structured Water plays a major role in restoring our lands.

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Vitajuwel, What is the best water bottle for you?

Choosing a water bottle you love is a big deal. You are determined to be part of the change and want to switch from plastic bottles to healthier and sustainable alternatives and any support that makes it easier for you to do the right thing is always welcome.

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5 Facts about hydration

5 Surprising Hydration Facts You May Not Know

Hydration doesn’t just keep you moist, it works from the inside out to overcome fatigue and lack of focus, gives you easy fluid movement, helps digest your food, and washes away waste and contaminants in your system. Hydration actually gives you energy you need for thinking, feeling and healing. Water is really your fuel and being hydrated is preventative care.

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Dr Zach Bush 100% of us are dehydrated

Dr. Zach Bush’s Evidence for our New Dehydration Epidemic

We are facing an epidemic, a dehydration epidemic where 100% of us are now dehydrated. Listen to The Hydration Foundation’s interview with Dr. Zach Bush as he provides his clinical evidence of how he knows we are all dehydrated. More importantly, he shares his thoughts on the underlying reasons behind the epidemic:

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How to protect from cellphone EMF

How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

Holland Franklin, EMF expert and Feng Shui Consultant shares some personal experiences with both the effects of over-exposure to wireless technology and the benefits of structured water, which has been a godsend for her health, as she claims.

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Hydration: Tap into the Energy of the Universe.

Bold Statements by Dr. Zach Bush about Structured Water. In this interview, Dr. Zach Bush, MD will forever alter your understanding of what we are doing when we DRINK, EAT MOVE.  Dr. Bush speaks with the Hydration Foundation in our Doctor Talk series on the urgency of hydration,  hydration as our energy source and as the ultimate solvent for toxins.

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