Fulvic with Ionic Magnesium Mineral Drops

Fulvic with Ionic Magnesium 4oz
Benefits Providing the best form of Magnesium you can take, Ionic Magnesium, supercharged by Fulvic for advanced absorption and utilization. Encourages relaxation, helps reduce stress, calms nerves. Promotes positive sleep habits, ease of falling and staying asleep. Supports positive mood and feelings of well-being. Can help reduce inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity. Fulvic naturally carries a full spectrum of ionic macro, micro and trace minerals and elements.



What is the expiration date for the product?

Fulvic acid does not have a know expiry date when stored under the right conditions away from heat, light and oxygen.

What is the white stuff that is on and around the dropper?

It’s dried minerals and completely normal.

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