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Best Water Filter Ever

Installation Instructions

If there’s anything we’ve learned about people and aesthetics it’s that there are a gazillion varieties. With the Best Water Filter Ever you can have it just the way you want it. We’ll focus on the purity and safety of your water by providing the filter, housing, quick connects and flexible tubing and you can choose the faucet and aesthetics that are right for you.

The Best Water Filter Ever comes with ¼ inch quick connects in each end of the housing. Simple insert your ¼ inch tubing and let the water flow. Quick connects function well with 1/4 inch copper as well as flexible tubing. Hire a licensed plumber to install your filter. We offer no warranty for the flexible tubing, connectors or connections that are made during installation. 

Faucet and angle stop valve / cold water “T” are not included.

There are many varieties of drinking water faucets available such as those on Amazon. Here is a link to one available in Brushed Nickel and Chrome. The most important feature in selecting a faucet is that it is made to connect to a ¼ inch supply tube.

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