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Fellow Australians! Our heart goes out to you for all you’ve been through over the last year. To support faster access to products, we now have many products from our shop available for you locally.  Keep raising the vibration! We love you!


You can contact our local rep, Jules Serhan, and she will get your questions and order sorted!

What is Water Magic 101?

Water Magic 101®, is a $497 value jam-packed resource loaded with tips and information on how to bring the real magic of Structured Water into your life. This course is offered as a Bonus with purchases of devices through The Wellness Enterprise and our Water Ambassadors.

This highly praised 30 day course answers questions people have as they awaken to the possibilities of living in harmony with Water.  It may be a new concept for you to understand if you are just beginning to integrate Structured Water in your life, but these devices are a lot more than sacred geometric shapes that change water molecules. With integration in your thoughts, habits and beliefs, Structured Water is an opening into an awe inspired life filled with sparkling brilliance.

I can’t find the Water Magic course in my email.  Do you know where it is?

Check your Promotions Tab or Spam Folder.  You can also do a search by subject line “Welcome to Water Magic 101!” to locate the first Water Magic email. To begin the course, open that first email and click the “I Agree” button.