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VitaJuwel Leak

Think you have a Leaky Bottle?

We are dedicated to your total satisfaction.  Our experience shows “leaky” bottles are caused by misunderstandings about the function of VitaJuwel bottles and their washers. This video demonstrates tricks and tips to ensure your VitaJuwel bottle never leaks:

Please also review the information shared on the VitaJuwel Use and Care page.  The VitaJuwel Use and Care page will support you with enjoying your VitaJuwel bottle for a lifetime.

If your “leaky” bottle problem persists (and we’re almost certain it won’t after you review the information and videos, contact us with your responses to the following questions:

(1) Did the bottle leak from the time you received it or develop over time? Is the washer in the bottom lid flat and snug or uneven? (note the washer is clear and can be difficult to see.

(2) Did you make sure the gem pod is screwed on tightly and is not crooked in any way? Did you tighten it an extra little turn?

(3) Are you positive that what might appear like leakage is not water that ran down into the crack between gempod and glass piece while you were filling the bottle. We know this sounds weird, but we had several of those cases in the past. 🙂