VitaJuwel Affiliate Program

VitaJuwel Affiliate Program Consignment Offer

 Receive Affiliate Commissions

Receive Bonus Points for Free Products

Receive our most expensive product, a Grande Decanter and Vial as a BONUS when you sell your first case of VitaJuwel Gem Water bottles. *

The VitaJuwel Consignment Offer is the path to making more money with a $1 upfront investment. Your customers will love it as you offer them unique, high vibration products and you’ll love it as you sell inventory that you pay for after it is sold.  Delight your customers by offering them VitaJuwel Gem Water products!

How it Works

We’ll send you your first case of VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottles for only $1! You’ll receive a 10% affiliate commission on every bottle you sell whether you sell them all or not.

AND, if you pay us for the case of bottles within 90 days of ordering, not only will you keep the  10% affiliate payment you’ll also keep a VitaJuwel Grande Dispenser and Vial! That’s $500 in VitaJuwel Product Bonuses! Yours for selling just 18 bottles.**

Join spiritual connectors, massage therapists, energy healers, wellness providers and the businesses listed below who are deepening their customer relationships with the VitaJuwel Affiliate Program.  Listen to what one of our VitaJuwel Affiliates has to say:

“I had a booth at a recent event for naturopaths and I included VitaJuwel Gem Water products for the first time. I noticed they had a magnetic effect on people. I had more visitors, made more money and my table looked classy!”

Dellray Baker

The VitaJuwel Affiliate Consignment Program was created with your lifestyle and mission in mind to make it easy for you to be uplifted by gem water while simultaneously sharing with your community.  Here are just a few of the many businesses who are taking advantage of this offer:

Think Theta Healing Center in Los Angeles, California

VigorMe Rejuvenation Center in North Miami Beach, Florida

Jewels of Health Holistic Healing Center in Lake Worth, Florida

Open Doors Healing and Spiritual Center in North Braintree, Massachusetts

Balance Yoga Studio in Cohassett, Massachusetts

Aquarian Wave Consulting in Hanover, Massachusetts

Virtual Space Clearing in Prior Lake, Minnesota

The Alchemist of Sound in Salt Lake City, Utah

Windows into Wellness Coaching in Austin, Texas

How to Participate in the VitaJuwel Consignment Offer

  • Sign up for our VitaJuwel Affiliate Program if you haven’t done so already.
  • Purchase the VitaJuwel Consignment Offer for $1.
  • We will send you a case of 18 VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottles*, a Grande Decanter and a VitaJuwel Vial.**
  • The value of the products you’ll receive is:

$2300 of VitaJuwel Products for $1 Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 90th day after your order we will complete your purchase by charging your credit card an additional $1692.80 (the retail price of the 18 bottles minus $1.00 minus 10% affiliate commission) and you keep any unsold bottles, the Grande Dispenser and your Vial! That’s over $2300 worth of merchandise for a total of just $1693.80 with only $1 down. WOW!!!!!


A consignment offer like this requires capital to finance orders. Demand is high and capital may not be available at the time of your order. If we are sold out at the time of your order,  we will add you to the waiting list and contact you when we are able to fulfill your order.



What if a customer wants to buy VitaJuwel Products that are available on and I don’t have them available in my consignment case?

A benefit of the VitaJuwel Affiliate Program is you are able to sell ALL PRODUCTS available on If a customer wants to buy a product that you don’t have in inventory from your consignment case, provide them your affiliate link and ask them to make their purchase on If you don’t have your affiliate link, you can ask them to write your name in the How Did You Found Out About Us field in the order checkout. Either way, we’ll know they came from you and credit you for the commission.

What happens if I don’t sell as many bottles as I planned on and can’t pay the $1692.80 after 90 days?

  1. Contact us to review the steps listed below.
  2. Pay for the bottles that were sold.
  3. Receive a return authorization from The Wellness Enterprise, Inc for unsold bottles.
  4. Return merchandise using insured shipping method.
  5. Return unsold bottles, Grande Dispenser and Vial.
  6. Receive 100% credit for items in new condition.
  7. Receive 50% credit for items in used condition.

DO NOT return bottles without doing the above mentioned steps.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

  • Be aware that as a part of The VitaJuwel Affiliate Program all sales to your customers must be priced at or above VitaJuwel’s Minimum Advertised Pricing. This means that you cannot publicly sell merchandise lower than any price listed on
  • All orders to purchase the VitaJuwel Consignment Offer are conditional until accepted and approved by The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. (This is because demand exceeds supply at various times and we will have to use a waiting list.)
  • VitaJuwel Affiliates with transactions requiring sales tax in Massachusetts are responsible for Massachusetts Sales Tax. To understand the details and how you can easily ensure Massachusetts sales tax is paid, read here.

*Your order includes the contents listed below:

**Grande and Vial Bonuses require completing payment to The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. of first case of 18 bottles within 90 days.