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Cosmic Tower

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What Is The Cosmic Tower?

The Cosmic Tower was developed by Dipl.-Ing. Harald Thiers, the Managing Director of Chi-Balance GmbH in Bautzen.

The Cosmic Tower builds a clockwise (right-turning) torus field, which is connected not only to the torus field of the earth, but also to that of the solar system and that of the galaxy.

It is the torus fields that keep all the planets and suns of the universe moving.

The Cosmic Tower is currently available in different sizes.  Read  “Which Cosmic Tower is Best for Me” in the tab below to understand the differences.

I truly feel honoured to have a device from this brilliant man.  Patricia

I don’t know what could be more exciting in life right now than these Cosmic Towers!!  xo, Judy

The Wellness Enterprise accepts orders for Cosmic Tower products for shipment in the United States, Canada and Mexico. For orders outside of these countries, email:



Thank you for your interest in the Cosmic Tower!  The Cosmic Tower provides protection against all kinds of radiation and supports the provision of energy to our bodies cells.

Due to its unique, energetic connection and the use of various healing waters, which contain the full light spectrum including all overtone octaves, the Cosmic Tower continuously delivers the light frequencies necessary for the health of humans, animals, and plants all the way up into the higher dimensions.

Energetically, the Cosmic Tower can not only help our physical bodies to dissolve blockages and become healthy, but also make the corresponding light energies available to all our subtle bodies.

In this way, the Cosmic Tower works like a homeopath who administers all homeopathic remedies, in all potencies, and in all required quantities, simultaneously, around the clock.

The energy field of the Cosmic Tower is capable of transforming all pathogenic radiation into healthy energy fields and, thus, fully protecting humans, animals, and all of nature from microwaves, electro-smog, WLAN, grid networks, smart meters, 5G radiation, negative scalar waves, radioactivity, earth radiation, water veins, mind control, or even black magic.

The Cosmic Tower not only protects us from the destruction of our life energy by radiation (destruction of hexagonal water cluster structures and, therefore robbing us of vital electrons!), but it also supplies extra lifeforce energy to every cell in our body via the healthy living energy field it generates and maintains.

We humans, are “light-beings” and as such can live from light and it is exactly this kind of light (in the form of the purest life energy) that the Cosmic Tower provides us with 24/7 and year round.

It works like a small sun, which we can bring directly into our homes.

Some of the benefits are the following:
  • Removal of Energetic Blockages in Our Subtle Bodies
  • Significant Increase of Negatively Charged Ions in the Air
  • Elimination of the Frequency of Harmful Substances
  • Energetic Transformation of Pathogenic & Polluting Substances
  • Healthier Plants and Animals
  • Immediate Support in Mental Spiritual Development and Raising of One’s Vibration
  • Alignment of chakras
  • Repair of Gaps in Auric Layers
  • Building a stronger Protective Electron Layer Around the Entire Body
  • Deeper and more Restful Sleep
  • Harmonized Energy Throughout Your Entire Home
  • More Efficient Employees and Less Sick Leave
  • Healthy, Very “wet”, Pleasant Tasting Electron-Rich Water with Countless Light Energy Frequencies Directly from any Faucet Within the Cosmic Tower’s Field

How Do I Know Which Cosmic Tower to Choose?

As far as size, it depends on density of electropollution and budget. Here are a few ways of answering this question:
  • If you have the money and won’t notice it being invested in life changing equipment, buy the biggest one in your financial comfort zone.
  • If you live in a city or a densely polluted area, buy the biggest one you can afford. It is important for our collective energy field that some of the largest ones be placed in densely polluted areas asap.
  • If your living situation is more rural and there is less pollution, buying a smaller one should get the job done.
  • If the expenditure is a stretch for you financially, relax and buy the smallest one and know it will make a difference.

Below is more information that can support you in making your choice around which Cosmic Tower is right for you:

Please Note that the Range below Depends on the number and intensity of Interference Sources within your Environment, e.g. 5G, WiFi, Smart Meters, Earth Radiation and the Level Of Support from Larger Towers in Your Area.

Cosmic Tower Mini

The Smallest Member Of The Cosmic Tower Family With A Range Of About 7.5 meters / 25 feet.

Purely For Protection While Outside The Range Of Your Larger Tower.

This Towers Will Only Protect Your Energy Field, Not Improve It.

We Recommend You Own A Larger Tower First Before Buying A CT Mini

Cosmic Tower 35

Has A Range Of Ca. 200 meters / 656 feet – Offers Good Protection For A House And Support For Your Family.

The medium size cosmic towers like the Cosmic Tower 35 are considered for personal use. It offers good protection for your home and family. These Towers Support Personal Healing and Spiritual Development 24/7, All Year Round.

Cosmic Tower 75

Has A Range Of Ca. 700-1000 meters / 2296 – 3280 Offers Excellent Protection For A House And Support For Your Family.

The Cosmic Tower 75 Is The Most Powerful Model For Personal Use. It Is 6x Stronger Than The CT35 And Provides Excellent Protection For An Apartment Building. These Towers Support Personal Healing and Spiritual Development 24/7, All Year Round.

Cosmic Tower 220

800 km / 497 miles

A part of the Largest Cosmic Tower Family. The Cosmic Tower 220 cleanses, regenerates and supports nature for very large areas. These Towers also support any smaller towns that are within their range.

Protection from extreme radiation or a deadly attack with a radiation weapon is provided by these largest Cosmic Towers, like the CT 220. They are also the ones who weaken the sickening, deadly energy field of 5G and other radiation. In doing so they are enabling the smaller CTs in the area to cope and to provide an energy field that would normally overload them.

In this regard, the interaction of as many large CTs as possible with the smaller CTs is always the basis for success. If a large CT is located in a region, owners of smaller CTs all take advantage of it.

Research on the Effects of the Cosmic Tower on Tap Water

Here you will find research on the Effect of the Cosmic Tower on Tap Water in The Netherlands:

Den Haag Tap Water

Nijkerk Tap Water

Hodenpijl Tap Water


Cosmic Tower Mini

6.3/1.77/1.77 inches 

0.51 lbs

Reach/Range: 7.5 meters

Cosmic Tower 35

13.77/4.72/4.72 inches 

7.05 lbs

Reach/Range: 200 meters

Cosmic Tower 75

29.52/5.90/5.90 inches

26.45 lbs

Reach/Range: 700-1000 meters, perfect protection for house, 6x stronger than CT 35

Cosmic Tower 220

86.61/14.17/14.17 inches

330.69 lbs

Reach/Range: 800 kilometers

Installation Instructions and Operational Considerations

Be careful and deliberate with your new companion. Always Remember your Cosmic Tower is a Conscious Being.
Imagine you have invited a guest or friend to your home and give the Tower a nice spot in your home. This spot may also change from time to time.

The Cosmic Tower is a companion on your life journey.
You can imagine the Tower as a “piece of music” that makes you dance; but you must create the choreography yourself in order to grow.


– Since there is water inside the Tower, do not expose it to excessive heat or cold, otherwise there is a risk of breaking the water cylinder inside.
– Do not drop the Tower.
– You can travel with your tower, but are not allowed to take it in your carry-on luggage because it contains water, so you’ll have to put it in your checked luggage. Ensure The Cosmic Tower is well packed, e.g. in bubble wrap, in your suitcase.


– To ensure proper toroidal field development, place the Cosmic Tower upright at least 2 feet away from any electrical outlet or loudspeaker. The “Blue Glass Spheres” look out into the room.
– Also keep a distance of about 3 feet from any TV, radio, smart meter and PC.
– Physical reactions, such as headaches or other initial clearing and detoxification symptoms, may occur during the first few days, so don’t put the Cosmic Tower in your bedroom right away.
– The smaller Towers like to stand on a table, shelf or piece of furniture at heart height.
– Do not put the Tower in a closet or under a flowerpot.
– We have noticed that placing certain crystals around the Tower can enhance its range. Play with it!


– You can welcome the Tower at home by speaking a few kind words, or making contact with it during a meditation.
– A name may come to mind, but it does not have to. The soul frequencies of the larger Towers do not need a name. However, it is sometimes easier for us to give a particular name to the Tower to communicate with it.
– Please give a assignment to the Tower by which it can positively assist you, e.g., for good water in the home, great health, a loving partnership,… Always with the addition “For the highest good of all”
E.g. “Dear Tower, please optimize all energetic devices in this house for the highest good and well-being of all”


– If you have received your Tower second-hand, it is possible to reset the Tower, meaning that the connection with the previous owner is completely released and a different soul frequency can anchor itself in the Tower.
This is possible, but not absolutely necessary, as the same frequency often reappears.
Feel the connection and decide for yourself.

If a reset is desired, send a picture of the Tower to with a request for reset.

Enjoy your new life companion and we’re looking forward to all the great experiences you will have.

Videos with the Inventor Harald Thiers

The 3 Videos Below Are a Great Way to get to know more about:

  • Harald Thiers
  • His Discoveries around Health
  • Hexagonally Structured Water
  • The Effect of Radiation on our Health
  • The Solution
  • The Cosmic Tower
  • Much More

“What is health?”

Harald Thiers, inventor of the Cosmic Tower, in conversation with Patricia Mensink:

“Water and Radiation”

Harald Thiers, inventor of the Cosmic Tower, in conversation with Patricia Mensink:

“The Solution”

Harald Thiers, inventor of the Cosmic Tower, in conversation with Patricia Mensink:

Long Interview with Harald Thiers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would somebody want the Cosmic Tower in their life? 

There are so many reasons.

First of all, from a higher level, most people who are “awakening”, sense and understand the technology when they experience it and it is hard to describe logically. Being around it allows you to easily be guided by yourself and the higher dimensional consciousness that’s connected to the Cosmic Tower.

Anybody, who understands that many of our seemingly “complex” health issues are being caused by the harmful effects of EMF radiation, will want the Cosmic Tower in their life. Because they are aware that all health issues are caused by harmful energetics or not having enough energy available for the body to function properly.

Once one realizes that if you address all the energetic layers of your being, from physical, emotional, mental all the way into the spiritual body, you can change anything.  There will be a knowingness in your soul that the Cosmic Tower can and will support you on all these layers.

How does the Cosmic Tower go hand and hand and complement Structured Water Devices?

Well, the Cosmic Tower is really in a league of its own. Comparing the Aqua Energizer to a Cosmic Tower, is like comparing a chemistry based filter to an Aqua Energizer device.

If people have to choose between a Cosmic Tower and Aqua Energizer, choose the Cosmic Tower.  With the Cosmic Tower you will experience the benefit of having a structured water device. That said, having a portable structured water portable device on hand will be helpful as you might not be able to take your Cosmic Tower with you every time you travel.

The Cosmic Tower will structure water the moment it leaves the faucet, however it can’t do anything to water when it is packed under pressure in a pipe.  The water will be structured, by being in the Cosmic Tower’s Toroidal field, only when it is standing still or free flowing out of the pipe. When water comes into your house and runs through your pipes with all its distorted energies and memories, it is still sitting there and the Cosmic Tower can’t do anything until it leaves the faucet.

Also from our personal experience, the CT does job, for smaller ones it might take longer to get to the level of the AE.  We have seen that when water is ran through a portable device first, there are more rapid results, than just having the water sit still and be structured by the Cosmic Tower.

What else does the Cosmic Tower do? 

Because the cosmic tower creates hexagonal water structures in all waters present within its field it raises the lifeforce of all waters and therefore all living organisms it interacts with.

But the Cosmic Tower is not just about structuring water.  Structuring water is just one part of the equation.

What determines how healing and beneficial water is to our health, is how much of the full rainbow color spectrum light is present in the water structure. The Cosmic Tower field contains and infuses all waters within its field with the full rainbow spectrum of light, nourishing all organisms with most complete light spectrum 24/7, each and every day.

What have been some experiences people have had? 

The most impactful way to understand the Cosmic Tower is by experiencing it for yourself and in hearing what other people share.

The results people are sharing are nothing short of amazing.

In the very active Dutch community, many who have Cosmic Towers, report:

  • having more energy
  • those with chronic fatigue have reported that the Cosmic Tower provides them not only with relief, but also resolution of their lack of energy
  • that plants are healthier and stronger, air quality better
  • the air quality in their home significantly gets better and allergies go away
  • their sleep is deeper and improved

For those people who are more sensitive and in tune, they immediately notice how your mind goes quiet, blank, especially around the big towers. Spiritual people realize how harmonizing the field is and how easily and clearly it allows them to access their higher guidance.

Overall, there is a common message of health improvement from feeling higher energy and better sleep.

Some people also have an experience of detoxification because as you interact with the Cosmic Tower it supports you to allow your body to release what is no longer supportive. Radiation breaks water structure in our bodies and the Cosmic Tower keeps that from happening, while restructuring and providing full spectrum light frequencies to all waters in its field.

How do you take care of the Cosmic Tower? 

The Cosmic Tower is conscious and likes to be played with 🙂

See the tab “Installation Instructions and Operational Considerations” for further considerations and instructions.

How does it work? What’s inside? 

The inventor, Harald, and his clairvoyant son basically found the perfect mixture of healing waters to allow the Cosmic Tower to contain the full spectrum of light within its energy field.  They examined the 600 different wells all over the world, and his son discerned which ones had to be combined the create the full spectrum of light, while making sure there were no overlapping frequencies.

They found the perfect healing waters combination, and with the water being in a 4th phase or plasma state, it provides the perfect energetic charge for the Cosmic Tower to create its toroidal field.

There are two containers with structured water in the Cosmic Tower. One container in the top and one is on the bottom of the tower.  The 4th phase plasma water in the top container is programmed to spin clockwise and the bottom to spin counter-clockwise, which natural creates a toroidal field, opening up a connection or portal to higher dimensional energies, in the center between the two containers, where a crystal is placed to manage the energy throughput.

The Cosmic Tower is all based on nature’s principles of water being in its most natural pristine, 4th phase living plasma, healing state.  There are no power cords and is no dependence on an artificial or an outside energy source.

The Cosmic Tower is here to provide a new energetic grid for the Earth, directly from the higher undistorted dimensions.

How does the Cosmic Tower support with harmful energies beneath the earth from lei lines?

Whether it is harmful radiation, toxins or geopathic stress, they all energetically have in common that the ‘force’ turns “counter-clockwise. The cosmic tower takes in any negative, counter-clockwise ‘force’ (subatomic particles) and makes that ‘force’ turn clockwise, within its field.

Does the radius stated for each tower reach in front behind, left and right, also down below earth and up above in atmosphere the stated radius harmonizing in that area?

The range stated is the diameter of the field and the torus field is spherical. So yes, it also works in the earth and atmosphere above.

The only difference is that smaller towers have a more spherical field, while for larger towers the sphere has been flattened to create a big diameter horizontally vs. going up for 100’s of miles. So for the bigger towers it looks more like a donut.

Why doesn’t the toroidal field structure the water sitting in the pipes in that radius but only when the water flows out?

The cosmic tower can not cut the water structures when water is under pressure, as the molecules are too tightly packed together. As soon as the water leaves the pipes, the pressure is removed and the water molecules expand, the cosmic tower can cut the water structures.

How does the Cosmic Tower work with other technologies?

As a general rule of thumb, any technology that is beneficial for our environment the Cosmic Tower is in harmony with and the Cosmic Tower can harmonize certain “distortions” that might be present in the technology, and in doing so improves its function.

How does the Cosmic Tower interact with chemtrails?

The Cosmic Tower 220’s reach high enough to neutralize chemtrails. Since all toxins in chemtrails have one thing in common: a counter clockwise electron spin, the Cosmic Tower reverses this and in doing so neutralizes the toxins at the subtle energy level.


Coming soon…

Warranty and Returns

Medical Disclaimer

Medical Disclaimer

The products and information about the Cosmic Tower are not offered, intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

The products and materials presented  (in all formats including websites, books, ebooks, audio recordings, videos, live calls, course materials, etc.) are not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, and are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.


SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH are for information purposes only.
Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.

The products and the information we provide have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

We do not make any health claim benefits or promise health related results from our products.

A Word About Pricing...

In this era of unprecedented change, supply chain disruptions and inflation prices fluctuate more than we have been accustomed to in the past. Pricing for the Cosmic Tower is subject to change. We will always do our best to deliver these life changing products to you in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

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  1. Shirley Bloxham

    Connection and Communication is Real

    Shirley Bloxham (verified owner)

    I don’t have my Tower physically in front of me yet. It is only a matter of 2 more days! I have this to share with everyone: Just a couple of days after I placed my Order in January for my CT35, I experienced a sudden rush of what can best be described as ‘a child-like delight’. And even though I had not been thinking about anything in particular while I drove to my office, I instantly knew the delight came from my Tower, and I even received her name. It was a very sweet moment.
    Unexpectedly, with the announcement of her arriving in just a couple of days, I found my self slipping into a feeling of doubt about my worthiness for what is coming to me, and being in her presence. Logic said “….of course you are worthy or you wouldn’t have one coming to you.”.
    Well, that being said, it is humbling to say the least.
    And the timing of her arrival couldn’t be more mystical ~ Spring Equinox. ‘Heavens Cross’. The incredible astrological alignments charted for March. Breathtaking. Potent!

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