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UMH Master

Installation Instructions

Thank you for ordering your UMH Master from The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. We are here to support you.

We recommend having your device installed by a licensed plumber.

The UMH Master can be installed on the main incoming water line for the house or apartment with water flowing in either direction. The device functions harmoniously with all other water treatment systems such as softeners or filters. It can be installed before or after any other system with convenience and ease of installation the primary factor in choosing where to put it.

If the plumber asks you about the threads, you can tell them they are 1 inch NPT.  The Master is 4.1875 inches long and weighs 4 pounds.

Your new Water Device is entirely maintenance-free. It can be installed vertically and horizontally with water flowing through from either direction. Do not install outside or in locations where the temperature drops below freezing.

To keep your beautiful device looking good for generations to come, use proper tools.  A crescent wrench (toothless) with at least a 1¾ inch opening is recommended when connecting your Water Device.

Your Water Device has standard 1 inch NPT threads. Your plumber will provide compatible fittings based on the type and size of your pipe.

For a tight, drip-free seal, a combination of Teflon tape and a non-setting pipe thread sealant, like T Plus 2 from Rectorseal, is recommended. Once tape and sealant have been applied be sure not to melt them with soldering.

If a drip free seal is not achieved using standard sealants, we recommend purchasing hemp sealant. You’ll find it on Amazon / Google by typing in “Plumbers Plumbing Flax Hemp Pipe Fittings.”

The Master contains highly charged water inside of it and this could freeze. Do NOT install outside in cold climates or in places where it is likely to freeze. Freezing is not covered by the warranty.

When possible we always recommend you install your Master inside your home on the main water line before it branches off into the other plumbing lines. If that is not possible and you live in an area with a non freezing climate, we recommend you build a case for your UMH Master similar to one in the photos below. This will protect the Master from the elements.

The UMH Master: A Work of Art

Part of the interaction between the UMH Master and water includes moving parts. Before installing your Master we recommend taking a moment to get to know it. It truly is a work of art and once it is on your pipe you won’t be able to have the interactions with it that you can while it is in your hand.

You may enjoy taking a moment to shake your Master next to your ear.  Don’t worry it’s very durable and can be shaken (just not dropped so hold it firmly). As you shake the Master do you notice the sound of parts moving back and forth? That is part of the design and what transforms your water into the highest vibration possible.

There are two other things you may want to do with your Master before installing it and they go together quite well. Try sitting in a quiet place and breathing through the device. There is no right or wrong way to do this.  Do you feel the tingling energy in your crown chakra? Now that you know more about your Master a final step to consider is meditating with it.  We find it particularly powerful to hold it in front of our hearts.