“There are many ways to get Nature’s Water into our lives. We can use food, minerals, movement, but we still need as much help as we can get. A water source full of vitalizing molecules, right at our tap creates a direct pathway to nature’s power in our bodies, pets, plants and for all our loved ones.  That’s why the Hydration Foundation identified these products and we recommend them so highly.”

Water Blessings, Gina Bria

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Meet the FIRST structured water devices in the world to be certified to create H3O2

Aqua Energizers are the first structured water devices in the world measured with the methodology of Dr. Gerald Pollack and verified and certified by the HyFo Lab to create H3O2 for optimized intra-cellular hydration.

Aqua Energizer Structured Water Devices
How the Aqua Energizer Works

Aqua Energizer Structured Water Devices are designed to revitalize water and bring it back to its natural, highly energetic state. You’ve probably never experienced water as crisp, clean and supercharged. Each copper Aqua Energizer device is hand-assembled with specially selected quartz crystal, copper and minerals. As water passes through the devices, it’s reshaped into geometric patterns. These patterns restore the water’s energetic state, as it was originally in nature. The device’s oxidized mineral coating provides the water with mineral information that is carried to your cells to support optimal hydration.  

The Best Structured Water in the World

The Water Pitcher The Best Water Pitcher Ever is made with the best quality materials


Water Pitcher Best Water Pitcher Ever is Laboratory Tested



Structured Water Devices

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