We recommend the device be installed by a licensed plumber. The simplicity of the connections make it possible for all who are familiar with plumbing to understand how to install it regardless of where in the world it is used.

Installation Instructions for AQUA ENERGIZER™

Whole House Structured Water Units


Weight: 3 pounds 15 ounces

Length: 15 inches

Diameter: 2 inches

Materials used: Copper, Quartz, Minerals

1” Male NPT
1” Male NPT

The first certified structured water whole house device: AQUA ENERGIZER™ comes with 1 inch male NPT threads on each side, making it easy to install on any type of pipe worldwide. You can install AQUA ENERGIZER with unions on both sides of the unit after solder fittings have been installed. Press, or pressure fittings may be used instead of unions.  The device is equally effective with water flowing in either direction and it may be installed horizontally or vertically.

Install the device on your main water supply after the meter, as close to where the water will be used and before any water branches off from the main. For water that branches off before the installation, an additional device may be required.

Think of a tree, its roots, trunk and branches. Water passes through the roots on its way to the trunk. The roots are your well or municipal water supply. The trunk is your water main. 100% of your water passes through the trunk. Install your device on the trunk before reaching any branches. If a branch directs some of the water away prior to the trunk, consider adding an additional device on the branch to ensure all water is structured. 

Like copper pipes AQUA ENERGIZERS™ are susceptible to freezing. In situations where freezing may be an issue, consult with a licensed and bonded professional to determine a safe installation strategy. Damage caused by freezing pipes is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Also, never heat the AQUA ENERGIZER beyond water heater temperatures. (240F) Doing so may cause the unit to leak or cease to function.

Whole house filters and softeners are chemistry based units. Structuring devices are physics based units. Structured water devices work harmoniously with all other water treatment technologies. The guiding principle for installation choices is to filter first, then soften and finally structure the water.  If possible, it is best to install a structuring device and use it for 30 days before purchasing a softener as many homeowners find they no longer need a softener after experiencing the soft water that comes from the AQUA ENERGIZER. For those with a softener already installed, consider installing the AQUA ENERGIZER in a manner that allows you to bypass the softener for 30 days if possible. You may find out your softener can be eliminated.

Water filters use chemistry to remove particulates from water. Structuring uses vortex spin, natural materials and sacred geometry to revitalize water. They function harmoniously with each other. There are no detrimental effects from using a filter and a structuring device together.

With more than a decade of experience with many thousands of people in the water treatment marketplace we have come to the conclusion that it is best to avoid reverse osmosis in all cases except perhaps the most extreme ones. Reverse osmosis uses a powerful process to separate water into a “consumable” stream and a “waste” stream. In addition to being wasteful for the environment, this process robs water of essential life supporting minerals. It is believed that removing the minerals reduces the impact of structuring and as such should be avoided when possible. Additionally, there is new evidence that toxins are transformed through AQUA ENERGIZER™ structured water devices and as such offer a safer alternative to water treatment than reverse osmosis. 

With new technologies capable of removing toxins like fluoride and even radiation we highly recommend avoiding reverse osmosis.

For prolonged exposure to sunlight we recommend pipe insulation like this which can be picked up at your local building supply store.

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