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Water Magic™ 101


Water Magic is a 30 Day Program that allows you to recreate your world, way of being, and relationship with your health and vitality.

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Product Description


“Water Magic”

“Water Magic™101” is a 30-Day Program to Unlock Your Vitality


If hydrating were easy, 94% of us wouldn’t be dehydrated. Once you’ve experienced the vitality that comes from proper hydration, you’ll never want to go back to your less optimal self.

Water Magic™ is a new paradigm in water and a new paradigm in living. As we shift our focus into alignment with the energetic beings we truly are, “Magic” emerges all around us.

In as little as 5 minutes a day, Water Magic will teach you how to hydrate your cells while empowering you to create the life of your dreams from the inside out. It all starts with the water in your cells.

Water Magic™ is an experiential training and development program.

Prompted by daily emails you will expand your knowledge about water and reprogram your hydration habits. You may decide that is enough for you or you can go deeper. Much, much deeper. The world of water knows no limits and for those who like to explore, we will take you on a journey one day and page at a time to a new paradigm in water.

Participating in Water Magic has changed me so profoundly from the inside that I can see that I now have the power to change the whole world. It has altered my experience of being alive.”

- Maria-Elena Cabrera, Inspirational Speaker

“What Patrick has done actually has me drinking water on a regular basis. As a result of that my weight is down, my energy is up, my tennis game is better and as I travel around the world lecturing audiences I’m taking a better me. That’s because I’m made of water and I was not drinking the right kind of water or the right amount of water. Until I met Patrick. 

So Patrick I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me longevity and the fountain of youth.  I’m so grateful to you for that.” - David M. Corbin – Author – Illuminate

Water Magic™ 101 is a 30 day experiential program designed to help you transform your relationship with water.

Water Magic™ supports you in…

    • Incorporating Strong Healthy Habits

    • Being Optimally Hydrated

    • Teaching You The Powerful Properties Of Water

    • Experiencing Water And Yourself As Energy

    • Educating You In Water as a “Live Being”

    • Honoring And Experiencing The Sacredness Of Water

    • Making You Aware Of The Healing Power Of Structured Water

    • Grounding You In The Connection Between The Divine And The Earth

    • Creating A Powerful Connection Between Drinking Structured Water And The Fulfillment Of Your Life’s Purpose

    • You Will Have An Opportunity To Receive Compensation For Sharing Structured Water In The World

    • For 30 days you will be held in the space of Love and Service

  • Answer all of your questions about Structured Water
  • Increase energy and vitality through scientifically proven processes
  • Improve cognitive function, leading to clear thinking, and better memory
  • Balance your emotions and access more love and joy
  • Stimulate your metabolism, for healthy digestion and body function
  • Expand your consciousness including decalcifying the pineal gland which can open your third eye
  • Avoid drip torture for your wallet by replacing expensive water bottles and filters
  • Create a H2O Plan to support your pathway from Hydration to Optimization.

Water Magic™ 101 is going through its own personal transformation right now. When it is complete, Water Magic will include:

  • a live introductory call
  • an email a day encouraging you to take action to transform your relationship with water
  • a 30 page website presenting the most cutting edge hydration research and best practices
  • the opportunity to work at your own pace to develop new habits
  • videos, audio recordings, interviews, supporting documents and more…
  • a science presentation that will make it easy for you to understand and talk about Structured Water

Once you achieve optimal hydration you’ll never want to go back!

Mahalo Patrick,  

As a wellness practitioner my number one goal is to share with clients the true healing value of water. Years ago Dr. Batmanghelidj’s book ” Your Body’s Many Cries for Water ”changed my life and my thinking when he said you’re not sick…you’re thirsty. I, like you have explored an array of water systems, that said no matter what the cost you won’t know the benefit water has on your mind and body if you don’t consume it properly. And this is where you come in Patrick. I have had the pleasure of being on close to a dozen calls with you and your brain child Water Magic, and I want you to know I feel your passion and commitment to making the planet a better place. I so appreciated your authenticity when the inaugural call was under way, and you let us all know you may not know all the answers to our questions, yet made a promise to do your very best to source them. 

We see a solid mass when we look in the mirror, so getting folks to understand that we are two-thirds water is no easy task. You’ve allowed Water Magic to become an awesome platform on  why it’s so important for us to properly hydrate. Throughout the course I didn’t hear complicated research findings, rather what I did hear is one man’s desire to to convey that healing is our birthright and why not give structured water a turn at bat!

I truly believe Water Magic was birthed through you to elevate the healer in us all. Patrick, the universe could not of chosen a more divine ambassador for this consciousness altering work your in the midst of. With each call I heard your love, your heart, and your reverence shine through…you are the real deal or the “genuine article” as my mama would say!

Much love and gratitude my beautiful friend, 


With so much at stake, it is amazing how people have taken water for granted until now… so act now.

Thank you for your interest in Water Magic. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to purchase Water Magic 101 soon because you won’t want to miss the start of this life altering course.


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