Become a Water

Earn Commissions While Making a
Difference for People and the Planet

More than an affiliate program,
the Water Ambassador Program offers:​

An opportunity to support
others to reclaim their vitality
through water

A way to honor the Earth and
her resources by providing an
alternative to plastic water

Discounts and rewards with
tiers that escalate based upon
your results

Access to copyrighted content
from The Wellness Enterprise
and The Hydration Foundation

About The Water

The Wellness Enterprise (TWE) offers
distribution opportunities through the Water
Ambassador Program. Being a Water
Ambassador is similar to being an affiliate,
wholesaler or distributor in that your primary role
is to make an introduction or complete a sale.

Unlike other programs, the focus and energetics
of the process are tuned to being of service to
others and doing good in the world for ourselves
and our species. ​





The commission percentage or discount the Water Ambassador earns is
determined by competencies and who does what.


Commission paid to
those who simply
make a referral to
TWE. No minimum
and no investment


Commission paid to
those who refer at
least 4 separate
sales within 60 days


Profit sharing for
those who generate
over $10,000 in
sales in a 90 day

Commission Payout Options​

Receive Payout with PayPal

Receive your commissions monthly via

Double Commisions

Or, double your commission amount and
use it to purchase structured water
products in the shop on
The Wellness Enterprise (sale items not
included, details will be explained at the
time of your first commission payout).

Dr. Zach Bush says 100% of us are dehydrated. The Water Ambassador Program gives you the opportunity to help people reclaim their vitality through hydration.

Special Discounts for
Water Ambassadors

Successful Water Ambassadors share from their personal product knowledge and stories about structured water.

If you have not experienced structured water for yourself yet, we have a special discount program for potential Water Ambassadors.

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