What is in the Back Office and how do I access those resources?

The Back Office is a tool in our software, Infusionsoft, that holds resources for you to use. You can find all your trackable links there, including videos, articles, Ebooks, all related to hydration and structured water. You can also view the ledger with your commissions in your Back Office.

This video shows you how to access your back office:

Click Link To View Video http://www.screencast.com/t/hbqA4mDouq7f

And this video shows you how to create your first affiliate links:

Click Link To View Video http://screencast.com/t/ABXJrcvMA2a

Where do people share their affiliate links?

If you have somebody who wants to purchase a structured water device, the easiest approach is to email them your affiliate sales link. We continually update our sales page with the best offer in the marketplace so once you use your affiliate link directing people to the following page, they will always have access to the best offer: www.thewellnessenterprise.com/specialoffer. Other obvious places people share their affiliate links are Facebook, personal/business websites, attached to profiles on Linked In, in group conversations with other online communities you belong to, business cards, and embedded in your email signature.

How do the affiliate links work?

When the person clicks on your link a cookie is attached to that person that connects you as their affiliate. When they purchase in the future, you will be tracked as their affiliate and be compensated. It is that simple.

What do I say to my customers, clients, friends who have questions about structured water that I can’t answer?

“I’m not an expert on structured water. All I know is that it works for me. There are a lot of resources available for you to learn more about it. Would you like to talk to someone about it, listen to recordings or watch videos? Just please remember that I’d like to get credit for referring you to The Wellness Enterprise. So if you decide to make a purchase, please use the tracking link I sent you.”

We take it seriously that you trust our services enough to refer your community to The Wellness Enterprise. The idea is to make the Water Ambassador program an experience where sharing structured water is a natural, easy and fun. Send them our way if you feel they would be supported with more information or have questions you can’t answer. You can always ask them to contact us directly.  You can also invite them to listen in and ask questions on our bimonthly Live Community Calls with Patrick Durkin.

Where else can I direct my audiences or the people I know who are interested in learning more about structured water?

Reminder: Our home page and youtube channel have affiliate links in your Back Office. Share those with your audiences. Your prospects can watch and listen to videos as well as audios from interviews and this action can be tracked with your affiliate link.

I love learning about structured water. How do I learn more?

Many of our Water Ambassadors are eager information sponges when it comes to learning about structured water. We are here to quench your thirst for learning:

How do I get paid?

In the Back Office, there is an affiliate referral partner ledger, and here you can see your commissions. Purchases that have been made via your affiliate links will become eligible for commission on the first of the month after the 30-day return period has expired. For instance, a purchase made June 20 would be eligible for return until July 20. Assuming the device has not been returned, you are “eligible” for a commission on August 1. Our promise is to pay eligible commissions by the 15th of the month and we often complete it by the 7th. So the June 20th commission would be paid by August 15th. You will get notified by e-mail when you have been paid a commission.

Is there a way for Patrick Durkin & The Wellness Enterprise to come and speak to my Meet-Up Group, Board Meeting at my Co-op, Conference, Festival, etc?

We would love to be at all those places! To be there, we have been using the new technology of Google Hangouts online so that if you have a computer with wifi, Patrick Durkin can be present in your meetings all over the globe. We can also personalize a prerecorded video for the event and support you in creating a conversation that meets the needs of your audience. Learn how to Google Hangout here: http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/hangouts.

How can I use the information you have on my own website?

You are welcome to use our materials on your website through the links we provide. We can also support you in repurposing information we have for any publishable materials you have.

What if my contacts tell me they found a better price on a structured water device with another company? As a rule, Natural Action Technologies, the manufacturer of our structured water devices, has set the playing field such that all the distributors offer the same pricing to the public. If somebody finds a ‘better deal’ have them send us the link and we will match it and give them Water Magic 101 and Free Shipping.

What else sets us apart from other distributors selling structured water devices?

The Water Magic 101 course, valued at $497, is an amazing gift we currently offer all our customers with the purchase of a device. Watch this video to understand the true value of Water Magic 101 for yourself and your audiences:

Do you have any printable information I can hand out to my friends or at a conference I am going to?

The Wellness Enterprise loves the idea of being paper-less, and we understand many of you want something you can hold and give out. You can find printable materials in the Resource Pages section in the Side Bar of the Back Office. Let us know if you want to use the “Water as Energy” hand out and we will customize an affiliate url for you from The Wellness Enterprise to put on your materials. So that you know, best results from Water Ambassadors have come through sending links to people’s emails, so remember to get email addresses from people you meet, and send them our special offer page!

Can I make my own website?

Yes! There are options you have for building a website. If you want to use our website as the place to send your customers we can customize a short affiliate url for you like this: www.thewellnessenterprise.com/maria. That is the easiest and there is no cost to you.

You can also hire Ryan, our Graphics Manager, to build your own site. Contact him here: www.Ryan8.com. You can also “do it yourself” or start with hiring somebody like Patrick’s son who can set up the bones for you. This way is by no means a complete service, but if you want someone to help you get your site going and support you as you learn to do it yourself, James is fun to work with. James and his brother Peter have helped create many of the sites and systems that The Wellness Enterprise relies on. Contact James here: http://www.jpdurkin.com/

Downloadable fliers, headshots and things:

Structured Water Information




Are you a Water Ambassador who is really great with editing videos? If so, email us as we have some projects we could do together.


What else do we want to say?

We’re so happy to share your commitment to health, vitality and having things flow in the world. Let us know if there are any other ways we can support you. We love you.