UMH Live

Installation Instructions

Thank you for ordering your UMH Live 3 in 1 from The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. We are here to support you.

Before beginning any installation, separate every piece from the “golden ball.” If a silver piece or the golden aerator is still attached to the golden ball installation may not be possible.

Once you have all of the pieces separated from the golden ball you will be able to attach a combination of silver pieces and the golden aerator to connect to your shower or sink.

To the left are all the pieces that come with the UMH Live with Travel Kit:


To the left is how the UMH Live looks when it arrives with the aerator and silver connector attached.


To the left is the UMH Live with golden aerator and silver connector.

The silver connector must be removed before the funnel can be connected.


To the left is the UMH Live golden ball by itself:


To the left is the UMH Live Funnel


A word about your funnel: The Wellness Enterprise chose this funnel because it is BPA free and aligned with health. The trade off is that this funnel is not shiny and sometimes shows wear and tear in the form of small scratches.  The important thing to remember is with every sip you can feel the high vibration commitment to your health.

Here is an image of the Live installed on a shower pipe:


Here’s an image of the Live installed on a sink faucet:


How do I clean my UMH Live?

Raise the temperature of water to approximately 180 degrees. One way to do this is boil it and then let it sit for 10 minutes. It doesn’t have to be exact. Hot, but not boiling is the goal. Add baking soda to the water and stir it around. Soak the device in the water. Move it around to increase the cleaning power.  Afterwards rinse really well under cold water.

Warning: There is borosilicate glass inside of the device. Do not use brush to clean.  Follow cleaning instructions.

What do I do if my gold plated UMH Live is scratched on the exterior part of the golden ball?

If your UMH Live  is scratched we recommend you purchase and clean it with this inexpensive cleaner liquid.  You can use this product on your golden ball and car.

The crystal pyramid in my UMH Live moves. Is this normal?

The pyramids are never centered. They are loose and that is by design. The inventor tried making them fixed and then chose having them loose. The exact middle position of the pyramid has no influence on the performance of the device. This can be due to production tolerances in the UMH Pure and also in the UMH Live; where the crystal and glass vial inside contraption is slightly loose to support the water running through it.

The UMH Live 3 in 1: A Work of Art

Part of the interaction between the UMH 3 in 1 and water includes moving parts.  You will hear a small rattle noise as you shake it and this is part of the interior design and normal.  As you are getting to know it, we recommend unscrewing the attachments so just the golden ball is in your hand. Do you see the pyramid through the top opening and the vials through the bottom? All are filled with water that has been highly charged with ten different gemstones. You may also notice the vials are not attached to the golden outside. This is part of the design and each vial is lovingly inserted by hand.

While you are taking a moment to get to know your device we highly recommend breathing through it. This is usually accomplished by attaching the nozzle to the bottom and breathing through the nozzle. There is no right or wrong way to breath through it. This is one of our favorite practices with the UMH 3 in 1. The more you do it, the more your sensitivity to subtle energies is likely to build.