The Plastic Crisis – Take THE PLEDGE

Times Up. We Can’t Afford to Ignore the Plastic Crisis Any Longer!

Consider the following recent headlines:

“We Depend on Plastic. Now We Are Drowning In It.” (National Geographic)

“Punch in the Gut – As Scientists Find Microplastic in Arctic Ice” (Reuters)

“Plastic Pollution in Worlds’ Oceans Could Have $2.5 Trillion Impact, Study Says” (Fox News)

“Dead Whale Found With 88 Pounds of Plastic Inside Body in the Philippines” (The New York Times)

“Oceans Will Carry More Plastic Than Fish by 2050” (EurActiv)

We are facing a crisis so severe that we are asking everyone to do their part to help. It’s the Plastic Crisis. It’s everywhere and every living organism on our planet is being affected by it. The Ocean Conservancy sponsored a one day international coastal cleanup and reported that beverage bottles and caps were by far the number one source of debris collected.  To see a graphic visual that demonstrates just how badly the world is drowning in plastic, click here.

The vast majority of bottled water use can and should be eliminated. We are asking you to please read the three facts below about bottled water. Armed with these facts, we are confident you will want to take immediate action, starting with taking THE PLEDGE.

Fact #1: Bottled Water is Not Safer Than Tap Water

While we recognize that bottled water can serve a useful purpose, such as when municipal water is tainted with lead or contains bacteria as it can after a devastating hurricane, bottled water is not safer than tap water.  In fact, the Federal government has more safety regulations governing municipal water than bottled water.

50% of Bottled Water is Tap Water

According to the Center for Science for the Public Interest, it may surprise you to learn that nearly 50% of bottled water is not from the beautiful, pristine mountain streams or natural springs found on the label, but rather from municipal water. This actually suggests municipal water is safe and tastes good.

A case in point – Nestle Corporation’s Poland Spring brand of bottled water is municipal water from Fryeburg, Maine.  Nestle purchased the rights to take 603,000 gallons of water PER DAY from the town’s water supply. You can read about the controversy here. Nestle markets Poland Spring as 100% natural spring water “Proudly from Maine.”

Besides reducing plastic bottle use, here’s one simple and easy solution for the Plastic Crisis, turn your tap water into the water found in nature. It’s called structuring your water with a vortexing devices that are built to last a lifetime and require no replacement parts.  By using Structured Water Devices, you can turn tap water into the very best quality water possible like that found in nature from water flowing down a mountain stream or from a natural spring. If you travel with a portable structured water device, you can skip purchasing plastic water bottles and use your own glass bottle or other container.

The benefits of using structured water technology include:

  • No plastic bottle use
  • No environmental waste
  • No electricity
  • No filters to replace
  • No chemicals
  • No maintenance

Fact #2: Bottled Water is at Least 667 Times More Expensive Than Tap Water

Most tap water costs $0.003 per gallon.  That is about $0.01 per 3 gallons. Bottled water ranges anywhere between $2.00 to $8.00 per gallon.

Could you imagine taking a shower with bottled water everyday? It seems preposterous, but the math makes a point. The average American spends 8.2 minutes in a shower.  Water saving shower heads produce 2 gallons per minute. So the average shower using the cheapest bottled water would cost $32.80. For tap water, it would be 5 cents. To determine your daily water usage, you can take this short survey from the USGS.

The founder of The Wellness Enterprise, Patrick Durkin, has done some of his own calculations and he finds that a family of four would save hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lives if they had a Structured Water device and stopped drinking bottled water.  Watch the video here.

Fact #3: Plastic Water Bottles Are Threatening the Very Health of our Environment

Though over 500 billion plastic water bottles are produced each year, less than 20% actually get recycled.  The rest end up in our landfills and are littered almost everywhere. And to add insult to injury, it takes an enormous amount of fossil fuel energy to make plastic water bottles and then fill and transport them to the point of sale.

A consensus has emerged from many sources that somewhere between 17-20 billion pounds of plastic leak into our marine environments from land-based sources every year. This is roughly equivalent to dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the ocean every minute.

Plastics don’t go away; they break down into smaller and smaller pieces. When eaten by fish, these microplastics work their way back up the food chain and into the foods we and other animals eat.

Given that less than 20% of plastic bottles are recycled, the most effective solution is to eliminate single use plastic bottles entirely, and this can start with each and every one of us, right now.

Take Immediate Action by TAKING THE PLEDGE:

I pledge to eliminate my use of plastic water bottles whenever possible by:

  • using tap water instead of bottled water
  • Drinking from a reusable bottle

Planet Earth and every thing alive THANKS YOU!

Imagine a World Without Plastics in Our Oceans, Food, Water and Bodies 

The Wellness Enterprise was started with the mission to reduce plastic water bottle use. Founder and CEO Patrick Durkin has a vision “that everyone receives a new message that the impact of delivering plastic water bottles to the shelves where we buy them, and the quality of the water within them, is harmful to the Earth and the people, such that we never want to buy those bottles again.”

“My vision is that all the bottles on the shelves of all the places that sell plastic water bottles right now stay there. They stay there for long enough so when the next deliverycomes, the boxes stack up, and there’s no room to unload the bottles onto the shelves.  Then, the next time the delivery comes and there’s no room for the boxes, the truck goes back to the factory with the bottles still on the truck. Then, there’s no room on the trucks, so the factory doesn’t load anymore on trucks. That’s my vision.”

His passion for change led Patrick to ask himself a question that would change his life and the lives of so many others. The question was:  “What if there was a product that could hydrate people and eliminate environmental waste and unnecessary spending?”

This led Patrick on a journey where he tried just about every known type of water (think alkaline water and reverse osmosis as examples), filters and water devices. After a couple of years of intense research and after spending many thousands of dollars on various water treatment systems, Patrick discovered an answer in structured water that was so much better than the water in plastic bottles that he knew anyone who learned about it would not drink water out of a plastic bottle ever again. Structured water has energy, it hydrates, it utilizes the enormous investment we have made in distributing water through a network of underground pipes, and it saves the environment by eliminating bottled water!

Take THE PLEDGE and to support you, we will give you a 10% off coupon code to purchase your Structured Water device and/or beautiful gem water bottles that can be used over and over.