Structured Water at Cano Cristales

Nature is Speaking

Structured water is alive and when you immerse yourself in living energies new aspects of life reveal themselves to you. One of the most exciting aspects for me is interaction with nature.

A month ago I hosted a call in which I was going to share some magical experiences I had with nature on a recent trip to Colombia, South America.  The technology I was using for the call malfunctioned leaving the listeners with silence as I “shared” my stories.  I wasn’t surprised because a similar thing happened the week before when I made a video about the same stories and the technology malfunctioned then as well. When the same thing happened twice, it was a wake up call for me.

As I reflected on my experience, I realized that spirit had been guiding me down a sensationally tingling, “god” bump filled path that was part of aligning with my soul’s purpose.



Through the guidance of the “failed” recordings it is clear that I will be spending more time individually with people and I will be supporting them to tune into the messages nature has to share.

In less than a week after the technological crashes, I created something that had been wanting to come forth for quite some time.  Loving Reflections Transformational Coaching is my offering for individuals who are ready for one on one support on their journey to receive guidance from nature and their inner knowing.  Structured water clearly accelerates your ability to tune into those messages nature has to share and if you are sensitive, there is so much more to experience.

There is also a different path for exploring this information that is available to everyone. There is a series of books called “The Ringing Cedars” by Vladimir Megre that explores our interactions with nature. I highly recommend them to those who are interested in a more intimate dialogue with nature as they’ve supported me in deepening my relationship with nature’s messages.  The writing reveals the absolute delights of interacting with nature. If you are already somebody immersed in structured water, this may be the perfect segway for you into an even more spiritual exchange with the natural world.

Communing with nature and receiving guidance about living a life aligned with your soul purpose is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced and you now have resources to support you to do the same through both one on one coaching experiences with me and through The Ringing Cedars Series. Whether you choose one of these paths, both or something different, this is a very excited time to be alive as we remember together how extraordinary a life of Oneness is.


Spring Water at Home

At The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. we’ve spent six years passionately exploring all types of water purification technologies with the dream of finding a solution that renders plastic water bottles obsolete. At last, our dream has been realized with the introduction of the Jivara Mountain Spring! With its extraordinary longevity each Jivara Mountain Spring is capable of eliminating 68,000 plastic water bottles.


What is True Purity and Safe Water?

Traditional filters do their best to reduce or remove toxins but they are often much less effective than is commonly perceived. No matter how effective your filter may be, unless it is using structuring technology, it is still leaving toxic energetic residue in your water. (To understand this more deeply, familiarize yourself with the way homeopathy proves the energy of a physical substance remains in water after the substance is removed.)

With the Jivara Mountain Spring, physical contaminants are reduced / removed more effectively than reverse osmosis AND the energetic memory of water is neutralized by the vortexing and Sacred Geometry in water structuring technologies.

The result?

Water that is physically pure and energetically super charged!  With nature’s elixir coursing through your veins, the stage is set for your body to rejuvenate itself.

How to Emulate Mountain Spring Water at Home

The Jivara Mountain Spring is the first water purification technology to allow you to REALLY create mountain spring quality water for yourself from the comfort of home.

Spring water is a combination of purity, minerals and energy! It can be hard to find a spring near you and even harder to replicate it with man made technologies… until now:


The Jivara Mountain Spring is the best alternative to Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline Water and all water filter systems. The Jivara Mountain Spring allows you to make the highest quality spring water with the lowest cost and minimal impact on the environment.

Imagine how happy you’ll be when you simply turn on your faucet for real high quality spring water instead of buying bottled spring water or having to go out in nature to find a spring.

The Jivara Mountain Spring includes the Best Water Filter Ever for filtration (See Independent Lab Results), the Jivara Remineralizer for adding calcium, magnesium plus over 70 trace minerals to your water and the finest water structuring technologies. When you invest in the highest quality water,  you set the stage for a life of health and wellness.


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Patrick Durkin, the founder of The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. is on a mission to end the use of plastic water bottles. Dedicated to finding the best water for people so they will find it compelling to change their habits he has experimented with many water filtration technologies including Aquasana, Brita, Culligan, reverse osmosis, Kangen, alkaline water from Enagic, water coolers, water vending machines, water filters you put on your tap, whole house water filters, water pitchers from Seychelle and others like the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher. Patrick offers the best water filtration and structuring technologies for water purification on including Natural Action Water from Clayton Nolte, Jivara Water products, UMH structuring devices, The Best Water Filter Ever and more.

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