After our recording of this video, we received the following email from Kiko that we would like to share with you.

Aloha e Patrick-san!

Thank you for inviting me to hang out with you today–that was fun.

I’ve been reviewing the session in my mind and caught a few things that weren’t quite right that I would have changed, but those thoughts didn’t stick and passed through. I was left with the strong feeling that it was the SPIRIT of it–just like water!

I wondered if I said water WAS the Divine, which isn’t accurate to my understanding. For me, it IS divine and so very sacred–and its vibrations are so cosmic-high that from where I’m sitting, it’s very close to God :) So I hope that part doesn’t draw resistance to TWE.

I remember saying several times things mirror, and water mirrors. And it flashed to me that water also literally mirrors! To the point that tribal peoples used it as a mirror. Isn’t that cool?

I don’t know if I told you I drowned at one of these beaches here when I was 4. I’ve said for decades that drowning is a great way to die. It’s beautiful, peaceful. Several people have confirmed to me that was their experience with drowning or near-drowning. Isn’t that so sweet of water!? I also realized that drowning is not a 3D experience, as say an accident or parts of your body failing. Our lungs don’t even fill up with water, because our bodies do not allow that (which is why it’s called asphyxiation by drowning). It also reminds me of returning to the womb.

It was in my drowning that the Divine came to me front and center, reminding/resonating the perfection of everything so deeply. Water, again. The experience showed me at a cellular level that in the middle of what the world of duality would see as a tragedy and trauma – is perfection, and the sound of God. My cellular imprint must have been that water is a total gift to every level of my being, that I could never get close enough to it or infuse enough of it into all my cells and between-cells.
Much love and appreciation,