How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

Back in 2007 I was over-exposed to a wireless router and became allergic, or “electrohypersensitive” to cellular signal technology. Back then, there was very little information about this condition and the connection with exposure to wireless radiation from all sorts of devices – such as cell phones – that are all around us and unavoidable My life became a long, steep learning curve to understand what happened, and how to recover and prevent further injury.

Today, abundant information exists about how technology affects us, and the resources that are available for protecting oneself or avoiding harmful exposure. What is being revealed is that proper hydration from Structured Water is a key to recovering and maintaining wellbeing in a wireless world.

As we’re well aware, cell phones have become a central fixture in our lives, facilitating and organizing information, our social life, work life, and more. A cell phone provides unprecedented ease and speed of communication and is the key to the digital age. Less well known is considerable research demonstrating that persistent exposure to cell phones and other wireless devices cause damage to our physical, emotional and mental health.

Real Hydration Protects Us from Radiation

Given that it’s not practical most of the time to remove cell phones from our lifestyle, we need to be informed and to find ways to more safely co-exist with the risks involved. One important and surprising source of protection from cell phone use is adequate hydration.

However, not all types of water will provide this. All water is beneficial, but one kind of water can help us achieve real hydration and reduce cell phone impact. This is the same water that is found in nature and it is called “structured water”. Structured water plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining overall health and well being, in addition to helping us recover from technological bombardments.

If you would like to learn more about the concerns involved with exposure to cell phones, what is structured water, and how does drinking structured water help us stay healthy, please READ ON.