UMH Portable, Shower, Under Sink 3 in 1 Plus Vitajuwel Infinity Bottle

Enjoy our most versatile high vibe structured water portable device, the UMH Live 3 in 1, with the bonus of the VitaJuwel Infinity Gem Water bottle!

The UMH Live 3 in 1 is a gold plated structured water technology, designed with sacred geometry, vortexing, and precious gems to produce the finest Structured Water.  This device comes with a Travel Kit that allows you to adapt your device with a funnel to use as a portable and has fittings to allow you to use the UMH Live 3 in 1 as a shower and sink device!

Every measurement in these beautifully constructed devices is designed to evoke the energy of the Cosmos with Phi. Every drop of the water you consume is amplified with it!

The VitaJuwel Infinity gem water bottle blend was channelled by Hope Fitzgerald of the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution with the precise blend of precious gems to enhance your spiritual evolution while maintaining a flowing state of love and compassion.  The Infinity blend was designed to emanate the energy of the Infinity Wave. Enjoy the extra energetic charge your water receives after your structured water is stored in this stunningly beautiful gem water bottle!



UMH Live Portable Shower Sink 3 in 1 Structured Water Device

The UMH Live is versatile and convenient. This device is 3 in 1 – use it as a Portable, Shower and Sink device to create the highest vibration water. As Dr. Emoto and so many other scientists have now demonstrated, water has a liquid crystalline structure that reflects the vibration of its environment. For the highest vibration structured water, why not pass your water through the UMH Portable Shower 3 in 1 Live Structured Water device and create the resonance of 10 different gems. The inside of these finely crafted devices carry 10 gems, sacred geometry and every measurement honed to evoke the energy of the cosmos. To learn more about UMH Structured Water Devices, click here. 

VitaJuwel Infinity Wave Inspired Bottle

Vitajuwel technology made it possible to develop a unique blend of semi-precious stones and crystals that I dowsed specifically to carry the frequencies of the Infinity Wave.  I was thrilled to discover after dowsing which qualities each stone possesses – I shouldn’t have been surprised that each one beautifully and perfectly reflects the sense of uplifting joy and flow inherent in the Infinity Wave!

∞ Aquamarine: CALMING, CLEANSING & COURAGEOUS.  Calms and cleanses physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Clears confusion, clarifies perception, sharpens intellect and intuition, and promotes communication.  Soothes fears.  Instills service to humanity, and love and caring in times of change.  Overall cleansing tonic  for organs and immune system.

∞ Sodalite: TRUTH, EXPRESSION & BALANCE.  Brings harmony, balance and purpose.  Increases self-esteem and trust in oneself and others.  Encourages flexible thinking and fearless expression of personal truths.  Eliminates guilt, eases panic and causes release of old programming.  Stimulates third eye perceptivity and helps with insomnia, dehydration, and overall balancing of the metabolism.

∞ Ocean Chalcedony: HARMONY & CREATIVITY. Clears rigid thinking and enthusiastically opens the mind to new horizons.  Promotes optimism, good will and brotherhood.  Improves self-perception and eliminates doubt.  Heals eyes, gall bladder, bones, spleen, lungs, throat and circulatory system.  Turns melancholy into joy.

∞ Clear Quartz: ENHANCING & REVITALIZING.  As the “master healer,” amplifies qualities of all other stones.  Regulates energy, removes negativity, aids concentration and unlocks memory.  Works physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to create balance, harmony and rejuvenation.

UMH Master Installation

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UMH Live Warranty

Product backed by a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits you were looking for when you made your purchase contact us and we will do our best to support you.


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